The sequel to my long going Solo hassel with Kimber...the final chapter - Page 3

The sequel to my long going Solo hassel with Kimber...the final chapter

This is a discussion on The sequel to my long going Solo hassel with Kimber...the final chapter within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have seen others comment about other Kimber guns - 1911 that gave me trouble. Usually, by the time Kimber gets to the point where ...

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Thread: The sequel to my long going Solo hassel with Kimber...the final chapter

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    I have seen others comment about other Kimber guns - 1911 that gave me trouble. Usually, by the time Kimber gets to the point where they just replace the gun, the person will sell it unfired. That's what I would do if I were you

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    Review in the latest American Rifleman, which I did not read the whole review, I scanned to the last few paragraphs and the author even mentioned the issue with Kimber requireing 124 grain ammo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 357and40 View Post
    ...give it a try. see how you like it....

    you can make your decision thereafter....

    Don't make a snap decision without experience.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Get rid of the solo until the bugs are fixed, according to kimber there are no bugs. I called them last week and he said they know of no issues besides not being able to use anything under that's an issue right sig p238 which was manufactured this year and has the upgraded magazine and recoil spring has not given me any issues since day 1 and I have used several different HP ammo as well as ball ammo. If you have a problem with your 238 call sig they will upgrade you to the new components and I guarantee you wil have 0 problems.
    I have yet to be attacked by a block of ballistic gelatin but.........

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    I have read on several forums that the Solo is unreliable.
    You paid the price for being one of the first.
    Why is your decision difficult? Get rid of it.
    I carry pistol must be reliable.....

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    Get rid of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    I wouldn't "try it" first - I'd dump it as new and unfired.
    If you "try it" then it becomes a used gun. Let the dealer keep it and select something else that you'll be happier with.
    I was going by this statement in the original post...

    I can sell and not loose money, but I do like the gun if it will be 100%.

    If he didn't like the gun, I would agree with you. "But I do like the gun if it will be 100%." The only way he is going to know that is to try it.

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    I own a Kimber Solo and all of bad reviews I've read on this and other forums do scare me, but I'm yet to have a problem. Maybe I'm lucky or maybe I'm one shot away from a problem??? I just read the review in American Rifleman and it was good overall, but he does mention that requiring 124 grain is a huge problem for most people. BTW, these authors won't get published if they're too honest, so I you have to take the review with a grain of salt - or is that 124 grains of salt:) Notice the Kimber ad in the magazine and you'll realize there's no way it can be an honest review.

    As to your question, if your main motivation is not losing money, I'd sell it as new and be done with it. If your goal is to enjoy the Kimber Solo, why not give it a try after all you've been through?

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    Sell it for $700, buy a G36 for $500 and use the change to take your wife to dinner!

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    You my friend are a very Patient person.
    Could not trust it. Sell it and take the money and run. Looking at the Kahr pm9 myself.

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    I had a similar experience with a Pro CDP. After two trips to NY, they sent a new unit to my LGS. I knew I would never be able to trust the unit for CCW and I would not have accepted anything from the unit but stellar performance. When the new one arrived, I traded it NIB for a Dan Wesson Pointman and have never looked back.

    Trade it !
    High capacity is not an acceptable substitute for good marksmanship.

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    I have a Solo, picked it up on Monday, Sept. 26, 2011. I have fired a total of 180 rounds through the gun, 40 rounds of 115 gr. HI-Shock JHP +P+, 100 rounds of
    147 grain Federal HB and 40 rounds of Winchester 124 grain JHP. I had one FTF and one FTE, both happened using the 147 grain HB. Before buying the gun, I
    read every article I could find, from gun magazines to internet forums. As in the movie, they were The Good, Bad and Ugly. I like the looks of the gun, it felt
    good in my hand, knew it would be easy to conceal and it would give me a little more firepower than my Sig. 238, which I like a lot.

    I am just not sure who you can trust when it comes to gun reviews. I think from now on, if I like a gun and it is what I want, I am going to buy it, shot it and
    not read one article about it.

    As what to do with the new Solo, hard choice since you had such a bad experience with the first one. I know a Dealer or Master Dealer is not going to give you
    what you paid for the gun, since they can buy it for far less. You could try and sell it, but again, you paid full list price, you might get lucky and get your money
    back, but I have been seeing them for $630 to $650. So now you come to your other choice, if you like the gun, feels good in your hand, shoot it, you might be
    surprised and find you have a good shooter, if not sell it, your not going to get all your money back anyway, so what have you got to lose.

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    I got tired of fighting with my Kimber UC II, so I sold it. Sometimes you've just had enough.
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    "I like a man who grins when he fights."
    ~Winston Churchill

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