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Springfield EMP vs Colt New Agent

This is a discussion on Springfield EMP vs Colt New Agent within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Illusive Man Today I called my local FFL guy to inquire about a Springfield Armory EMP in .40 cal. For the past ...

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Thread: Springfield EMP vs Colt New Agent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illusive Man View Post
    Today I called my local FFL guy to inquire about a Springfield Armory EMP in .40 cal. For the past 6 month or so it seems like everyime I get ready to purchase another gun something comes up. If finally looks like after Christmas I'll be ready. I had decided on a 1911 style micro-pistol and the EMP seemed to fit the bill. He gave me his price and then told me he had a Colt New Agent. I went and saw it and man, what a gun!!! It was everyting I was looking for. The only thing I could not wrap my mind around the fact that it has no sight. The channel down the center of the gun (don't know what it's called) that functioins as the sight is just not cutting it. I understand that not having a normal sight means that there is nothing to catch onto clothing withn drawing, but I'm not convinced. I'm no professional, and I have to ask you guys that know better, am I making too big a deal of this no sight thing??
    You could look into the Colt Defender, basically the same pistol with sights. Colt Defender Series
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattmann View Post
    I don't know if your making a big deal about it or not because only you can make that call. I wouldn't really care about sights on a tiny gun because its going to be a up close and personal gun but everyone is going to tell you different so it's your choice....I wouldn't buy a gun with an American name like Springfield that's made in Brazil or Croatia ....just my. 02
    Your point about the length of the gun reducing the need for traditional sights makes a lot of sense to me. Can someone verify this theory or am I way off base?
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    I waited a long time to buy an EMP and finally got one in 9mm, I also have a Colt New Agent and a Colt Defender. Here is what I have found and this is only my opinion. The EMP was a beautiful gun, I did have some early feeding issues requiring it to be sent back to SA, after that the gun functioned flawlessly. My problem with the EMP was that I could never shoot the gun well, whether it was ergonomics or the way it fit my hand, I dont know, I could never figure out why, I just couldnt shoot it accurately. When I bought the New Agent I was concerned about the trench sights, in less than 50 rds I was more accurate with the trench sights at 15yds than with most of my guns that had sights. I also shot it more accurately than the Defender. The only thing I notice with both the Agent and the Defender is the recoil, it does seem to have more recoil than some of my other small 45's. All the guns were well made and have been functioning perfectly, if I had to pick a favorite its the Colt New Agent.

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