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researching and learning on "mini 9's"

This is a discussion on researching and learning on "mini 9's" within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm on board with the CM9 also. I love mine. Accurate, reliable and very easy to pocket carry....

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Thread: researching and learning on "mini 9's"

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    I'm on board with the CM9 also. I love mine. Accurate, reliable and very easy to pocket carry.

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    I pocket carry my PM9 almost daily, but have to admit the CM9 is a better deal. YOu'll get the same quality at a lesser price, and for a gun that you won't be shooting all the time it will be more than adequate.
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    Remember - the old saw "If you're gonna carry a gun carry a big one" applies to sub 9s also.

    Get the heaviest/longest barreled sub 9 you can conceal - this will minimize recoil and maximize power.
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    Never shot the CM9, but have fired quite a few rounds through it's bigger brother, the CW9. Bought it for the wife as her EDC gun. Impressed me enough that I bought a CW45 for myself.
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    Another vote for the Kahr CM9/PM9. IMO, it has the best trigger out of the guns listed.

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    i voted for the LC9 but to be fair to the khar CM9/PM9 and since nobody has mentioned this..... khar has the best DA trigger!

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    The best of their kind period...........

    There is no perfect carry gun, everything is a trade off to some degree, but these two do their job and do it as well as anything considered a pocket handgun. They are the gold standard in pocketable pistols.
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    Another vote for PM9. Best of the best.

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    PM9 without a doubt...

    Custom Kahr PM9 by Light Artisan Photography, on Flickr

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    Personally, I do not like small single stack 9mm, have owned KT PF9 and it was too much and not enough.

    Too much for pocket carry and any effective type of deep concealment, and not enough gun for primary in a gun fight for my liking.

    Now carry KT P3AT 380acp for back up and deep concealment when dress code or event dictates, and Glock 36 45acp as primary with the size and power I feel I need.

    This was a personal choice for me after carrying the single stack light weight 9mm and finding out for me it just did not work.

    BTW the KT PF9 functioned 100% with over 1K rounds through it,

    The problem was too much and not enough!!!!!
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    See if you can carry a Glock 26/27 in your pocket. I see you have a Glock 22, so a 27 would compliment it well. You could share magazines as well which is a nice perk of going all Glock.

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    Well , I could probably get away with a Glock , but I would rather carry small , the main reason is I own a property management company and I do all the work , maiantenanc e, fixing things etc, I really dont want to lug around a full compact , to be honest it just gets in the way, especially with IWB (which is the only other way Ill carry) , the shoulder holster looks cool on tv , but it kills your shoulder and never seems to be "in the right place to get to it"! No I want this pocket gun because I want to have something at the least gives me protection to get away , Im not gonna stay and fight unless my life depends on it (no way out the doors or windows) , I want something inside my pocket ,probably inside a pocket holster (looks like it would be easy to make one) .

    I agree , on the philosophy of practice , if your practice shooting a .44 mag with 50 rounds every week you be proficient enough it to handle it , if practice 50 rounds a day with it , you'll be deadly!

    I dont intend to put 1000 rounds through this pocket gun , but at the same time , I wont be dropping it in my pocket "waiting on the big day" because if that puppy has a jamming problem wether it be the gun or a certain kind of ammo I want to know now!!

    Price is big play when selecting , it proves over and over again the higher the price the better made product , however , when I can buy a Glock 21 for the price of a pocket gun , I will buy the G21 , thats my dilemma , I can see paying 600 for a pocket gun , there plenty of better guns out there (bigger yes) but for the price I can think of a Glcok or Springfield or Smith or CZ that I would like to have more so than a "mini"

    So I also agree the Kahr is the best , nut unless I can find it in $300 range it aint happening (I bought my Glock 22 2nd Gen for $299 from Express Police Supply used and its flawless (police tradein / trust me cops dont shoot much, I wont go into it now but after 20 years in the biz I know)!

    Which comes down to the the LCP9 and PF9 , possibly the DB9 (heard some major issues with it though) !

    All right , I didnt want to except a smaller cartridge , but I might have to go with a .380 , many reasons why not to , not enough power , rounds expensive ,etc! But in case I dont go 9 , can you list some .380s worth there salt!

    I look at these guns the lil 9s and .380s as saving my life ,so I can get the hell out of dodge guns!

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    I'll cast my vote for the Kahr PM9. I bought the all black with NS this past July and it goes everywhere with me.
    It has temporarily replaced my G27 as my EDC weapon.
    I'm not big on pocket carry but it will fill that bill very well if that's what you want.

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    I have a PM-9, and I'll agree, it's a great gun. I just don't consider it a "pocket" gun.
    The only real pocket gun on your list is the Rohrbagh R-9
    Also check out the new Boberg XR-9, Doesn't light up my eye, but others seem to love it.

    The problem with pocket carry is all the stuff you have to move from one pocket to the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phreddy View Post
    Also, Beretta Nano is coming out right now. They just started shipping them to dealers.

    I would also suggest to look at the Beretta. I am looking for a thin single stack 9mm and can't wait to check one out.

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