Why do you carry the 1911?

Why do you carry the 1911?

This is a discussion on Why do you carry the 1911? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This thread is in response to a question a fellow member had about why so many people carry the 1911. -I trust the stopping power ...

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Thread: Why do you carry the 1911?

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    Why do you carry the 1911?

    This thread is in response to a question a fellow member had about why so many people carry the 1911.

    -I trust the stopping power of the 45 ACP cartridge with my life
    (Gun fights with more than 9 - 11 rounds usually happen in the movies)
    -The ergonomics of the 1911 offer great indexing of the weapon
    -The slim frame is easy to conceal (even with the 5")
    -I prefer the Single Action trigger for accuracy
    -The Manual Safety is easily engaged/ disengaged during holster/ draw
    -Of course there is a bit of nostalgea behind the historic design
    -Easily customized to your preferences
    -I could go on for days.......

    As for carrying a whopping 5" 1911 over a pocket pistol for concealment's sake. I've taken the time to prep my method of carry to properly/comfortably conceal my 1st choice weapon because if ever I needed to deploy it to save my life I'd like to rely on my 1st choice weapon. Thank you Mr. Browning

    (BTW: I'm not opposed to other systems by any means)

    Please feel free chime in with your reasons why you chose the 1911 or why you choose a different system.

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    Cool Why 1911?

    Mostly 'cause it drives so many of the Glocks only guys that I seem to work around crazy.

    Just kidding!!!
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    Well, in my case it would be "why I chose a different system."

    I've shot 1911s before, but find them to be too large and heavy for the given capacity. I do not like thumb safeties, either - my preference is for point-and-shoot. And finally, I'm not really picky about triggers - as long as the trigger pull is consistent from shot to shot, I don't really care.

    Nothing against them, but just not my preference.

    OK - I'll go warm up the popcorn popper...

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    My decesion to go with the 1911 is safety. I like the manual safety option along with the grip safety. Tons of quality choices out there but nothin says go away, like a 1911.
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    I am comfortable with several weapon platforms, one of them being the 1911. Ergonomics are very good, which moves up a notch, to superb, no pun intended, with the undercut trigger guard/high-cut front strap of such makes as Baer and Wilson, or which can be done as a custom modification. Pointing characteristics, with a flat MSH, are second to none.

    The narrow width that helps concealment also helps me grip the weapon with my not-so-long fingers and thumbs, while being plenty long enough to give my large palms plenty of gripping surface.

    Controls are well-located; I can reach everything well.

    Accuracy is largely dependent on the individual pistol; my Baer TRS is notably very, very accurate.

    .45 ACP is as good as several other service cartridges for convincing bad guys they have been hit. The .45 ACP's flash and blast are notably less obnoxious to my eyes and ears than some of these other cartridges when fired in dark and/or enclosed areas, making it good for fighting at night and/or inside structures.

    The manual safety does not slow my presentation and firing of the 1911, but might buy me a moment if an opponent gains possession of the weapon.

    The crisp, single-action trigger system is almost as good for me, overall, as a good, smooth DA revolver trigger. Under the right conditions, either trigger system can be the better choice at that moment in time. Neither is a compromise.

    I stopped carrying 1911s as primary duty pistols, because the mandated retention holster interfered with my being able to acquire the proper grip, quickly. As a result, I went with a compromise duty pistol. (G22) Compromises happen. I later moved to a duty pistol which was, and is, less compromising for me, the P229 DAK. The P229 is a great duty pistol, but if I ever need to do some field-expedient sniping with a handgun, in the absence of a long weapon, I want to get my hands on my Baer. (Technically, I can do this, within my PD's rules.) Someday, when the badge is retired, I can go back to just using my no-compromise handguns.
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    Not for any of the normal regurgated reasons such as history, legendary,iconic,man stopper, ad naseum.... Just because I can, I like it, and by darned its another choice I have.
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    It just fits in my hand so well and feels perfect.
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    Your reasons are well stated, all I can do is agree!

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    Nostalgia behind the historic design is not important to me when choosing a self defense weapon. I carry a 1911 because IMO the 1911 along with the BHP are two of the best semi-autos ever made. In addition, I feel very comfortable carrying and shooting them.
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    I carry a 1911 because it's one of the platforms that I shoot the best and it's my all-time favorite.
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    I bobtailed my 5" 1911 and use it for cooler weather carry. I shoot and conceal my 1911 better than any other platform that I have ever tried. With the right holster and a good belt, weight isn't an issue for me. I carry 8 in the gun and an extra mag in the opposite front pocket. The extra single stack magazine is no thicker than a Zippo lighter in the pocket. The bobtailed grip is just as concealable as a standard officer's grip, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TX-JB View Post
    I carry a 1911 because it's one of the platforms that I shoot the best and it's my all-time favorite.
    Same here plus all the other reasons stated by others.
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    knowing it saved lots of lives over 100 years, i can safely say it can save mine! I like shooting it and i can conceal it with no problems.
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    Concealability was never a problem for me either. I just didn't like the weight. For an EDC the 1911 platform is a good one. I just found for me the "compacts" were so much easier to carry all day (for me)

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