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Do you sell your guns to fund your next purchase?

This is a discussion on Do you sell your guns to fund your next purchase? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In todays day and age, I do not sell any of my personal guns. As I get older, I see little benefit to selling one. ...

View Poll Results: Would you sell a gun to fund the purchase of another?

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  • Yes, but only if the new purchase fills the role of the weapon being sold

    17 14.78%
  • Yes, any time my interests change

    30 26.09%
  • Yes, but only if the purpose of that gun is filled by others in my inventory

    23 20.00%
  • No, I never sell any guns

    36 31.30%
  • Depends, I like to decide after I own both guns

    9 7.83%
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Thread: Do you sell your guns to fund your next purchase?

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    In todays day and age, I do not sell any of my personal guns. As I get older, I see little benefit to selling one. If I want another, I simply buy it.
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    You almost never get a fair price when you trade. The dealer has all the advantages. So in reality when you think you are getting a great deal on that nice new handgun you have been eyeballing, in reality you are likely getting ripped on the trade. If you need to raise some funds for a new purchase and are set on selling one of your guns, just be a bit more patient and sell the gun in a private sale where you are more likely to get a fair price for your gun. But that’s the problem in our society.....everybody wants instant gratification. But all too often comes buyer remorse at a later date! That is why so many people buy guns on a whim and don't do adequate research and due diligence, then want to “trade” after a few months. You are just throwing money away IMO. You are better off in the long term buying a larger safe and keeping your guns and just buying what you want outright when you want a new firearm.

    PS: I have done it before but I now regret it....learn something from your past mistakes is what a wise man does.
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    Yes, I am tempted to sell a couple Glocks to get one Sig or HK or Beretta. Probably won't though.
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    Back in the 70s I sold four guns to fund other purchases. It didn't take long to realize every sale was a mistake. I sure wish I had my M28 back.
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    I've sold one (kept in the family) to someone who needed it and it was surplus for me so it was ok, and traded one while changing platforms to a platform/caliber that I'm now moving away from. I came out ahead monetarily by what I had payed for the trade-in many years earlier but found out later that it was actually worth much, much more because it had become a collectors item. I research things now. I still have 2 that I will trade or sell for others (unless I hit a windfall) that fit the same roll but are more to my liking. And I've researched them. Still need to pick up a large and small bug or two also.
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    I sold a gun thirty years ago, but I don't sell guns anymore. If I lose interest in a particular gun, I just put it away for awhile and play with the newest addition.

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    Only gotten rid of two Mossburg 500's that I got deasl on. One was a trade for a pistol, the other I gave to my dad so it's still in the family. I have a Remington 870 I hunt with so didn't need the Mossberg. (and this year I bought a 500 Turkey gun anyway) I have pistols and long guns I haven't shot in years but will never sell. I chose them carefully and bought at good prices so no reason. And the way my investments are going, the guns look to be more stable of a collection than my stocks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Got rid of my Kimbers to invest in Glocks.

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    I have sold a few to finance others, usually because I wasn't into the gun anymore , or was buying one that filled the same role. For example, I had an auto ordinance M1 carbine, loved it at first, but it wasn't reliable, and wanted to replace it with an AR or possibly a SIG 556. Well walked into my LGS and saw a SA M1A SOCOM in the rack (which I have desired for a long time) so I traded the carbine for the SOCOM.
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    I never sell guns or ammo. I don't do 'whim' purchases, so they each have a purpose.

    ...Or at least that's what I tell my wife
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    All the time...ive never paid (meaning cash) more than $400 for a gun but ive paid $400 cash and traded in another gun to get something I want... I dont get attached to guns per say....if I find something(normally after shooting it at the local range) I like test it out and like to have that for HD or CC and the gun I currently have can help fund gets sold and or traded....I traded the Glock 23 for the Ruger SR9c because I wanted a gun that had better ergonomics than the Glock which didnt fit my hand well(but I shot it great and it was reliable) so I got the Ruger SR9c which is just as reliable as the Glock ever was and feels great in my hand to boot!

    So YES, im always trading guns and or ammo and only have a couple heirloom but non expensive guns(a H&R sportsman .22 revolver I got from my Grandfather and a Marlin 141 M(b) rifle I got from my dad) ive gotten from my dad and grandfather that I will never sell or trade...everything else in my "collection" is fair game if I find something I like better/more.

    Ive gone through a LOT of guns in the past 25 yeras or so and never missed a single one that got sold/traded...cause what I was selling or trading it for I wanted more than the gun I currently its always a Win/Win.

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    I sold a Keltec P3AT and my Bersa 380 back when 380 ammo was non-existant.
    Used the funds to purchase FOOD. We were having a hard stretch back then.
    Regret selling both.
    I even regret selling my Hi Point C9. Although that one went to someone who really
    needed a weapon and I made good money on that one.
    All guns that I buy are for a particular reason, so there is a void when I have to sell


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    NOT selling ANY guns only makes sense if you are a Collector or own less than a Dozen .

    I have sold guns to Upgrade to a preferable mfg. or a worn gun to get a NIB.

    Anyway I have more than enough to arm a small posse.

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    I've sold two guns. One I regret, the other I don't. The one I do regret was a 1911 that I sold to offset the cost of buying a Glock 17. At the time, the G17 replaced the 1911 as my preferred "range gun", and money was tight so I figured I wouldn't be shooting the 1911 for regular target practice. Now I realize I should have held on to the 1911, even if I didn't shoot it that often.

    The other gun I sold was a Taurus PT145. That was sold so I could afford a Glock 30 which directly replaced it. Never had issues with the PT145 but I've found that I really liked the G17 and wanted to standardize on CC guns that did not have a thumb safety so it was a logical upgrade.
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    Not normally. There have been a few times when I've sold one to equal out the bank account. Last time was when I bought my DW C-Bob. Sold my Springer Loaded Champion to offset the cost. Couldn't see keeping the Springer since I wouldn't be carrying it any longer. Why keep a Cadillac in the garage, when you have a Corvette to drive?
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