Kahr PM9 vs S&W 642

Kahr PM9 vs S&W 642

This is a discussion on Kahr PM9 vs S&W 642 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Quick size up... Kahr PM9 comes in smaller in height, length and width (at the belly) and weighs in at 1 pound 3.8 ounces loaded. ...

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Thread: Kahr PM9 vs S&W 642

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    Kahr PM9 vs S&W 642

    Quick size up...

    Kahr PM9 comes in smaller in height, length and width (at the belly) and weighs in at 1 pound 3.8 ounces loaded.
    S&W 642 is thinner in the barrel, more rounded and weighs in at 1 pound .8 ounces loaded.

    Keep in mind, the PM9 also holds 2 more rounds with the 6 round magazine, which comes to .9 ounces with the ammo I use.

    I was really surprised at how little the weight difference came out to be since everyone raves about the J-Frame being a great pocket gun, but almost everyone says the PM9 is too big and heavy.

    Maybe it's the smoother curves and narrow barrel of the 642 that makes it different, me personally - I can't tell much difference, however initial thoughts are that the 642 seems to be a bit more comfortable IWB and in my Smartcarry.

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    Definitely different strokes for different folks. I have the S&W 638 don't find it to be as comfortable as the PM9 IWB due to the cylinder.

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    I've never found the cylinder to be a problem with my S/W
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    The 642 comes out of a front pocket better. The PM9/PM40 works in a back pocket better. If you have both, which one do you call BUG?
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    I have a 637. Its great IWB. I couldnt pocket carry either. Nothing bigger than a LCP can go in my pocket. I think the cylinder on the 642 and the ammo capacity would give the nod to the PM9.
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