Walther PPS vs. Glock 36

Walther PPS vs. Glock 36

This is a discussion on Walther PPS vs. Glock 36 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just purchased a Walther PPS in 9mm. I was looking for a slimmer carry gun than my Glock 26. The PPS is pretty much ...

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Thread: Walther PPS vs. Glock 36

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    Walther PPS vs. Glock 36

    I just purchased a Walther PPS in 9mm. I was looking for a slimmer carry gun than my Glock 26. The PPS is pretty much the same dimensions and weight as the G26 but it is substantially thinner. HOWEVER, I am thinking I should have considered the G36. Here are the differences:

    For the Walther PPS
    Caliber: 9mm
    Capacity: 6-8 rounds depending on the magazine
    Barrel Length: 3.2 inches
    Length: 6.3 inches
    Height: 4.4 inches
    Width: 1.04 inches
    Sight Radius: 5.4 inches
    Weight: 20.8 ounces
    Trigger Pull: 6.1 pounds

    For the Glock 36
    Caliber: .45
    Capacity: 6 rounds
    Barrel Length: 3.78 inches
    Length: 6.77 inches
    Height: 4.76 inches
    Width: 1.13 inches
    Sight Radius: 6.18 inches
    Weight: 20.11 ounces
    Trigger Pull: 5.5 pounds

    Don't get me wrong. I was pretty impressed with the PPS. But I would have preferred to stay with the Glock platform. There are some differences. I didn't even consider the Glock. I guess I better go back to the gun store and take a second look.
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    "I didn't even consider the Glock. I guess I better go back to the gun store and take a second look". {quote}

    Yup I guess you better.

    6+1 .45 ACP in a thin, light platform.

    Super reliable and easy to maintain.

    Walther PPS vs. Glock 36-photo.jpg
    click image to enlarge...

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    It's unfortunate you feel that way about a gun you just purchased. I own a 36 and there is no denying it's a great gun. However, the 36 is only thin in the grip because it is a single stack. The slide is as wide as other Glocks', and it is overall larger than the PPS. The PPS is a great gun! Shoot it and enjoy it. If you really feel you're gaining an advantage with the 45, then you'll have to look in to trading it, but you will loose a bunch. Remember bullet placement is king.

    For what it's worth, the gun I carry every day is a Sig 250 Subcompact in 40 S&W. I like having 10 RDS. of 40 cal.

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    I've had my pps for a couple of years now, I've never looked back. I like my pps a lot, I think it has a very good trigger, though don't care for the mag release.
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    I think you'll find that 36 quite a bit chunkier than the PPS. The grip is somewhat slim... for a Glock. I looked at it the other day, then opted for the 30 instead (10+1). The grip width of the 36 wasn't enough of a difference for me to sacrifice the rounds personally...

    The PPS is an awesome gun, my wife's is 1200+ rounds now I think and zero malfunctions.

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    Ummm...I think you had better go out and shoot the PPS you already own, before you waste your time looking at another Glock at the store...Ive spent 2 years looking for anything that compares on all levels, and have found none that does. That PPS is gold, you wont find anything else that really compares to it....reliability -top, long term durability (most people overlook this) top...comfort and ease of concealability- really top.

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    I would have suggested the Glock-36 prior to your purchase, but now you need to make the Walther work...take some Pepto Bismol, you can do it.
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    While it's nice to stay with the same platform. I'm not sure that the G36 is that much more compact than your G26. At least that is what I recall hearing somwhere in the past. Can anyone here confirm this?

    Everthing I've heard about the Walther PPS has been very positive. Take it to the range and have a blast with it. Then let us know how it performs. I got a feeling your gonna like it. I wouldn't mind adding a PPS to my collection someday.
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    I went the other way. started with a glock 36 and switched to the pps. mainly found recoil more manageable.
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    Buyer's Remorse

    Went through the same "Buyer's Remorse" issues with my PPS after the numerous FTF with speer gd and ranger T sd loads. So much so I went back and picked up my second HK P2000 SK. Of course the spike in the coffen was S & W CS! It back on its second trip to them and that was 4 weeks ago!

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    I've got a PPS and love it. And I don't see what the game-breaking traits are among the numbers you listed. It's obviously not capacity or ease of concealment.

    In any event, it's not like your choice is between a Glock and a hugely inferior gun. You'll probably be happy with either, but the PPS isn't chopped liver. It's remarkably shootable for a gun that size and has all the accuracy you need in a CC gun. Heck, look up Hickok45's video review of the PPS, he hits targets at distances that aren't even relevant to daily carry. And I can't emphasize how well it does the "concealed" part of concealed carry. With a good holster it just disappears. Honestly, for me the biggest problem with the PPS is the ridiculous price of the magazines (and to a lesser degree, the gun itself).

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    First, know that I am a 1911 guy. I love 45s. I have a Gold Cup I used to compete with, a Colt Defender with a CT laser that is my "nightstand gun", as well as a Detonics because, well just because. As to a EDC, it is the Walther PPS. I test fired the Glock 36 and frankly, again being a 45 kind of guy, did not like it. It did not feel right in my hand (a subjective judgment), and it is far heavier (use loaded weight, not unloaded) than the PPS. Further, it is materially wider than than the PPS making it less effective as a carry gun. it virtually disappears in a Remora IWB holster, and is totally comfortable and concealable in a Crossbreed OWB which is what I usually use. Reliability? As of now, 1500 flawless rounds. Also, I can buy Sellier Balott 9mm ammo for $9.99 a box. I shoot at least once a week. The truth is that to shoot as much as I do in 45, without reloading, would put me in the poor house. I use Wincester PDX in 124 grain as a defensive load, and could not be happier.
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    I have 2 friends that own & love the PPS, I'shot 'em there nice. Very slim & easy to conceal.

    I pull a glock 36 out of the dealers case from time to time,maybe I'll buy one some day. But that slide on the Glock is just sooo chunky!

    For me anyway the Little Walter would me so much easier to conceal.

    Really I think all you need to do is save up & Buy the Glock 36 ....You already have the PPS.

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    onacoma....was your PPS the .40 or the 9mm? Issues with the 9mm are extremely rare...did you buy it used?

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    If you really would rather have the Glock and cannot keep them both, sell the PPS.
    You should have NO PROBLEM getting every penny you spent back out of it.
    But take it to the range three times first. You'll probably keep it.
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