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Advice on having a grip reduction on my Glock???

This is a discussion on Advice on having a grip reduction on my Glock??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had a glock 21 done by Bowie. Outstanding workmanship. Got exactly what I wanted in a timely fashion....

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Thread: Advice on having a grip reduction on my Glock???

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    I had a glock 21 done by Bowie. Outstanding workmanship. Got exactly what I wanted in a timely fashion.

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    Another place to check out is Joe does some outstanding work. I am getting both mine and my wife's M&P over to him for some work. Glocks never worked for me but I have been really thinking on picking up a used G19 and dropping it off to him for a grip reduction and stipple job. I think with a drastic grip reduction, I could very well come to love a Glock.

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    Thanks for the tip on these guys Waterborne.
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    im in the same boat, im gonna go with hatfields from manassas, VA they do some good work and im looking forward to loving my main carry gun more than i do now
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    Bowie's stuff is absolutely first rate and he personally uses it in a SWAT environment.
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    I can vouch for Index excellent work quick turn around and very friendly and good communication and reasonable price. I can also recommend Boresight Solutions, LLC excellent work but turn around was longer and a little pricey but worth every penny. I'll try to get pics of there work later.
    Glock 23 done by cold bore

    Glock 29 done by boresight
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    I have three Bowie G19 grip reduction jobs, and he has a G30 of mine in for same as we speak.

    This work by Bowie is top-shelf, and makes an entirely new pistol out of your garden-variety Glock.

    I have handled grip reductions done by others; some good, some execrable. I was particularly underwhelmed with the job Robar did on a pal's G30.

    It is NOT as simple as it looks, as a friend of mine found out. It takes a lot of patience and care to be done right. Bowie does hundreds of these a year, and has been doing it longer than anyone I know of.

    TN_Mike, PM me your e-mail addy and I'll send you a few pix of mine. I am not computer-literate, and gave up long ago trying to wrestle with forum pic-posting software.


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    The fact is stippling will eventually be a thing of the past. My prediction is that very soon manufacturers will have multiple frame textures to choose from. As far as grip reductions for Glock's, I don't see that going anywhere anytime soon. They just are not comfortable firearms for some people.
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    My G30 was a bit of a stretch for my trigger finger, and I couldn't tell any difference with the G30 SF. So at great risk, I inserted an empty mag and ran a heat gun up and down the backstrap until it just began to soften. Then I gripped it as hard as I could with a gloved hand. Two tries and the grip fits me much better. It doesn't look "altered" as most grip reductions do since it didn't affect the grip finish. Old School tried it out and liked the feel, so that has to say something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TN_Mike View Post
    So I have decided, since I rarely carry my G23 anymore since buying the CW9, that I may as well do what I have wanted to do for a very long time now and have a grip reduction done on the old Glock. I've looked at a few sites that do this, the most notable being Bowie Tactical Bowie Tactical Concepts Pictures Page, and I was wondering if anyone out there has had this done and by whom?

    Any recommendations or advice?

    I just want to be able to grip my 23 without it feeling like I am holding a 2X4. I'd like the trigger reach reduced so it is more comfortable and the grip contoured.
    Send it out to cope. he does great work.

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    I had mine done by Lane at Cold Bore Customs. He did a fantastic job on my G26 and was super fast. He did the Grip reduction, Carry texture, Trigger guard undercut for me and it's like a whole new pistol.

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    So I have a question. I have very large hands, as in my hands swallow a Glock 19. I shoot my 19 pretty well but have been considering getting a grip reduction not because my finger reaches for the trigger but mainly because I don't so much care for the grip even though I love glocks. Do you think that a grip reduction would be the wrong route for me to go? The problem is I have only handled one Glock (done by Bowie) in a gun store for a couple minutes. I liked the way it felt but wasn't able to shoot it. I wish there was somewhere I could shoot one to see if I like it. It'er pretty permanent...

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