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Which of these two do you prefer for CCW? Glock 19 or Glock 36?

This is a discussion on Which of these two do you prefer for CCW? Glock 19 or Glock 36? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If I had to choose JUST ONE of these for ANY and ALL occasions, it would be the G19. The G36 has its place and ...

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    32 35.56%
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Thread: Which of these two do you prefer for CCW? Glock 19 or Glock 36?

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    If I had to choose JUST ONE of these for ANY and ALL occasions, it would be the G19.

    The G36 has its place and function, but the G19 is easily the most versitile of the Glocks.

    Luckily, I own both, so I don't really have to choose!
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    I voted G19 because I've already got a G30 that shoots fine, and my S&W 6906 could use the company.
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    I have both and can't decide. The 19 has greater capacity and a good JHP round is likely to be effective. The 36 is accurate, fun to shoot, easy to carry and more 'powerful.' I prefer the 19 for the rane and IDPA. I feel more confident/comfortable with carrying the 36. Whichever I carry, I have an extrended magazine in my pocket.

    This would be a really tough decision if I couldn't alternate them for carry. Get both; carry both. If you check them out by comparing at genitron.com you'll see they are almost exactly the same size and weight. The G36 also fits all the custom holsters I have for my G19.
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    G19, capacity, sight radius, versatility, functionality, ammo availability, ease of shooting the caliber, grip comfort all beat the G36 in my book.

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    The G36 because it is a 45.
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    The .45 pistol always trumps in my mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glockrocker View Post
    G19,round count,controllability,fun on range day,ammo prices.
    That'll about do it for me! Lighter as well.
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    I say Glock 19 for most of the reasons stated.
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    Extremely hard decision. I have and carry both frequently (not at the same time). The 36 is more comfortable to have IWB. But the 19 is slightly more comforting w/ it's capacity. Yesterday I had my 36 w/ me...today I felt like toting my 19. Great to be able to have choices.

    But if it must be one....I would have to opt for the 19. It is probably Gaston's best design.
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    have and have carried both. EDC is the G36 with a spare mag in front weak side pocket.
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    Glock 19 without a second thought. It only weighs about 2 more ounces then the 36 and is only about a 10th of a inch thicker. On the flip side your gaining a twice the capacity and a round that is cheap to shoot and easy to control. That is a LOT of firepower in a pretty small package.
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    Glock 19 because its what I carry when I'm off-duty. 9mm is my choice for defensive round.

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    And there you have it! It's a lot simpler now ain't it? With all of us being so different, you would be just as well off flipping a coin, lol. Works for me.

    But it doesn't really matter, you will eventually have a whole famn damily of glocks.
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    G19 hands down.

    Had a G36 and just never warmed up to it. Love my G19, though.

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    19, hands down. I own 13 or 14 Glocks, of many different models. I've handled and shot 36s, and of all the various Glock iterations in "normal" calibers (excluding the .45 GAP) the 36 is the only one I'd never choose to own. Low round capacity, nasty recoil (for a .45 ACP) fat slide= no reason to exist. My opinion, and you know about opinions and orifices.

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