P-32 range report

P-32 range report

This is a discussion on P-32 range report within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Took my p-32 out for a visit to the range finnally. A mix of fmj and jhp. And it functioned fine with all loads. It ...

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Thread: P-32 range report

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    P-32 range report

    Took my p-32 out for a visit to the range finnally. A mix of fmj and jhp. And it functioned fine with all loads. It was a short visit due to the danged skeeters and no bug spray. All in all it went fine no malfunctions of any kind and 7 to 10 yards they all made a nice cluster on target. For its inteded purpose I think this little gun will do the trick. Ammo was variuos fmj and silver tips hydra shocks and fiocchi jhp the hydras and fiocchi seemed hotter than the silver tips. So I might use those for carry they seem to be easier to find in this area. Im happy with this purchase I know its a small caliber but for its use I think it will do well. Now to find a good pocket holster for it.

    Have a great day everybody and stay safe

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    I bought a P32 last month to replace one I traded away. Fun, accurate, and reliable as the first one. As far as holsters, the Fobus paddle is a good one, DeSamtis Nemesis pocket holster, and the Kel-Tec factory clip works well too. I use the clip and would like to get another P32 for balancing (or any other excuse to buy a gun)!! Sincerely John

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    Look at this thread for the ultimate P-32 holster. I know. It's mine.


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    I have had mine for about two months now. I have put about 200 rounds through it with the same results that you had. Zero problems.

    I have the Nemesis and also a Kydex pocket holster and I have had it in my pocket just about 24/7 ever since. I usually forget it is there until I drop my shorts and hear a clunk.

    Great little gun for the money.

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    I have a P32 that has worked flawlessly since the day I got it. Did a Fluff and Buff but had no problem I was trying to fix.

    It is my always carry gun and I trust it to go BANG every time. Enjoy her!

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