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Why Rob Pincus now prefers the 9mm over .40 S&W...

This is a discussion on Why Rob Pincus now prefers the 9mm over .40 S&W... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK, JD - now you've really done it! Put on your fire-proof underwear, and fire up the popcorn popper...here it comes......

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Thread: Why Rob Pincus now prefers the 9mm over .40 S&W...

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    OK, JD - now you've really done it!

    Put on your fire-proof underwear, and fire up the popcorn popper...here it comes...

    The more good folks carry guns, the fewer shots the crazies can get off.

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    I keep reading all the comments about how he has admitted he was wrong. Who's to say he's right now? Just because 9mm is his preferred caliber now does not make him correct for everyone. It only makes him correct for himself. If you shoot a .40 well, and have confidence in it, then it is the right caliber for you. I'd never change from what works for me, just because some "expert" thinks his chosen caliber/product or whatever is better than what I use.
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    By that logic, a .32ACP would be even better than the 9mm as soon as a someone introduces a pistol with a 20-round magazine (+/-).

    ...or a .25ACP with 25 rounds (+/-).

    ...or, best of all, a .22lr (30 rounds?!!!)

    ...and, just think how affordable practice would be with a .22!
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    I agree with him that 9mm is a perfectly acceptable now. The older ammo out there for SD use was a poor choice. I am not going to get rid of my Glock 23 EDC, anytime soon. I am very good with it. I will however not hesitate to carry my Sig P228 if my G23 gets taken for evidence or I just lain ol feel like it.

    IMO he is basically saying what anybody that TRULY knew anything about guns and ammo ballistics knew already anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsunsr View Post
    ...I'd rather have one hit and one miss with a 40mm than a 9mm...
    So would I, but for SD use, I'd be worried about the collateral damage from a 40mm. Plus, I don't think they're legal for civilian use.

    Quote Originally Posted by jsunsr View Post
    ...So yes if you shoot a 40mm you need a pistol with better recoil absorbancy...
    If you shoot a 40mm out of a pistol, you're going to need medical attention, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by jsunsr View Post
    ...I imagine if Kel Tec made a 40mm it would be like shooting a 44mag. I can shoot my Glock 27 all day.
    If Kel-Tec made a 40mm, it'd bite a WHOLE lot worse than a .44 Mag. Betcha a dollar that you couldn't get off more than one shot.



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    I'll bet all the law enforcement agencies that switched from 9 mm to .40 S&W based on expert opinions that the 9 mm was an inadequate round will be delighted to hear this latest revelation.
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    First choice .45acp - Then 357 SIG or .40SW

    No Nine

    If 8 or 10 rds doesn't work and I'm empty and still being attacked I'll reload as I retreat
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    While I am happy for him, in that he feels that he has found a better way for himself, it does not effect me one way or the other.
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    A Glock 19 in accurate rapid fire has few equals. One hit with a hand cannon or or 15 with a 9mm? Never was any doubt in my mind. Welcome to reality, Rob.
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    I'm very comfortable with my M&P 40 with 15+1 and two spare 15rd mags. I don't doubt that 9mm is sufficient, but I can make repetitive, fast, combat-accurate shots well enough to not feel at a disadvantage shooting multiple rounds. YMMV
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    The experts keep telling me to get a semi-auto pistol. I just prefer a revolver in .357 mag. I guess that makes me stupid.

    Then again, I guess that means I can buy a new gun next year then. Tough choices.

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    I got that 9mm is easier to shoot and cheaper to train with. I've heard Pincus mention on SWAT magazine that we should be open to learn new things I believe and made a very similar statement when selecting training and Instructors and to stay away from people who can't see progession in technique, training, and tactics. If something works and it works for you it probably is best until something can better that. That's why we practice and train repetitively or else we'd train once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsunsr View Post
    Color me skeptical. Unless you are a LEO and possibly get involved in an extended shootout, I'd rather the 40. In the article it wasn't really specific about the differences between identical bullets. He refers to how winchester has the PD1. Here is my point, certainly I'd prefer a high energy, hollow point, 9mm over a 10mm solid jacket.

    I've argued in favor of the 9mm for a long time and referred to ballistics now available in the 9mm versus the extreme penetration of the 357 mag. Noting that the slower 357 mag, that LEO's have favored in the past, vs the faster 9mm hollow point are very close in ballistics, and, they are the same size and weight. The same holds true if you look at the ballistics of one caliber, like the 40. If you want less recoil, shoot the lighter 40 at higher velocity.

    But, hey, I'm just an ordinary citizen who tries to be responsible and protective of my family. I've read everything I can get my hands on, and over the last forty years have develop my own understanding of situation preparedness. Plus there is another variable that comes into the equation, accuracy. I'd rather have one hit and one miss with a 40mm than a 9mm. Finally there is a differences in firearms. Take for example a Kahr PM9mm vs a Kel Tec PF9. I can shoo the Kahr all day, the Kel Tec I don't like to shoot one magazine. So yes if you shoot a 40mm you need a pistol with better recoil absorbancy. I imagine if Kel Tec made a 40mm it would be like shooting a 44mag. I can shoot my Glock 27 all day.
    I'd take a Mk-19 over a 9mm any day.

    Had to do it.
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    I think a lot of time is spent trying to find what is an elusive and variable answer.
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    1 and 2 are the primary reasons I have made the shift back to 9mm. 4 is a consideration as well thought not a primary concern. I tried the .40 and I've tried the 9 and at the end of the day I can put more lead on target faster and more accurate with 9mm then I can with .40 and since I believe shot placement is king that makes the 9mm king in my book. The 9mm really shines in small compact CCW pieces. It packs a lot of easy to control firepower in a small package. 10+1 or 12+1 in a sub compact frame is a lot of firepower for the size and weight of most guns in that class.
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