Sighting-in distance for SD/HD/Carry?

Sighting-in distance for SD/HD/Carry?

This is a discussion on Sighting-in distance for SD/HD/Carry? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I picked ten yards for the distance to sight-in the new heater (a 629-6 Trail Boss). Since I plan on using 44 Special most of ...

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Thread: Sighting-in distance for SD/HD/Carry?

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    Sighting-in distance for SD/HD/Carry?

    I picked ten yards for the distance to sight-in the new heater (a 629-6 Trail Boss). Since I plan on using 44 Special most of the time, I decided to use that caliber for all the adjustments. After it was zeroed, I tried shooting all 6 quickly to see if I could manage the recoil. No problem, even with the 3in shoots very similar (recoil-wise) as my Ruger Blackhawk/Bisley 5.5 using 45 Colt loads.

    Then I ran a box of 20 Magnum rounds. Wow, what fun, and MUCH less punishing than I anticipated. With the Hogue grips, this beauty is a pleasure to shoot. This package works! I tried double-tapping with the magnums and still had no issues with recovery.

    Is 10 yards a good distance for sighting-in?

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    In most SD situations you will be well within 10 yards, probably closer to 10 feet!
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    there are rules and saying for darn near everything

    here is the 3's

    most encounters that involve handguns happen start to finish in under 3 seconds
    and occur closer than 3 yards averaging 3 shots fired.

    statistics and averages needs be taken with a large gr of salt.
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    Inside of 10 yards I won't be using sights other than for a precision shot, so I prefer sights set farther out if possible.
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    For defensive purposes, 10 yards is fine, but I'd probably push it out to 15 yards. Most handgun rounds have a flat enough trajectory out to 25 yards that you really don't have to sweat this decision. Now if your gun shoots seriously off the point of aim (my Springer was 3 inches low at 15 yards, and the factory fixed it pronto), that's a different story.

    For hunting purposes, I'd be more concerned with trajectory and max probable range.
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    Shooting off hand, the difference between POI for 5-25 yards is going to be negligible. If you sighted at 10 yards you should be good to go.
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    I think signting in at about 15 yards is a good distance. My reasoning is that anything under that distance the POA/POI will be almost unnoticeable, and past that distance (approx. 25 yards) won't be enough change in POA/POI to matter (talking 2-3" at the most from what I've seen). If you need it past that distance, then I can't help you because I've never tried it.


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