Ammo cost/availability worth it?

Ammo cost/availability worth it?

This is a discussion on Ammo cost/availability worth it? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm looking into a pf-9 or p238. I really like the Sig for the SA trigger, light recoil, and Mustang nostalgia but .380 is quite ...

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Thread: Ammo cost/availability worth it?

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    Ammo cost/availability worth it?

    I'm looking into a pf-9 or p238. I really like the Sig for the SA trigger, light recoil, and Mustang nostalgia but .380 is quite a bit more expensive and less available locally. I don't have time to get out and shoot that often so it could be considered nominal expense difference (other than gun price). Your input is greatly appreciated.

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    I picked up the SP2022 for $400, 9mm, 15 cap magazines. Walmart has 100 rounds of Federal for $20. Shoots well! I only have 100 rounds through at this time. Going out this morning to put more through! no FTF or FTE.

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    Consider searching online for ammo deals (Ammo to Go, Natchez Shooters, Cheaper Than Dirt) are some places to start.

    As for your choice of firearms that is a very personal thing and only you can make that final decision.

    I have a Diamondback .380 as a BUG but for a primary nothing less than a 9mm.

    If I were to go back to a .380 only I would go with the PPK/S.

    Good Luck.

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    I voted 9mm, for its better stopping effect with all things considered , but why are you limiting yourself to one firearm of each caliber?
    Look into the ruger sr9c, the kahr 9mm's, the S&W9c, the glock26. try these out at a range that rents, or find some friends with said pistols and give them a whirl before yoyu make a decision.

    Don't let cost dictate what you end up with.
    You will spend $200-300 on the pf9, and for $150-200 more could have a more refined fiearm.
    An additional mag for your pf will cost you $25-30. The others will come with at least one extra mag.
    Look for police trade in glocks or the like. S&W 59, 459, 5900,6900 series will all serve you well, and can be had for &$275-350.
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    there are no issues finding ammo right now, as for guns if you are looking at a .380 because of it's size consider one of the small 9mm like a kahr pm 9 or a diamond back db9 these guns are as small as some .380's and the 9mm is a better caliber for SD

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    AIMSURPLUS currently has PMC .380 at $13.95 box of 50 - brass cased - US made.

    PMC .380 FMJ 90grn 50rd box

    -SIG , it's What's for Dinner-

    know your rights!

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    If you base your purchase on quality of the gun, the edge definitely goes to Sig. If you base it on ammo, 9mm is going to be the winner. The 9mm rounds are going to be easier to find, less expensive and a larger selection. For defensive purposes, while there are some good .380 defensive rounds on the market, you again have a larger selection in 9mm.
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    they say it is not size that matters.. but how you use it...but size matters...and if you reload 9x19 and mix in 9x17 the .380 nests perfectly into the 9's....they live together badly...choose wisely grasshopper..

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    I chose the PF-9 only because I'm partial to the 9mm for both the ballistics & the price (I do own a PF-9). Haven't had a chance to shoot a P238, but the PF-9 does have that looong DA pull & it seems to transmit some recoil snap via the trigger. I shot a Kahr PM9 recently & was impressed by the smoother action overall, in fact this would likely be my next purchase for a carry firearm.
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    I am thinking about ditching my P3AT and going with just my jframe and my Glock 26. I will always have a .38 and a few 9mm pistols, but not sure if the .380 is going to stick around.
    .357 mag, When you care enough to send the very best!

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    I have the PF-9 and it is a great buy. Never have had any trouble out of it and it goes bang every time I pull the trigger. It may not be as pretty as the high dollar lets buy a name guns but it is a good little pistol and I would rather have the 9mm over the .380. I have been thinking of getting rid of my .380 as ammo is higher than 9mm ammo so except for a bug or can't carry anything larger scenario the .380 isn't practical for me.

    Go with the PF9 over the P238. A Sig P250 sub compact though would be worth a look.

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    PF-9 All the way. Love the gun. Weight, Size, capacity you cant beat it. No stupid safeties or loaded chamber indicators and they sell for around 300. ALso its a 9mm, excellent self defense round, much nicer and more cost effective then a 380

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