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This is a discussion on Overrated Handguns within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Even though I like them and plan on purchasing one in the future, I voted for Kahr as being over-rated. God Bless...

View Poll Results: Whiich is the most overrated handgun manufacturer?

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  • Kimber

    213 35.98%
  • Sig Sauer

    26 4.39%
  • Smith and Wesson

    18 3.04%
  • Ruger

    14 2.36%
  • Glock

    173 29.22%
  • Springfield Armory

    17 2.87%
  • Walther

    10 1.69%
  • Colt

    21 3.55%
  • Para Ordnance

    17 2.87%
  • Beretta

    12 2.03%
  • Kahr

    29 4.90%
  • Browning

    2 0.34%
  • CZ

    4 0.68%
  • Steyr

    1 0.17%
  • Rohrbaugh

    20 3.38%
  • Other

    15 2.53%
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Thread: Overrated Handguns

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    Even though I like them and plan on purchasing one in the future, I voted for Kahr as being over-rated. God Bless
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    I didn't see Taurus up there. They have cluttered the market with a poor copy of just about every gun out there, and then price them at slightly under the original. That got my vote.

    Kimber crossed my mind, only because I think that they are priced too high. It's quite the mental exercise for me to pay the price (or more) of a Colt for a 1911. I still like 'em though, and fully intend to pick up an Ultra CDP II at some point.
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    I voted Glock.

    I don't think they're poor firearms by any stretch, but the whole "Perfection" mantra reeks of arrogance to me, and too many folks buy it hook line and sinker while dismissing other options that are just as good if not better for a given individual. There are similarly durable polymer combat pistols with better ergos, equal durability, better carry dimensions, better ambidexterous controls for one handed operations, etc.

    Again, not saying Glocks are "bad" - simply saying too many paint them as the Pinnacle of Perfection when they're but one of a multitude of great options today.
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    I voted Kimber because at ASAA class last year, about half the class wore Glock/Glock-type, and the other half brought 1911's. Not all the 1911's were Kimbers, but several were, and nearly all of them (1911's) had experienced some issue or another by the end of the class. One guy's Kimber broke right away and he had to borrow a gun for the whole first day. The Glocks all ran fine. I kept thinking a guy could walk down here with a box of Glocks and sell them all!

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    May 2011
    I vote kimber I know quite a few people with kimbers and for the money I wouldnt trust my life on it. If you asked me this question a month ago I would have said glock but I got one for the wife and started liking it so I bought one for myself and I would trust my life to this weapon. In a months time I have shot this weapon in the range multiple times and even did a idpa match last weekend with it ,with no a single problem. I watched guys in the match shooting other guns( IDK the brands but not glocks) and alot of them were having issues, the guys shooting glocks had no issues and performed very well with them.

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    Oh let me think... tic glock, tic glock.
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    Glock gen 4, kimbers, and all new smith revolvers (the older ones are much better)

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    I voted for Kimber.
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    i just don't get why Glocks are voted so high... I'm with the other poster saying that they are, if anything, underrated... They tend to lack the "features", bells and whistles other gun manufacturers push but Glocks are the most reliable handguns available because of it. I won't bet my life on anything else, handgun-wise.

    Of course, many seem to want to glitz so, yeah, Glocks don't make the best BBQ guns...

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    Glock guns do what they are supposed to do - they work. The Glock company knows they make quality firearms and they advertise it. Kimber knows they make "iffy" firearms and yet advertise them as "great, quality guns." PAH! I vote Kimber all the way....totally overrated.

    I think the reason why the OP didn't put Hi Point and Taurus on there is because something can't be considered "overrated" when it's already rock bottom.
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    I vote Glock!

    I want to like them. I get myself so geeked up to buy one but once I shoot it I just don't get it. I think Glock was way a head of their time but today we have other guns that are just as reliable but also have better triggers, better ergonomics, and look good. I do believe Glocks are very reliable and only time will tell if M&Ps, XD's, Kahrs, and some others will prove to be as reliable! My 2 M&Ps or my Baretta have never failed in any way.... For whatever that's worth.

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    "Over-rated" doesn't necessarily mean bad or no good...it may just mean the reputation is greatly inflated. That is why I voted Glock...it's a fine gun, but the cult following screams over-rated. And no, I don't care if somebody buried one for years and then dug it up to shoot it...I couldn't care less.
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    You left HK off of the list.

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    I'm going to say H&K too. Not that they aren't good pistols, but they should be sold for a couple of hundred bucks less than they do. I can't think of a single one of their pistols worth the normal asking price.
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    I started out hating Glock, some how now it is my favorite of all.
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