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TWO-Gun carry by non-LEO types

This is a discussion on TWO-Gun carry by non-LEO types within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by zonker1986 never leave the house without at least two. Ususally pocket carry a small 9mm Keltec PF-9 or Kahr CM9 as a ...

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Thread: TWO-Gun carry by non-LEO types

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    Quote Originally Posted by zonker1986 View Post
    never leave the house without at least two. Ususally pocket carry a small 9mm Keltec PF-9 or Kahr CM9 as a BUG to Glock of a variety of calibers. Not sure what being or not being LEO has to do with carrying a second gun. When I hit the streets in the morning, I am on my radio for backup, no cruisers ready to come to my aid, no army of SWAT ready to save my butt......just me, my Glock and little pocket 9mm and my own commons sense and self awarenesss.

    Hey, Lets be careful out there!!
    I have nothing against non-LEO's carrying a BUG. And you're right about not having a radio, back up etc.....But you also are not wearing a uniform which makes an LEO a target. BTW, nice throw back to "Hill Street Blues".

    To the OP. I carry a G23 on duty w/ a 27 or 3AT as a BUG. Off-duty it is usually just one of my Glocks.
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    Christ! I can barley keep my pants up with one.
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    I carry two guns every waking moment of every day - NO EXCEPTIONS! Primary is a 7 shot 2" barrel 357 Magnum. BUG is a 5 shot 2" 38 Special. ALL reloads are 38 Special for obvious reasons.
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    I do. Pocket holster most of the time for the bug available to your weak hand.

    Take professional training from someone who runs a hot range and you will understand where 1 is none and 2 is one comes from due to one of three things.
    1. You will run out of bullets in your primary.
    2. Your primary will go down.
    3. Your primary gun hand is down.
    1 and 3 have nothing to do with your primary gun not working.

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    Yes, at least 50% of the time I carry 2 guns. Mine are a XD40sc at 3 o'clock (primary or strong side access) and a S&W 442 in my left pocket or OWB at 7 o'clock (secondary or weak side access). My rationale is if someone takes your strong side out of play with an injury, hold, or pinned ont he ground or against a car, you can still secondarily access a weapon with your other hand. It is more of a secondary access weapon to me than a back-up.
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    Sometimes put the LCP in the pocket as backup on trips.

    Usually just 1 on me.

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    Off and on... but yes. Although, I dont' know why you are comparing it to LEO's ... does it really matter what they do ?

    Here's a good example of carrying back-up guns :

    Deadly weapons hidden on a student amazing video - YouTube
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    Non Leo thinking IMHO...if you cant get it done with one gun then 2 probably won't solve your problem...but i do live out in the country & not in a big city with a lot of scumbags wanting me dead so what do i know

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    Only time I usually carry a "backup" is when I am backpacking, or camping. Usually have a Marlin 1894 in either .44 or .357, and then a wheelie to back my lever carbine up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1 old 0311 View Post
    I don't hang at crack houses, biker bars, or strip clubs at 2:00 a.m. One is plenty.
    I don't do that as well but I still pack 2 guns.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    Off and on... but yes. Although, I dont' know why you are comparing it to LEO's ... does it really matter what they do ?

    Here's a good example of carrying back-up guns :

    Deadly weapons hidden on a student amazing video - YouTube
    Try walking while carrying all of those guns. The boys pants looked like they were going to fall down as is and he was just standing still!
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    I carry one, and I feel very comfortable with that. Just me and my CM9 with a 7 round mag, and another 7 rounder in reserve.
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    Midwest Area to be Precise.

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    Yeah I carry a two guns, but not in the traditional sense. I always carry one J frame "always" and I usually carry one of my autos, or even another J frame. One usually rides in the briefcase. I carry two in the event one goes down for whatever reason.. I frequent the gun range near my office during lunch, and I try to get there at least once, or twice a month. If one was to break from use, I still have one to get me home safe. Usually on the weekends and while around the home front, it's just one, and most always it's a J frame.
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    When I'm back on Leave. I wear IWB G30 with Ruger LCP as BUG. My wife carries her G30. When I'm not home She wear her G30 and my G30 in her purse.

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    Depending on the manner of dress, and comfort of the chosen holster, I rotate my daily carry between these three handguns:

    But, no matter which of those three full-sized handguns I carry, I always have this baby somewhere on my person:

    "Let me guess... This isn't about the alcohol or tobacco."

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