opinions on 1911's

opinions on 1911's

This is a discussion on opinions on 1911's within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am buying me a 1911 soon and need opinions. I know its allllllll personal and stuff but I spent a long time at the ...

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Thread: opinions on 1911's

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    Wink opinions on 1911's

    I am buying me a 1911 soon and need opinions. I know its allllllll personal and stuff but I spent a long time at the gun store and have no idea what I want. I am going to spend about $7-800 total. No more. Would like it to be a mid size about 4" so it wont kill me carrying. I have looked at kimbers and Springfield and para and even looked at a ruger today. The previous owner is selling a colt commanding officer that'd nice also for$800 but again its old so...... any ideas will be appreciated. I wouldn't mind doing a little custom work to it eventually so its not out of question. Thanks in advance!!

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    Whats wrong with an old Colt? It could be fifty years old and worth more than the others. By all means get what you want, but if you are going to get a 1911, might as well get the original, C-O-L-T.
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    I gotta agree with glockman10mm.

    Will one inch really kill you? There's something to be said for using 1911s in the original 5-inch configuration.
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    All Glockman EVER says is COLT.

    But, I have to agree in this case. I'm looking at more of a GI model myself. And, even though Glockman may have some sort of fit, I'm looking at a Rock Island. The 5" barrel vs the 4" barrel isn't THAT big a difference. But, the difference between my 2" .357mag, and my stepfather's 3" .357mag is a BIG difference. Especially out past 20yds. Not that you would likely have to reach out that far in a 'normal' situation. But I would definitely like to be able to.
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    Seriously though, get the Colt.

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    It would be great if you could take somebody with you that is really familiar with the Colt 1911 pattern pistol to function check the Colt out for you.

    Or if you know & trust that dealer then absolutely grab the Colt C.C.O. if it's in nice condition.
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    Some makers of 1911's have gone crazy with the unnecessary "extras" that hike the cost to extremes.
    My simple choice was to go with a brand new Colt Commander stainless that I carry in a Milt Sparks VM2 holster. I also have the Colt XSE Lightweight Stainless/Alloy Commander, but for some reason, I prefer to carry the slightly heavier all-stainless Commander. Additionally, I have the regular Colt Government 5" in stainless as well, but for me, that extra inch DOES make a difference when carrying so I normally have fun with the Government at the range.
    There is some debate about 1911's being less reliable when made in sizes smaller than a Commander, but that's a debate that's ongoing. For myself, I won't carry a 1911 smaller than a Commander for self-defense. But that's just me...

    If you are new to carrying the 1911, you may be wondering "how" to carry it whether it be Condition One or other.
    Here's an article that everyone who carries a 1911 should read:
    Cocked and Locked by Robert H. Boatman

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    I guess everyone has to own a 1911 pistol..its almost a right of passage for an American bearing arms..but its a 19th century design...many good pistols made here and abroad surpass it in function and form...Keep an open mind...haveing said that..its called the Combat Commander...mine is a 70 in satin nickel..and I would admit to loving that pistol..but Im going to choose a CZ97b over it...because the CZ is what I always wanted my commander to be... goodluck

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    I'd think seriously about going with the older and already broken-in Colt if it was me.

    A close inspection should reveal any obvious flaws. Make sure to field strip it and inspect the internals too.

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    If it is a Commanding Officer model you need to grab it. Not easy to find those. If you don't want it give me the number, please. :)

    If you can inspect before buying, make sure the feed ramp and barrel throat hasn't been tooled to death. You will know if it has been tinkered with by looking closely at it.
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    My 1948 Colt 1911 is my most accurate handgun I own including 2 other 1911s. Don't be afraid of old esprcially a 1911.

    I love my 1911s.

    I carry my H&Ks: Reliability, capacity, and weight.
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    Have 2 Colts a series 70 & a series 80.

    Have 1 Kimber Pro Raptor.

    If you can buy a Colt for 800$ well by all means buy it!

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