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This is a discussion on 1911 Questions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Colts and springfields are my choice in 1911's I have just started carrying a 4 1/4th barrel again for a long time I've packed a ...

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Thread: 1911 Questions

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    Colts and springfields are my choice in 1911's I have just started carrying a 4 1/4th barrel again for a long time I've packed a 5"

    i prefer IWB for carry

    for my taste stay away from Kimbers

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    An ambi safety is not necessary for me...I don't care who else needs one or wants one...it's fine with me if everybody has their own 1911 set up exactly the way they want it for themselves.

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    I carry a LW Commander. Series 80 even. The action has been tuned and the barrel throated. No ambi safety but I did add an extended slide release as it works better for me. One of the greatest things I like about the platform is there are so many ways to personalize and tune it to the operator. For some it's stock, for others all tricked out, for others something in between. The gun is a natural pointer for me and many others as well. Many gun fads seem to come and go but the 1911 platform seems to just keep going and going and going....
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    Which 1911? Any one that shoots well and I can get my grubby paws on it or my budget around it!

    I have shot Colts, Springfields, and my pre-CZ Dan Wesson. I've had something good to say about them all. I do like the longer triggers, but that's just some tailoring around the edges. If the trigger is about 4# to 5# and crispy...you know...like seriously fried chicken...I'm good to go.

    What to get? Anything that will run that fits the budget. Once I get over the 9mm fetish my wife got started, it'd be sweet to get and Commander and maybe and Officer's model, too. I guess these things are like rounds in the can...you just can't have too many!

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    I have a Springfield 1911A1 GI45, and I absolutely love it. It's a no frills, bare bones, basic 1911 with no fancy gadgets or gizmos. I think you just can't beat Springfield in terms of price, especially for a 1911. My 1911 is my primary carry piece. I carry it in a Blackhawk CQC holster.

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    I've got a Springfield Armory Mil-Spec ($430 NIB) that is about as basic as it gets. It has some of the nicities such as flared barrel, lowered ejection port, bevealed mag well, and 3-dot sights. But for a couple hundred extra you can get one with the novak sights, beavertail grip safety, adjustable trigger, etc...

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    Perhaps I have become a bit spoiled as it were, but I like having ambi safties. This way no matter what hand I have the weapon in, I can operate the controlls with equal dexterity.
    I've got some with ambi, some without. These days, I prefer one without -- makes the gun a bit slimmer and less likely to snag the ambi safety on something.

    Very shortly after I've drawn the gun, the safety is off anyways. So in the unlikely event that I had to change the gun to my weak hand, the safety would probably already be off. In extremis, if I had to do a weak-handed draw, I'd lower the safety with my left-hand index finger.

    For me personally, I prefer not to have an ambi-safety. But I understand and respect those who want one. Different strokes...

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    I believe that the 1911 is one of the most versatile platforms that anyone can customize to their personal shooting preferences. I carry, both on duty and off, a Kimber Stainless TLE II with a Wilson Multi-comp, Shok-buff, HP slide spring and firing pin spring, extended slide release, beveled mag. well. The gun comes with several features out of the box - match grade barrel, three dot night sights, lowered ejection port, etc. I am still going to put a ambidextrous safety because we are trained to shoot with either hand. In a gunfight you never know which hand will be taken out and the other is all you have left! Wilson offers a ambidextrous safety for 1911's that are designed for concealed carry.

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    I shoot and cary a full size Para 1911, the SSP model. No problems and over 500rnds through it.

    Id avoid AutoOrdinance/Kahr Arms like the plauge though. I had a realy bad experaince with one of thier 1911s.


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    I carry a Springfield Micro Compact with Novak sights. I love this gun. It is easy to carry, well balanced. Their service has been A+ for me.
    Walk steathly - and carry a big Springfield.

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    In 1911's for concealment I like the Colt CCO Gunsite. Its a commanders barrel with a officers model grip. Fits my hand perfect.

    For duty carry I used a Springfield Operator modified by fine folks at Nowlin Gun Company. But today if it was my choice I'd use a Kimber TLE but the S&W Commander with the new scathium sounds real easy to carry and from what I've heard dosent hurt to bad to shoot.

    Just my opinion, but hey, I'm stuck with a Sig :(

    "Respect all ... Fear none!!!

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    I just picked up my first 1911 today... just to make your decission harder!

    Kimber Pro CDP II

    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BookerT View Post
    1) Which 1911 do you favor and why?
    springfield armory -
    lifetime warranty
    medium/uppers weapons ("loaded" and above) are great values for the money.

    2) What is your favorite concealment option?
    alessi cqc/s for cooler weather, im still trying to decide upon an IWB rig for the warmer weather, but the andrews leather mcdaniel 2 is looking good.

    3) Problems or pitfalls with specific units?
    decent ones are far more expensive than they should be.

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    Check out the CZ-Dan Wessons for under $1000 you get Ed Brown parts,excellent fit and finish,stainless steel,night sights etc. I have a commander bobtail and it is one sweet pistola!

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    Springfield Armory-value and service-I favor the steel framed 4 inch gun, the Champion. 4 vs. 5 conceals a tiny bit better, steel framed guns are more pleasant to shoot for me. I hear more concerns with shorter barrels, but that doesn't mean they all suffer reliability problems. I use an OWB Comp-Tac slide because I can't get comfortable with untucked shirts and IWB. I'd really like to have a Commander length bobtail gun for carry now, though...a S&W...might even like the Scandium frame. Az Cowboy's gun looks like a good deal.

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