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.380 on a ultralight backpacking/camping trip?

This is a discussion on .380 on a ultralight backpacking/camping trip? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Best of luck on your trip, I've done plenty of short three or four day backpacking trips and I agree that weight is paramount. The ...

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Thread: .380 on a ultralight backpacking/camping trip?

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    Best of luck on your trip, I've done plenty of short three or four day backpacking trips and I agree that weight is paramount. The only predators I'm ever concerned about are the kind that walk upright on two legs. Being from Maine originally I have stumbled across a couple of black bears and it seems that unless provoked they couldn't care less about you, at least IMO. Your .380 is enough gun to prevent a reenactment of Deliverance....I think .
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    Quote Originally Posted by zonker1986 View Post
    did you at least get a Boy Scout Merit Badge for that little stroll? Hike 2100 miles??? No comprende'....I don't like to drive that far, much less foot it.
    No merit badge, but I got a picture. And lost 75 lbs.

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    That Katahdin sign brings back memories when I lived in Maine and my Cub Scout son walked the Knife Edge--- and then I SAW what he walked and I was scared to death(almost!). Good luck on your trip.
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    To be honest, there is film of bears ROLLING in bear spray on the ground. With bears, nothing is certain. I would take the .380, since I know hikers think in ounces. You are going in their backyard, so, some risk is entailed and there is no sure cure for an attack. The noise of a .380 MAY help, maybe not. The spray MAY help, maybe not. Your best defense is being aware of what goes on around you and having an escape plan at all times IF possible. Other than that, you take your chances by being there.
    Enjoy the hike!
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    Firing shots into the ground isn't gonna change a charging bears path IMHO,if actually shooting him doesn't do squat,best bet is bear spray,I can understand you going on a power hike thing,but one thing you need to remember getting back is important too.
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    Where I hike, we have black bears. Moreso of a threat are bears that are very friendly due to constantly eating or getting into human food. This happens in my hiking AO because in some of the state forests there are mini "tent towns" where homeless people live. More often then not they also produce meth.

    I would really be concerned about running into a clandestine drug operation. It happens a lot more than you think. Its a big problem here in FL. Be especially careful if you get off a trail and start to bushwack.
    If you're going to carry one weapon, might as well carry two, because as the saying goes, "Two is one, and one is none."

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    I wouldn't ever choose .380 over 9 mm unless we're talking a dedicated pocket gun situation. Here I'd pick a goo spray and a heavy 9mm bullet and lightweight polymer 9mm. This is where my Kahr P9 shines.

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    ...Or, if you happen to have an extra grand on hand, consider an 11.4 oz. 5-shot .357 Magnum -- The S&W 360PD:


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    Weight is always a big consideration when your on a long hike. Your .380 with +p ammo will be fine for 2 legged animals. The bear spray will take care of the rest. Enjoy the trip and take lots of pictures.

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    If all you can carry is the 380 then it will have to do. What I will do on occasion is load a few less rounds in my 9 to lessen the weight instead of taking my 380. and a +p 147 grain 9mm will kill a blackbear.IT will if you will.
    If i had to choose that is what I owuld do and what I would carry if that was my only option> but being a typical american male> I also have a couple 10mms . one of which is what I carry when hiking...

    Bears are run up trees and killed with 38s by guides and hunters often .they will penetrate a bears head.

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