Glock 36 vs 27 in the recoil department?

Glock 36 vs 27 in the recoil department?

This is a discussion on Glock 36 vs 27 in the recoil department? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a 27 and don't care for it's recoil or the way it handles I'm considering a Glock 36 which I'm guessing has a ...

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    Glock 36 vs 27 in the recoil department?

    I have a 27 and don't care for it's recoil or the way it handles I'm considering a Glock 36 which I'm guessing has a softer recoil due to being a .45 vs a .40,is this the case?

    For the record Ive shot and carried snub nose .357's and liked them better,so I'm not recoil sensitive in the least I just don't like this gun. Any info would be great thanks guys.
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    Cant give an exact answer, but for what it's worth:

    I have not shot the 27. I have shot the 26 quite a bit and owned an XD40sc for a few years. I would assume the 27 and XD would be similar. That being said, I like the recoil from my 36 much more than I did from the XD. I did not find the XD to be bad per say, but for me at least the recoil from the 36 is more manageble. The 36 may have a bit more actual recoil, but the impulse is different and pushes back more for me compared to how the 40cal round tends to be a snap for me. This is all pretty subjective so if you can find a 36 to try out I would say that's your best bet. Since the 36 is pretty small and light, it does recoil pretty good for a .45 but I put 200 rounds thru mine today without any problems and my hands feel fine. Also I shoot my 36 better than I do my 21. I think this is because I carry the 36 daily so I have probably practiced with it more over the years.

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    I think you'll like the GLOCK 36.

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    Like previous post said, the 45 may produce more calculated recoil, but the grip between the two pistols is different and this affects the perception of recoil. I shoot Ranger T 230 in my 36, and that's the hottest standard 45 load I've tried. In the 27 I've shot Ranger T 165, but currently have softer shooting Golden Saber 165 in it; when I run out of GS I'll load up with the Ranger T and deal with the extra recoil.
    If you really want less recoil, the 26 has noticeably less (yes, with Ranger T +P or +P+) than the 27 or 36.
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    Back when the 36 first came out, me and just about every Officer on my department that were shooters bought Glock 36's. None of us kept them. The grip is narrow, true enough, but it's overly long and feels unnatural, but the guns were unreliable over time. I believe due to the lack of slide mass the 36 relies more heavily than most pistols on the recoil spring. The trouble is the recoil spring really takes a beating and loses it's power over time. This is not found only in the Glock 36, but almost all small .45 acp pistols. Once you get below Commander-sized pistols reliability starts to suffer. Glock may have addressed this over time, but I really wouldn't buy another 36. By the way, I'm 63 and retired now. I have no problem with the 27. I even shoot it one-handed. If it helps any, I use 165 grain Golden Sabers. They seem pretty easy on the recoil, have a good reputation for stopping power and are very accurate and reliable.
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    I own both. The 27 has more felt recoil than the 36 IMO. Both will get the job done, but I enjoy shooting the 36 more. Some people have problems w/ them. I had issues w/ the first one that I bought in 2005. The one that I bought back in Feb has run perfectly. It just carries so darn well IWB, that I had to get another one.
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    I own both, and if you're thinking that you might find a huge difference between the two in recoil, you might be disappointed. To me, they generally feel about the same, and I don't see them as significantly different, nor do I think either one has a lot of recoil.................I guess everyone's perception is different.

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    Never shot a my 27!
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    My G36 is a great shooter and I like the push recoil as opposed to the snap of other calibers.

    Big plus for me is the IWB comfort of the 36 over other Glocks.
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    you might try switching your .40 barrel for a .357SIG barrel. I have a G33 that is a pure pleasure to shoot......and it will definitely wake up the neighbors.
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    Have had both; prefer the 36, not so much for the "push" rather than the "snap" but because it feels right for me. Don't think it's the recoil so much as the way the gun feels or doesn't feel when I shoot it. I don't have any problem with "reliability" with the later models of the 36; I carry one pretty regularly and have complete trust in it.

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    I have fired both many times and I think the 27 is snapper.
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