Walther PPK or Bersa Thunder

Walther PPK or Bersa Thunder

This is a discussion on Walther PPK or Bersa Thunder within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My girlfriend is finally in the market to buy her first pistol. We tested quite a few out at the LGS and so far the ...

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Thread: Walther PPK or Bersa Thunder

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    Walther PPK or Bersa Thunder

    My girlfriend is finally in the market to buy her first pistol. We tested quite a few out at the LGS and so far the Walther PPK is what fits her hand the best. It also has enough safety features that makes her feel more comfortable with handling a pistol.

    Being that the Bersa Thunder is basically a clone of the Walther PPK, which would you recommend? Price is not the biggest determining factor for this purchase. Quality and reliability are the greatest concerns. Any info from those with experience with these pistols would be appreciated.

    Please do not suggest other gun models or calibers, the Walther PPK is the style of pistol she wants to go with.
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    Check the stainless steel SIG P-232 with factory night sights and Hogue grips. It's everything the PPK/S should be and feeds modern hollow points with no problems whatsoever. The edges have been smoothed so it carries comfortably and the dimensions are almost identical to the Walther. I don't know anything about Bersa pistols, but PPK's are notoriously finicky about what ammo you put in them. I have a PPK/S also. The difference in quality between it (Smith & Wesson manufactured) and the Sig are obvious and dramatic. If you can find an older Interarms PPK, then you would probably have a pretty good little pistol.

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    I voted for the Bersa. I've shot one (it's my dad's) on several occasions with a wide variety of ammo and have had NO problems. I had a PPK. I sold it not long after I bought it. I didn't particularly care for it. The biggest problem I had was the thumb rest on the grip. It constantly dug into my side.

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    Like the Bersa also!!!!!!
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    I've never shot the PPK, however I do have experience with the Bersa Thunder. It's well built and has always fired when the trigger was pulled. Fit and finish may not be as good as the PPK, but what is important is reliability, and when it comes to that it's a winner.
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    I've had both. And never had an issue with either. I like the PPK cause it's a classic and is classy. I like the Bersa because it works just as well and has better sights. Both are extremely accurate.

    Comes down to if you want a classic with the price tag to match, or an Argentina mace copy that is just as good for half the money. If you go with the Walther, I would prefer an Interarms version over the S&W.
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    Had a Bersa Model 83 .380, two Bersa Thunder .380's, and now have a Bersa Thunder .380 Plus 15 +1. If you have to carry a .380 as a primary, the Bersa fits the bill just as well as the PPK for half the price. As Gman said, they are scary accurate little guns, and have never given me a bit of trouble.

    comparison of Thunder Plus with Thunder .380

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    I had a PPK. A little snappy. But, truly, why are you considering a .380 when there are now many many single stack 9mms that would be a better choice?
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    If those are my only options, PPK. It just "feels better" to me than the Bersa. It also has much more sex appeal. As Glockman stated, shy away from the S&W models. The Interarms were far better.

    If you are looking for a small carry gun, it cant hurt to check out other options (Kahr p380, pm9 etc...) I have a PPK and a PM9. The Kahr is smaller, lighter, and shoots better, with a larger caliber to boot. Not trying to beat a dead horse though! The PPK is super sexy, and I love mine, but its days of being a great carry gun ended when smaller more powerful handguns became popular.

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    My vote went to other. I've owned both the Bersa and PPK as well as several other models of this type. By a wide margin my preference is toward the Beretta 85 or 84 or the Sig P232 because of their overall quality, light weight factor, reliability and accuracy. The Sig in particular will feel similar to the PPK... maybe even better. I suggest she fondle one. There are several grip styles avialable for the P232, one should fit her hand very well.

    Good luck in your hunt.
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    Between the two which your girlfriend has narrowed the field down to, I would probably choose the Bersa. For the same reasons as stated above, price and reliability.

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    I voted Bersa....not only because I think it's just as reliable as the PPK, but also because you can almost get 2 Bersa 380s for the price of 1 PPK.
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    Bersa over PPK. I've had both and got rid of the PPK due to the bite between my thumb and finger; it was awful and putting on a new grip didn't help. As others have stated, a compact 9mm should be considered before you buy a .380.
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    Bersa---Price for performance. The Bersa is a better all around buy
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    If money was a factor, definitely the Bersa. I have two (regular two-tone and a Bersa CC), and like them.
    Accurate and reliable.

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