Compare accuracy: 9mm S&W M&P full size vs compact

Compare accuracy: 9mm S&W M&P full size vs compact

This is a discussion on Compare accuracy: 9mm S&W M&P full size vs compact within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm discovering the challenges of concealed carry of a full size pistol. I can see that shorter barrel and grip can make a significant difference ...

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Thread: Compare accuracy: 9mm S&W M&P full size vs compact

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    Compare accuracy: 9mm S&W M&P full size vs compact

    I'm discovering the challenges of concealed carry of a full size pistol. I can see that shorter barrel and grip can make a significant difference in concealability and comfort. I carry S&W M&P 9mm full size.

    So I'm thinking: What's the accuracy comparison with the M&P 9mm in full size and compact? Say, at 7 yds, 15 yds, 20yds?

    Also, how much more concealable and comfortable would the compact be?

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    As for accuracy I can't speak much to. I shot both the compact .40 and the full size .40...I chose full size but that might be because of the snappier round, haven't shot either in 9. At any rate, I'm 5' 11" 145lbs and with an IWB holster I can conceal my full size .40 (same frame as the 9) at 4:00 quit easily...the only thing is that if I bend at the waste the grip will push against my shirt so I will have to either just not care with the understanding no one will notice...or bend at the knees like a girl in a skirt (pardon the comparison).

    For me, the longer sight radius and larger mags are worth it to me to carry the full size. I use the Safariland model 18 IWB holster canted forward. With shorts and a t-shirt that isn't tight no one would ever notice it. When SHTF I think carrying my full size will prove to be a good decision, but it's all personal preference. A compact on your hip is infinitely more valuable than a full size in your gun safe at home.
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    Article is about local Police dept carried .40 cal Glocks, and are getting all new guns... officers will have a choice between a Glock 9mm, and a S&W 9m.. They say, their accuracy is much better with the new guns, and the new ballistics on 9mm's outsell the .40.

    As far as your accuracy with a full S&W and compact, that's all pretty much you. The gun will do it just fine.

    At 7 yrds, you should be able to throw a rock and hit the bullseye. at 15 & 20 yrds , you won't find any difference between guns ...... unless the difference in size effects your grip, trigger pull, etc.
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    I posted this in another thread, but here is a target I shot yesterday from 7 yards with my 9c (first time ever shooting it) and from 15 yards. The trigger is still stiff and being broken in, which is why I think I lost a few laterally. I am not a pro, and have only been shooting for 6 months or so.

    The 7 yard target had about 10 or 15 rounds through it. The 15 yard target had about 40 or so. I was shooting at a pretty rapid rate too. Compared to my friends M&P full size 9mm, it is the same. And also easy to control, real easy. So I hope this helps.

    Concealability is ridiculous. This is the first gun I have owned (previous CC models for me are S&W SD40, 1911, CZp01) that I can carry all day every day and not even really notice. It disappears in my Galco King Tuck.
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    Simply put, the accuracy of the gun at those ranges should be the same. However your accuracy my vary a lot.
    You may need to make adjustments to compensate in the differences in the gun.

    As for how concealable, I have no experience with the M&P line, so can't answer that one.
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    Like archer and natimage, my opinions and thoughts lie along those same lines.

    And as with smolck, I'm also a newer shooter - I've been at it for about 3 months more than he has, but my results, albeit with a full-sized XDm and its smaller, "compact" sister for carry, are near identical.

    Given my skill level, it's at the 25 yard line, on Balance-of-Speed/Accuracy drills that *I* start to see more failure points with the smaller pistol - but those are my failures, as a shooter, not that of the firearm's.

    Something else to remember is that while the smaller pistol may be easier and/or more comfortable to conceal, whether you can get a full combat grip on it, consistently, drawing from concealment and under stress is something that you should practice, and practice often.

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