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This is a discussion on New Pistol - Glock 19 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Bought a Glock 19 yesterday. I received my carry permit after about a 6-week wait last week (NC). The first few days I carried either ...

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Thread: New Pistol - Glock 19

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    New Pistol - Glock 19

    Bought a Glock 19 yesterday. I received my carry permit after about a 6-week wait last week (NC). The first few days I carried either my Sig P220 or a Colt Officer's Model. Both are heavy and hard to conceal (although my wife didn't realize I was carrying and was surprised when I asked after a shopping trip). Anyway, I bought a Glock 19 ($599 with Glock night sights) and also got $150 for an old Police Positive that my father left me. The old Colt had a nice bore but deep rust on the frame at the back of the grip.

    I ran 150 rounds through the Glock today (7, 15, and 25 yds) and about 40 through my Officer's Model. At 7 yards, I don't think I had anything outside of the circle on the IPDA target, at 15 everything was within the rectangle, but at 25 I had a few rounds off the target.

    Glock functioned very well and shot better with Remington 115 grain JHP (Wally World) than the WWB FMJ.

    My recently modified Officer's Model is doing better (almost all rounds the target at 25 yards) but still had one failure to extract. I think I will eventually have to have the extractor replaced (gunsmith altered but didn't replace the old one). The Officer's Model is now beautiful (SS has been bead blasted) and I will try to get a photograph up.

    I had not wanted to buy a Glock but the weight, price, and capacity finally won me over (I am more of a 1911 or P-35 type guy). I was impressed by the reliability and accuracy. My last 10 rounds were at 7-yards with a quick move from ready to a sight picture and firing a single round. I think about 7 of the 10 were within a 2 or 3 inch group with 3 or 4 rounds touching.

    I also have figured out that when I miss it is almost always down and to the left. I have been shooting again for about 6 weeks (about 800 rounds of CF handgun ammo) and I think I am pushing my right hand too much and flinching when I pull the trigger. I noticed that I was shooting as well or better with my weak hand.

    Anyway, I think the Glock 19 will be the pistol that will allow me to reach my goal of being able to consistenly hit an IPDA target at 50 yards (new glasses may help).

    The Glock is different but in a Galco belt holster worn at 3:30 or 4:00 it is hard to see under a t-shirt.

    I will work on my new AR-15 next time at the range and am going to try to get my wife to shoot the Glock (then I can get a G30 or a carry version of the Sig 220). My mother is visiting, she is 85, and she still keeps a 16 guage for protection. She told me that people in her Sunday school class (older women) said they would never shoot anyone. My mom said if they broke in but were running away she might not try to kill them.

    East of Texas

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    Congrats and

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    I will do better. I just have all these old Nikons with something called film.

    But I agree, jpgs will be added soon.

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    Great gun!! I carry one quite frequently and I absolutely love it. Accurate, controllable, and comfortable for all day carry. I have fired THOUSANDS of rounds through mine, and it has NEVER jammed, or failed to fire. I could say more, but honestly, do I really need to?

    Happy shooting and great purchase
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    While I am not a die hard Glockophile, I absolutley adore my G19. Nice choice.

    What holster are you using?
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    Fantastic Plastic... I LOVE my G-19...!
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    Another love story

    I'm not a Glocker but shot both 17 and 19 and would happily carry either.
    Chris - P95
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    The Glock 19 was my first Glock. I love this gun and I shoot it the best out of all of my Glocks. It was issued to me by the NYPD. I got rid ofthe NY trigger and put in the stock 5.5 trigger when I left the NYPD. I shoot it that much better with the 5.5 trigger.
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    Glad you like it!

    I'm a 1911/P35 type, too. I had a Glock 22 that I found hard to hang on to...then went to XD40sc...then I shot the Glock 19 and 26. So...I sold the XD in favor of a 26. Yep, part of the issue is that the wife will shoot it. Report / pics soon...I should pick it up today.

    The .40S&W Glocks are supposed to have the same sized frame as the 9mm's...but gosh...I just shoot those 9's soooo much better. May have to get a 19 and a 17, too!

    Shoot well...and safely.

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    Welcome to the Dark Side!

    I've had a Glock 19 for just over a year and a half now and I really like it. I've put about 3,000+ rounds through it without a single malfunction.
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    Maybe the best Glock of all

    I've owned a G19 for about 7 years - I bought it used for $350 at that time, and have put about 5000 rounds through it since then. At one time I carried it and took comfort in the 15+1 capacity and absolute reliability of the gun. The gun is very compact with no sharp corners, and conceals quite easily. It may be the best model of Glock that company has produced.

    I shot the gun again yesterday on my weekly trip to the range, and it is still quite accurate and easy to shoot well. I guess I stopped using it for carry years ago because I wanted to use larger calibers than 9mm, and also felt the Glock was rather plain in appearance. I succumbed to the siren call of 1911s and Sigs.

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    I started out with a 21, but ended up swapping it out for a 19. I couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with the 21 for some reason. I don't know how many rounds it had down it before I got it, but it's put 500+ down the range flawlessly since I've had it. It's been my daily carry for a while.

    Here are some pics of my 19. As you can tell I've spruced it up a bit with the Gunkote SS slide and Ashley Big Dots (I'm not a huge fan of plain 'ol evil black).

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    Glock 19

    Yeah, I love my G19 too, especially since I installed the SMOOTH faced trigger. Those grooves on the stock trigger were eating up my trigger finger. Great gun, always goes bang, no matter what & hits what I AIM at.

    It makes the perfect companion for my G23, its bigger caliber cousin, who lives by my bed in a mini vault.

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    I have owned my GLOCK 19 for eight months. No problems with weekly range use. I am still (...13 weeks so far LE/MIL price) awaiting arrival of my G 26. I may skip the 26 and carry the 19, as I am leaving KY for CA in March. My KY CCDW lic. is no good in CA. I will apply in CA upon arrival withthe Lassen County Sheriff's Dept.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sass20485
    Yeah, I love my G19 too, especially since I installed the SMOOTH faced trigger.
    I did the same thing on my Glock 19 duty gun. I found the smooth trigger is much more comfortable than the serrated one. I would imagine that if more shooters realized this that it would make a hugh difference. My practice time at the range is much more pleasant now since my finger is not reduced to hamburger after several hundred rounds.

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