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Walther PPK or Bersa Thunder

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Thread: Walther PPK or Bersa Thunder

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    I have a Bersa Thunder 9 ultra compact and I absolutely love that gun. It just plain works every time no matter what. Soft shooter, allow frame, long slide rails, metal parts, etc. My buddy has a Bersa Thunder .380 and it is the same way. Soft shooter, long slide rails, etc. Dead on accurate first time I ever shot it. Feels great in hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    I've had both. And never had an issue with either. I like the PPK cause it's a classic and is classy. I like the Bersa because it works just as well and has better sights. Both are extremely accurate.

    Comes down to if you want a classic with the price tag to match, or an Argentina mace copy that is just as good for half the money. If you go with the Walther, I would prefer an Interarms version over the S&W.
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    Ppk 380

    Some thoughts...

    I've had both the "original" and an S&W version of the Walther PPK. The nice thing about the S&W version is the addition of the ducktail to protect your thumb webbing (I've got a nice permanent scar from the "original" bite)...

    I would strongly suggest getting some 380 snapcaps and see if she has the hand strength to chamber and clear the PPK. The return spring is a real beast and although that probably helps it to be able to handle darn near any ammo it also makes it a real pain to clear in a real-life use scenerio...

    The PPK also is definately a bit snappy in your hand...a fair amount of kick (back to that single spring) for such a small round...


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    I had a Bersa and reloaded for and shot it a lot no problems with it great little gun, I give it to a friend because I wanted something with more poop.

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    I'm all about Glocks and that is what I will always carry. My Wife has been looking around for a gun and bought the Bersa Thunder. She loves it. I even like it, has a real good feel to it, pretty accurate and easy to use. I'm kinda impressed with it so far. Quality seems to be pretty good as well.

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    Love the PPK

    Good day all...first post here is prompted by my first 'search' for Walther.

    Purchased an Interarms PPK a couple years ago at a gun show and got a great deal. I've owned a lot of guns over the years but LOVE...absolutley LOVE my PPK. It's just sexy to look at and fun to hold. It IS snappy (my military son doesn't like to shoot it) but I love it.

    It carries really well concealed and it's my favorite gun to carry.

    That said....I also love Bersa. Owned a bersa .22 years ago and wish I still owned it. I want to get ahold of a Bersa 9mm which might become my primary carry gun if it works out as well as I hope.

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    CZ-83 in 380 ! Best 380 on the market and less money than a Smith & Wesson Walther !

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    Love my Interarms manufactured PPK/s too. First pistol I ever purchased the moment I saw it. Even gently used, it cleaned up nicely and I've found it to be an amazing pistol.

    Can't say the S&W PPK offerings were quite as nice, nor the Bersa models I've shot. Personal preference really. If I needed a DA/SA .380 and couldn't find or afford an Interarms PPK I might consider the Bersa. For me it would come down to fit and comfort - even the S&W PPK feels better to me than the Bersa.

    Check them out, and make a call
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    PPK vote

    I voted for the PPK because I don't know much about the Bersa. I've had the PPK for about 12 years, buying it used for $350 at that time. It is the Interarms version of the PPK. I've never had a problem with it, and it conceals like a champ, being quite thin. I haven't used it that much because I prefer larger calibers, but I like the looks and feel of the PPK.

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    Can she pull the DA trigger of the PPK eight times in quick succession? Check and see. My PPK has a remarkably heavy DA trigger. Maybe 15lbs, could be more.

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    Definitely the Walther PPS.

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    I own both when shooting the Bersa is the better pistol. Back strap of PPK to thin and hurts hand . Bersa less money just as accurate better trigger, Easy to take down unlike PPK/S Just not as well finished in looks .
    I liked the Bersa and I started their own board back in 2004. and have a new and inproved board now
    come visit we can help with mags ,hats, shirts, holsters, warrenty if needed . I have drawing about every month for a mag or something

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    GoodOnYou for taking the time to let your girlfriend try out different pistols until she found the one that fit her best!

    I've spent a lot of time on this and other forums picking out a .380 for myself to go along with my Wife's Ruger LCP. Overwelmingly, everything I read about the Bersa's was positive. So.... I ordered myself a Bersa Thunder + and it's being delivered today. Can't wait to get my hands on it.


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