Suggestions for compact 45ACP carry

This is a discussion on Suggestions for compact 45ACP carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After waiting 5 months for the Kimber Solo I ordered to arrive I canceled my order and got my money back. Now, I am leaning ...

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Thread: Suggestions for compact 45ACP carry

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    Suggestions for compact 45ACP carry

    After waiting 5 months for the Kimber Solo I ordered to arrive I canceled my order and got my money back.
    Now, I am leaning toward getting a compact 45ACP carry pistol. I know a lot of experienced folks out there
    carry 1911 and other 45ACP and hope some can give me their suggestions. Currently I am looking at
    sig 250 scompact and a Baby Desert Eagle. I am trying to stay in the 500/700 dollar range if possible.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    John B.

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    I really like my full size 1911, but it seems like you want something a bit smaller.

    In smaller versions of .45 ACP, I am intrigued by the Glock 36
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    When i finely came to the conclusion that I should be carring a 45acp CC on a daily bases. these were the questions I tried to answer for myself.

    1, 100% reliables and accurate?

    2, Lite weight yet manageable in recoil?

    3. Ease of concealment?

    4. Must fit my hand and just be right for me?

    Answer: Glock 36 6+1 and dead on right out of the box.

    Hope you find your answer as well, and it serves you as well as the Glock 36 has me!!!!!!!
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    USA, where else?
    I have an XD 45 compact and a Kahr CW 45. I like both.
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    whenever i hear 45cal the first thing that comes to mind is 1911 platform
    there are a lot of micro/sub compact 1911 that are well built and won't break your bank account if you are willing to carry cocked&lock

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    I have a RIA 1911 compact 3.5"bbl that new cost $369.00 over 4 years ago,they went up a little,I also have a S&W M&P45 compact 4" bbl that is a great shooter and holds as many rounds as my Colt 1911 Combat Commander,but is a lot lighter
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    My EDC is a Glock-36, and I couldn't be happier with the ease of concealment, dependability, and the BIG holes it makes.
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    I carry a Kahr CW45 on work days. It appears it would fit your requirements. Compact, reliable and not overly expensive.
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    Smile Glock 30 is good choice

    I have been wearing a G30 with 2 spare G21 magazine for nearly 2 years. I'm 6'2" 240 lbs, so it is a comfortable carry for myself. I choose the G30 over the G36, becuase it was still comfortable carry and the ability to use G21 mags a spares.

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    Another vote for the M&P .45c - light, accurate, easy to carry and conceal, 8 +1 capacity and can use the 10 round magazines if needed.

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    Wondered the same thing. Finally decidied on the M&P 45c. Needed to upgrade to the Apex trigger. Since then it been phenominal

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    G36 is a great choice. Reliable, compact, accurate and won't break the bank.

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    para slim hawg is my EDC.

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    Take a look at the Bersa Thunder 45 Ultra Carry as well perhaps. Its usually around $400 and has proven itself very reliable. I saw a 1500 round torture test of it recently, no malfunctions at all. They had to douse it with water at about 1300 rounds, lol.

    Otherwise the Glock 36 and 30 are options. Perhaps my favorite compact 45 is the Para LDA (with the double action trigger) but they are pricey at $800-900. The M&P is nice too, looked at one the other day. Its not huge, looked fairly carry-able...

    For myself, I had bought a Glock 30 and I haven't shot it yet. Not sure I'm going to keep it, I just can't bring myself to like Glocks for whatever reason.

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    Ruger P345. 26 oz, 8 + 1, reliable, reasonable price, great reputation for reliability and accuracy. If you want a hammer and decocker for safety it has that. Feels good ergonomically. I use factory ammo, reloads and it fires everything that is loaded in the magazine.
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