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Close to buying a 45 for carry, would like input

This is a discussion on Close to buying a 45 for carry, would like input within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by ArmyCWO I am looking at buying an ATI FX45 Titan. This is an all steel gun with a 3.18 in barrel and ...

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Thread: Close to buying a 45 for carry, would like input

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArmyCWO View Post
    I am looking at buying an ATI FX45 Titan. This is an all steel gun with a 3.18 in barrel and 7 round mags. I have had different opinions regarding the recoil of short barrels on 45 autos. I know that recoil does not matter in a situation where the weapon is needed, but do these short barrels punish you at the range.

    I carry a Springfield XD. I have had no problems with it, but I would say you can't go wrong with a 1911. One of the best.

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    I had a bit of a Phillipino 1911 lesson the other day at my local GS. Guy working behind the counter told me that all the 1911's coming out of the Phillipines are made in the same factory and marketed through various companies due to export limitations per company.

    Rock Island Armory
    Shooters Arms (ATI)
    Metro Arms (American Classic)

    he claims all are made on old Colt equipment in the same factory, and each company is just a shell company that markets different types and grades of 1911's but they are all pretty much the same gun. Anyone here have knowledge to corroborate the information supplied by Mr. Know-it-all Gun Counter Dude?
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    I remember reading somewhere that Colt, when the decision was made to build a shortened 1911, in 1949 or whenever, settled on the 4.25" barrel/slide length as the shortest combination that was reliable.

    Some have said that the dual recoil spring/cone barrel of the Officer's Model fixed that, but it sure seems like the great majority of what you read on the forums is about problems with these chopped 1911s.

    I dunno, personally... but it seems to me that, with the several compact .45s of other types available that DO work reliably, picking a 1911 style pistol would be a mistake.

    I carried professionally for almost 30 years. At the end, I toted an HK USP Compact .45 and then the newer HK45 Compact. Still carrying the latter, every day. It is basically the same size as a Glock 19, which IMO is the gold standard to compare against (in terms of comfort/concealability).

    I'm having a G30 customized by David Bowie, but that is to try out the red dot sight thing.

    Another consideration is this... you'll need to carefully choose your carry ammunition. The cartridge is optimized for a five inch barrel, and as you reduce that length you're reducing velocity as well. I've settled on the Federal 230gr HST +P, with Winchester Ranger 230gr SXT and CCI 230gr Gold Dot a close second/third.

    Anyway... I'd reconsider your choice, especially considering the manufacturer. Are those guns made as well as Colts, We're not talking about an AK here, which can be made in a cave... :-)

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    I've owned chopped 1911's before and didn't every really appreciate them. I carry a Government Model about half the time alternating between that and a Sig P229. An Officer's Mod doesn't really conceal any better than a Commander, and I actually prefer a 4 1/4" or 5" as the barrel length pressing into my hip holds the gun's grip in close to my body where the 3" guns don't, and lean away from my side hindering concealment.

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    I have a RIA 1911 compact 3.5" bbl,
    Colt Combat Commander XSE 4.25" bbl
    ,SA 1911-A1 SS 5" bbl,
    S&W M&P45c 4" bbl, They are all good shooters,I carried the RIA as my EDC for about a year,it is accurate ,reliable,and handles recoil well,I carry the Colt daily with 8 round Wilson Mags,but when I want to carry less weight the M&P45 still has 8 rounds in a smaller package,and I almost always carry 2 spare mags.I would recommend that you rent some guns you are considering on buying,
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    I would look at the Glock 30 for carry. Personally if I am looking at a smaller gun for carry, I would stay away from the .45 ACP as it will lose velocity. I would honestly recommend a 9mm or a .40 S&W for a compact or subcompact carry gun. My choice would be a Glock 26 or 27.

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    I have never interviewed four people who were shot "point blank" in the forehead with the .45 ACP and suffered no ill effects and were still able to continue their respective attacks so (admittedly) I lack your obvious rather extensive ballistics & gunshot wound expertise.

    But, I have personally interviewed two people who were each shot 14 times in the forehead with a 9mm (also point blank) and (amazingly) they suffered absolutely no ill effects either and incredibly BOTH were still able to function perfectly and carry on a normal, casual, and relaxed conversation during the interview.

    On the flip side of the coin I missed the chance to interview one unlucky guy that died instantly of Lead Poisoning after being accidentally shot once in the foot with a .177 caliber pellet gun.

    So...others may not believe you but, I certainly do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peyton View Post
    The .45 ACP legendary stopping power is just that a "legend". In my work I have interviewed 4 people so far shot point blank in the forehead with a .45 acp out of a 1911 with no real ill effecets. It did not stop their attacks either. I know people willl not belive this but that does not change the facts.

    I have my old 1911 and I sure would not feel 'underarmed' with it either, further in all 4 cases were because the FMJ bullet spun around the skull and did not enetr the brain case (here is one of the video interviews watch it its cop telling what he saw after then .45 acp hit the guy between the eyes.

