Do you sell your guns to fund your next purchase?

Do you sell your guns to fund your next purchase?

This is a discussion on Do you sell your guns to fund your next purchase? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I typically do not sell any of my firearms to provide money for my next gun obsession, however recently I've been contemplating it because both ...

View Poll Results: Would you sell a gun to fund the purchase of another?

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  • Yes, but only if the new purchase fills the role of the weapon being sold

    17 14.78%
  • Yes, any time my interests change

    30 26.09%
  • Yes, but only if the purpose of that gun is filled by others in my inventory

    23 20.00%
  • No, I never sell any guns

    36 31.30%
  • Depends, I like to decide after I own both guns

    9 7.83%
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Thread: Do you sell your guns to fund your next purchase?

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    Do you sell your guns to fund your next purchase?

    I typically do not sell any of my firearms to provide money for my next gun obsession, however recently I've been contemplating it because both firearms will fill the same role. I did the poll mainly out of curiosity but I am wondering what you would do in my case.

    I have an XDm 9mm (full size) but I've since grown to love Glocks and really want a Glock 17. For a long time I was firmly against selling any of my firearms because I've heard so many stories of people saying "Man, I wish I hadn't sold that gun". Often times they let a really sweet piece go to fulfill and immediate want or fad and later regretted it. The first gun I ever sold was a DPMS 308, I initially planned on keeping it when I bought my AR-15 but after I got my AR-15 I realized that I liked it so much better that I would literally never choose the LR-308 over the AR-15 when heading to the range, or for a tactical situation for that matter (higher recoil, heavier weapon, lower mag capacity, and ammunition cost). For this reason I sold it to fund another weapon.
    I'm now thinking about doing the same thing with my XDm. What are your thoughts?
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    I've done it before, some I've regretted, but those have taught me what I really want. I don't do it anymore unless it's a gun that I dislike for some reason and simply never use. I've really only got 1 more "want" but all my weapons are "keepers" now, so if I really want that S&W wheelgun, I'll just have to find some other way to pay for it.
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    Yes.... I am getting ready to sell/trade a Diamondback .380 for a S&W 638.

    They both fill the roll of BUG so it is a wash.

    As I get older I foresee selling a few of my long time keepers not for another gun but to thin out the herd.

    There are a few like my Hi-Power , SP-101 and Glock-21 that will be with me until the end.

    Do you sell your guns to fund your next purchase?-photo.jpgDo you sell your guns to fund your next purchase?-photo.jpgDo you sell your guns to fund your next purchase?-photo.jpg

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    People do sell guns to finance new purchases. People do all sorts of weird things that are difficult to understand.

    If I have an extra gun, I find a spot for it. Depending on what happens, you might be real glad to have an extra. Might be useful for arming an companion.

    Thing is, for me anyway, I don't run out like some goombah buying every shiny object in a pawnshop window. If I need a gun, I start doing research. First I find a range of them in the category I need to fill, then I narrow that down, then I start shopping and saving up for the purchase and so forth. Then there's testing them, test shooting and range proofing. And then there's the range time you put in, getting familiar with it, learning to do the cleaning and maintenance, and getting holsters for various carry options, ammo carry options, etc.

    So maybe you got a full size 9mm and now found a new one you want. OK. Then find a good storage spot in the den for the old one and put the new one into rotation. You now have more defense options.
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    I don't sell my guns except in very rare occasions.
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    No. I've done that when I was younger and poorer and made a few very foolish moves which shall not be mentioned on this forum. At this time I don't have anything I would be willing to part with anyway.

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    I traded in to try to get a better gun for the same purpose. I had an XDM SC and traded it for a SIG P239 (reason: too heavy + moving away from .40 caliber). Then I traded my SIG P239 for a Glock 26 (Handle too long/height/hard to conceal). Now I am happy with my Glock 26 and I am not planning on ever trading. For home defense I traded my XDM 4.5 9mm for a Glock 29SF 10mm (reason: more fire power for HD), I am happy as a clam with both Glocks. In all cases I liked all my previous guns, but the new ones serve the same purpose better.
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    Yes, I do. But none of the poll questions really work with my thinking.

    Come to think of it, I don't really work with my thinking either
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    I would have voted for "only if I really don't like the gun I am selling/trading." I have only traded 1 handgun and it was because I really disliked it after shooting it. I bought it from a friend who needed the funds, but it did not really fit my hand. It was too big for a BUG and too small for an EDC because of the way it fit my hand. I traded it for a real BUG - LCP. Generally, I save up for what I want and keep what I have.
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    It's the "Black Hole of Calcutta" for firearms around here so the vote is "no."

    The few I've parted with in bygone times are still mourned as they were thoughtfully acquired and regretfully divested. I've not had to do that in recent years.
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    I buy guns to keep them. But for a Glock model that you don't already have...dump the XD. But I'm biased having picked up a G17 last week and absolutely loving it.
    Do you sell your guns to fund your next purchase?-004.jpg

    Yeah, I'm kind of an enabler.

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    I don't have that many guns and right now I'm more in "collection" mode. The ones that I have right now are for different purposes and different reasons so it would make no sense to sell one to either replace it (and loose my butt on trade-in) with one if its own kind or to replace it for a type that I already have, etc. I'm not going to trade my shotty off, for example, to get another shotty and I'm not trading my shotty off for a pistol, etc.

    Right now, it looks like my next purchase will either be an AR or a BUG; neither of which do I have now.

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    I got into guns about 5 yrs ago. I bought every gun that I could make an excuse to own! Now that I'm a lttile more expeirenced and have a much better idea of what I want in a firearm and the role that I need it for I've sold those spurr of the moment guns. I regretted selling my FNP-40 but none of the others.
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    I've sold a few when I needed the money and others when I just wasn't into them anymore. I only regret 2, my 5906 and my K31

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    I'm not quick to sell anything. I have had some changes in taste/platforms, and in that case I have sold one platform to invest in another.
    Got rid of my Kimbers to invest in Glocks.
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