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Why Rob Pincus now prefers the 9mm over .40 S&W...

This is a discussion on Why Rob Pincus now prefers the 9mm over .40 S&W... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by SpringerXD I'm glad I shoot 45's and don't have to spend any mental energy on this topic. Carry on. On that note, ...

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Thread: Why Rob Pincus now prefers the 9mm over .40 S&W...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpringerXD View Post
    I'm glad I shoot 45's and don't have to spend any mental energy on this topic.

    Carry on.
    On that note, your avatar over there is creepy man lol..

    Back to the OP....I wouldnt want to take a 9mm round, a .40 round, or .45 and I am sure all can do their jobs....I personally dont have a .40 and probably wont ever buy one...

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    they are all fun - i can shoot my 40 about as fast as my 9 - but i can't carry it - it's too big. The nine i shoot the best - is too big to carry also. So being forced to carry a "small" gun - i shoot a small 9 better than a small 40 - but i get what the guy is saying - he's picking speed, capacity and accuracy over power. I am forced to do that also when carrying - but not at home! I think he's saying most people are better off with the smaller caliber and better shooting. I agree. But I shoot my 40 pretty well and it sure does light up a room. They are both great rounds. If the world melts down as a previous caller said I want my 30-06 and Maxus.
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    ...And what do you suppose sells more books?...
    ...a controversial premise...or a conventional one?

    Here's one that shouldn't be controversial:

    "Nobody should carry a caliber he can't manage."

    "A man's got to know his limitations"--Dirty Harry

    (Note the sophisticated technique)
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    I've never heard of Rob Pincus until today.

    This doesn't smack of "spray and pray" does it? It does assume that one will never fail to be capable of delivering multiple repeat shots. What if one shot is all there is...for whatever reason?
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    For me, I like the push of a 45acp over the snap of a 9mm.

    Trust the 45acp and my Glock 36, and it is a very fast firing handgun.

    6+1 45acp may not sound like much unless you are on the receiving end of it.

    Double tap as well with 45acp as with 9mm and as to firing a string of hits; well, for me the push of the 45acp is easer to control than a snap of the 9mm.

    Caliber choice and gun make and model are the shoots choice, as you bet your life on it, carry what you shoot best and be safe out there!!!!!!!!!
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    nor the warrior for his glory.
    I love only that which they defend.
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    1. The Myth of the “One Shot Stop”, Part 1: Faster Strings of Fire are Better.
    true, but i can shoot my 40s fast.

    2. The Myth of the “One Shot Stop”, Part 2: Higher Capacity is Better.

    3. Negligible Difference in Practical Wounding Potential.

    4. Lower Cost, High Value Practice

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    Good read. I enjoy articles that support what I own / carry. It's nice reassurance, as I've always been a big fan of the sometimes under rated 9mm.

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    I don't get why so many people run out and buy what some "expert" tells them to buy. This isn't rocket science. Buy what you want, shoot what you want. If you can't figure out, on your own, what is and is not a suitable self defense handgun and caliber, then you probably shouldn't be carrying yet anyway. Don't worry about others opinions, it's your weapon and your life. Make your own call!
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    Even LEOs are starting to back away from the .40 now. I've always seen it as a useless round. Just hate that I'll be forced to carry one soon :/
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    Just read an article by Massad Ayoob called Choose your ammo...police style. Good read. Talks about 9mm, .38, 357 sig, .40 and .45.


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    I've carried the .40 S&W for years and never gave it thought passed the reason I started carrying it to begin with. I too thought of it as a good compromise between the 9mm and the .45; Still do for that matter.

    If I had to choose only one, I'd go with the 9mm. My reason is simply round count. IMO, firepower trumps horsepower, especially when we're talking 9mm and up.

    The good thing about all this is; I don't have to choose only one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knightrider View Post
    Even LEOs are starting to back away from the .40 now. I've always seen it as a useless round. Just hate that I'll be forced to carry one soon :/
    .40 S&W is the most widely used caliber in LE in the United States today. The Glock 22 is the one of the most widely issued LE pistols. I'd have to see proof that LE is "backing away" from the caliber before I'd believe it.

    You may not like the caliber, but I see a 180 grain .40 bullet at 975+ fps or a 165 grain at 1100 fps as something a bit more than "useless." From a ballistics standpoint, it's hard to find a bad defensive round in .40 S&W. I don't personally own any .40 pistols now, but I carried a G22 for many years with confidence. I don't understand why someone would "hate" a caliber that works just fine.
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    Good read. I do find myself shooting my 9mm's off-duty more often than my 40's. Being honest, they are more fun to shoot. I have to carry a G23 as a duty weapon and I still think that it is a great weapon. But my off-duty carry has shifted more to my 26 and 19.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tzadik View Post
    One other reason for 9mm:

    When civilization collapses, 9mm will still be available pretty much everywhere.
    Granted if you reload, its not as big a deal.

    /tinfoil hat off now

    With many of the LEO's Local, state, Fed, using the .40, if civilization collapses that ammo will also be available, but just in case I am wrong my G19 is waiting to relieve my G23, when my Colt 1911 runs dry.

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    Modern 9s, 40s and 45s are all wonderful bullets for us to own.

    I am not sure you can really make a poor decision by picking any of them.
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