    But any handgun is bit lite to stop an animal as big as a man. But my point is a 9 mm in a JHP will work as well and is lot smaller and more controalble than these .45ACP pocket guns. That said you would not be underarmed with a .45acp either. But its no better than 9mm in most cases.

    My research also discovered the other end of the spectrum too, that is a single .25 auto shot dropping a guy dead instantly.So the big gun, hard to hide and uncomfortbale to carry may not be the best choice. Nobody is going argue against the axiom: 'its the gun you have with you and in your ahnd when you need it that counts". But if the short bbl .45 is something that feels good for your body type etc, then OK, Perosnal feel and conmfort count for lot as to what oyu will carry, and if you do not carrry it then it can't help.

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    The ATI guns are pretty decent. If you want a 3", I'd try a Colt Defender, or if you're not stuck on .45 ACP, a Springfield Armory EMP.

    .45 ACP loses a good chunk of speed going out of such a short-barreled gun, but it's still a .45 ACP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    But, I have personally interviewed two people who were each shot 14 times in the forehead with a 9mm (also point blank) and (amazingly) they suffered absolutely no ill effects either and incredibly BOTH were still able to function perfectly and carry on a normal, casual, and relaxed conversation during the interview.
    Were they in management?
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    Mine has been extremely reliable. It had some FTF's during break-in, but eventually settled in. My only complaint is the guide rod is complete junk. It has a large screw that holds the back plate on that has a propensity to back out (go figure). Even with locktite, it's just an extremely dumb application for a screw. I've heard Kimber guide rods will drop right in, and I'll probably experiment with that at some point.

    Other than that, it has a great trigger, and the action is smooooooth.

    Close to buying a 45 for carry, would like input-titan1.jpg
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    If I were to carry .45 again it would be either a plain jane full sized 1911 or a G30. I feel those are the two best choices out there.

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    Over the years I've had to put down way more than 4 cows and horses. The lightest of those would have been a 300 pound heifer. Every time it was "point blank to the forehead" with a .45 ACP launched from 3" to 5" 1911's. Not one of those critters ever required a second shot and I can guarantee that their heads are a lot harder and the brain is a lot smaller than a humans.

    As for 3" pistols reliability, only had one FTF with a Springfield Micro Compact and that was on a day with freezing rain and the lube was too thick as a result. this was right out of the range bag rather than from its usual IWB holster. Once it warmed up I had no further issues. As always YMMV

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    I own a Rock Island CS (3.5 in barrel) and a Smith FS (5 in) 1911 and the recoil is about the same from the seat of my pants measurement. You do have to hold the shorter barreled 1911's firmer than there respective counterparts. Both have mine have been 100% reliable. I really dont understand the 9 mm guys throwing rocks at the 45 guys though. The 9mm is a fine round and I am sure everyone has their own reasons for carrying what they do but to somehow bash a 45 versus a 9 just ruins your credibility. If that is what you prefer, great but your opinions that the 9 or the 45 is better or worse are just that. As an operator, you have to do your part no matter which round or weapons platform your choose

    To the OP, carry whatever you like and are trained with. 45 or 9 are both effective. It isnt the rounds that have limitations, it is the operator. Glocks are great weapons but they are not THE weapon for everyone. I wouldnt shy away from glocks or 1911s BUT no matter what you carry, you have to know your weapon system of choice. It has to be on an automatic level because when the SHTF, you will revert to your muscle memory and training. I prefer the 1911 platform because to me glocks dont fit my hand, I prefer the 1911 trigger, and TO ME glocks are ugly and life is to short to walk around with an ugly weapon (My opinion folks).

    All this is my opinion and just to let you know, I (50%) carry the (GASP) Ruger SP101 WITH ONLY 5 ROUNDS OF .357!!! According to most, that alone is going to cause my demise when I am attacked and unprepared for the zombie horde or flash mob.
    The 1911 is an antiquated weapons system but then again, so am I.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knot2shabby View Post
    I am heading for a 45 also, am thinking Kimber Ultra. Any input good or bad will be appreciated.
    To answer your question specifically, I bought a Kimber Ultra Raptor II a few months ago. So far, I've put over four hundred rounds through it. The only problem I have had is two failures to feed that were caused by one magazine. I fixed that particular magazine and have had no further problems with the gun. When I go to the range, I normally shoot a hundred rounds at a time and I've not had any problem with the recoil or the accuracy. That's just my experience. You'll get other opinions, but I love the gun. I carry it every day.

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    My philipino 1911 was very problematic. I had an American Classic "Commander". And despite the LGS owner saying it was rock solid, I had a LOT of FTE's. Even after being worked on, it still had issues and didn't like to feed hollow points.

    The ATI is also not a 100% reliable gun from the people I know who have them. I almost bought one for carry, but went with an M&P instead. For a range gun they are just fine, but I wouldn't bet my life on one, no way.

    If you want a good 1911 then spend the money for a Springfield, Kimber, or custom job. Then get yourself a sturdy belt.

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