Why the Beretta "hate"?

This is a discussion on Why the Beretta "hate"? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I served with the Marine Corps, carried the M9, came home and bought and carried the 92 fs, and recently "upgraded" to the PX 4 ...

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Thread: Why the Beretta "hate"?

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    Why the Beretta "hate"?

    I served with the Marine Corps, carried the M9, came home and bought and carried the 92 fs, and recently "upgraded" to the PX 4 Storm .45. I have yet to be disappointed with Beretta products, yet all I see on the internet is either bashing of Beretta weapons or outright overlooking of them. My question is--why? The price? Performance? Italian influence? I would appreciate any and all feedback regarding this. Why is Beretta generallly overlooked?
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    It depends on the arena you are talking about. In the midrange to high end sporting gun market, Beretta dominates.

    Pistols...they are a little lacking. The 92 is a awesome platform, but it is dated. But, your only choice is 9mm-the 96's just plain suck.
    The Storm is based on a all but failed platform, the Cougar... its like the old lipstick on a pig thing. They really do not make a pistol that can compete with the big names and I do not think that is were Beretta's focus as a company is.
    I think they should have drop their Buck Rogers styling they started with the 9000s (fail) and built on the 92 series. They did a nice job with the Elite's and Vertec guns, but they failed with making a true compact version, they failed with making a 40 and 45 option, the "brigadier" was almost stupid. Then they come out with the Storm carbine (cool, but again, cut out a lot of sales because of the Buck Rogers theme), and at the same time, all but cut the promotion of the 92 series that would be the companion to the carbine... and give the same Storm name to a pistol that is not. That is just stupid IMO.

    Some companies (Sig, Beretta, Ruger) just do not belong in the polymer market. They need to learn their niche and build what they build best.
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    I've wondered the same thing about the PX4s, mine are awesome overall. I wouldn't say I've experienced much "hate" for them, so much as them being overlooked for the "usual suspects" like Glocks, M&Ps and XDs (all great guns in their own right).
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    My personal take is only on the m9, I just dont like slide mounted safety, or the exposed barrel. Other than that all of them are great, pricey though.
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    One of my favorite guns way back when was the Beretta 70s in .22 LR with Beretta Flat Grips (minus the dumb thumb rest) that I had to special order.

    Dang! I loved the heck out of that little uber-reliable rim-fire pistol.

    It never missed a beat and it was accurate as all get out.

    WHY? on Earth did I ever part with that one?

    I love the little Beretta handguns.

    OH...and the TIP UP barrel Berettas are great for folks with really limited hand strength.
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    In my humble opinion, it's the outrageous price of a Beretta that generates most of its scorn. Like Italian sports cars, it's a fine piece of machinery - but so is a Toyota. You can easily get equal or better to a Beretta in both construction and reliability (e.g. Glock, Sig, Ruger - even higher priced Colt, SA or S&W) for far less money if you're more interested in getting the best "bang-per-buck" instead of a "Ferrari-style" name (and premium price).
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    ^^^ Eaglebeak +14 and ah +++

    do I perceive the presents of a furry footed burrower

    Also their new Nano sure lost interest quickly
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    I was in Desert Shield/Storm when Uncle Sam Decided that I needed a M9 instead of a 1911. I hated the M9. Now these are MY opinions so no hate mail please
    1. its UGLY
    2. Trigger sucks
    3. Its a 9mm, ( I just dont like 9mm )
    My Son carries a PX-4 Storm in 40S&W and Its ugly, its trigger sucks,
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    You've got me ..... I have 3 Beretta's and if I could only keep 1 brand, it would be those guns. Never had an issue with any of them, one looks new after 15-17 yrs of having it, and they all shoot great. They hold up extremely well, shoot great, etc.

    Maybe they don't put enough plastic in them for some people.
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    My only experience has been with the M9 and their double-stack .380 (Model 84?) I thought both guns were enormous given the caliber they were chambered in. Plus, I have short fingers, and the M9 trigger is a bit long for me in DA mode. The added girth of the M9 over the BHP is not worth 2 extra rounds to me. I shoot it fine, but it's not comfortable. Bottom line--no hate; it's just not for me.
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    I really like Beretta ... My 92FS and PX4's are flawless... Now I'm looking on buying a Beretta Nano. so no hate from my side :-)

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    I like my 2 Berettas the 21A Bobcat 22LR and the PX4 45. Both are fun to shoot but not the best choice for carry. They are also more expensive than the competition. M&Ps, Glocks and XDs are cheaper and have better safeties. Their Nano may be just the ticket but I can't find one yet and like my PPS which is only slightly bigger and is a 40 caliber.
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    Like every other gun make or model, there are going to be some who either love them or hate them.
    I am sold on Glocks now, but used to have a Beretta 92G/SD, and I still have the 9000s (9mm)...both were great guns for me.
    The 9000s is in the back of the safe, but it never gave me problems.
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    Go figure. I love all the beretta's. I just can't afford them.

    HELLO Retsupt99 ! :)
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    They have a European style safety...which goes from down to up...and is completley bass ackwards compared to US safetys which go from up to down.

    Without a doubt, the up to down is more natural, faster, more ergonomic and requires less thought that one that works the other way.

    Plus...its big and it aint cool looking.

    Its like a good looking woman....with a faint mustache. Something about it just turns you off.
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