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What's the deal with Taurus handguns?

This is a discussion on What's the deal with Taurus handguns? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Majorlk I have two: a PT99 purchased in 1985 with about 8,000 rounds through it without the first bobble, and a PT140 ...

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Thread: What's the deal with Taurus handguns?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majorlk View Post
    I have two: a PT99 purchased in 1985 with about 8,000 rounds through it without the first bobble, and a PT140 purchased two years ago with about 1,200 rounds through it. The only problem was the mag release broke at 300 rounds and it went to Florida and back is less than a week, and has been flawless since. Both pistols handle anything I have fed them.
    I have a PT99 that I bought in 1986. It has been completely flawless. I couldn't guess how many rounds have gone through it - several thousand for sure and it has never jammed, stove-piped, failed to feed, whatever. It has been a superb pistol. Another plus for this gun is the 1911 contol.

    The older I get, the more I appreciate the 9mm recoil and my Taurus 99 may never get retired.

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    Most of um don't work as a gun, but, they make an impressive paper weight for your office desk

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    I owned a Taurus 24/7 Pro Duo-Tone 45 ACP that I sold about 2 months ago. It was flawless although it had only about 300 rds. thru it. I sold it because I really wanted a handgun with a better reputation for reliability & quality. I applied the money to a Springfileld XDm 45 4.5 and have been thoroughly satisfied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogertc1 View Post
    I have never had a Taurus but I have read on the internet that they are all bad. Also have a friend of my uncles aunts sister who has shot a Taurus that didn't work right. Not sure what was wrong with it but I will never buy one. Besides everything on the internet is true. I have a big airsoft collection and I know guns.
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    TOO FUNNY!!!

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    Taurus Quality

    I carry a Taurus 85 stainless steel, bobbed hammer. It is the only Taurus I have owned. I also have a S&W 36 that was made in 1982. The Taurus came with a good trigger pull, good (functional) rubber grips, and the hammer came from the factory bobbed. It was ready to go as a pocket carry with zero modifications needed.

    The S&W 36 was purchased used, but had no evidence it had ever been anywhere except in a sock drawer as was stated when I bought it. The 36 had an excessively heavy trigger pull, narrow grooved trigger, and the trigger was rubbing on the frame.

    I made extensive modifications to the S&W 36. I bobbed the hammer (pocket gun remember), changed the trigger to a much wider and ground and polished the striations off it. I replace the rebound and hammer springs with the Wolff trigger pull lightening kit. I polished the burrs off the hammer boss, polished the inside and outside of the rebound spring, clipped two coils off the locking bolt spring and removed a little metal on the back of the thumb piece. I smoothed up the mating surfaces inside the action. I ended up with a much better trigger than that which came on the 36, but no where near the excellent trigger pull that come on the Taurus 85.

    I have zero experience with Taurus autos and do not ever expect to get any. But when I comes to my Taurus 85 compared to my S&W 36, the Taurus is the better gun.

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    I think you should research Taurus before slamming taurus, I own a variety of handguns, and to be quite honest, just bought a Taurus Slim in 40 cal. That I am going to run through the mill and see how it performs. I am planning on this to be my warm weather carry gun. Taurus has won a lot of awards, and those are not given away. No, it is not a glock, or a Kimber or a Colt, but I also owm two out that three, along with some others. But it did not carry the price tag of the others. I think you need to save the bashing, speak posotive about what you own, and if you want to bash another man for having to settle for what he can afford, after he has made what he feels is the best choice , then consider yourself blessed for being in a Country where you have that freedom, does not mean it is right. Just my opinion.. I will give a report on the new slim after 2,000 rounds have been through it, just do not shoot as much this time of the year.
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    I asked my stock broker the other day, what I should be investing in ....his reply, canned goods n ammo !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zamboni View Post
    Most of um don't work as a gun, but, they make an impressive paper weight for your office desk
    Spoken like the knowledgeable gun owner I know you are.

    Where is that sarcasm key?

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    I have never fired a Taurus gun, and know people that own them. The reviews are mixed. Some are good, some are bad, but not a lot of emotion on either side.

    Most important to me is that I have not handled one that I like. I've handled many of them when the spring gun show comes to town. Their revolvers feel cheap to me. They don't fit my hand all that well. They just don't seem to feel right when I hold them. Which is in stark contrast to when I hold a S&W revolver, that is similar to those Taurus ones, that just seems to fit my hand better.

    Ruger revolvers have some nice heft to them too. The S&W N-frames and the Ruger GP100s are guns that seem to be made for me. The bigger Ruger revolvers like the Super Blackhawks and Redhawks also feel good when I hold them.

    Let's face it, I've seen threads and reports that bash both of those companies as well. Not nearly as many people have stated to stay away from them though compared to some companies like Taurus though.

    All I can say is that my limited experience with Ruger and S&W has been good so far. I've owned Ruger firearms for years now with no issues, and my new S&W 327 TRR8 just gets more enjoyable to use. I don't even feel a kick any more when I shoot the 327. It's accurate, and the trigger pull is smooth.

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    My reply isn't going to change the theme of the thread. I have a Taurus PT111 with well over 2,000 rounds through it. It was my primary EDC for a couple of years when I needed a gun and could only afford around $300. But when I went to get a second handgun -- and move up in caliber -- it was time to go to the next level of quality and reliability, so I went with the Glock 30. (I still have the Taurus!)
    The best analogy I can give is the diference between a 10-year-old car and a one-year-old car of similar make and model. Both of them seem to run OK, but if you had to drive across the country with a greater certainty it wouldn't break, which one would you take? If money is an issue and Taurus is the best you can afford at the time, go for it. If you can wait, consider the next level of Glocks, Kimbers, H&Ks, S&W, etc.

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    I agree they may have too many models but a lot of manufacturers do that as well.

    My first was a PT99 in 1987. It's still handles and shoots today as well as it did in 1987. My next Taurus was a PT111 Millenium in 9mm (1st generation in 1998). After 10 years and umpteen rounds the extractor came loose. Taurus fixed it (about 4 weeks) and it shoots flawlessly. I also carry a M85CHSS (.38SPL) and a M605 (.357 but I only use .38SPL in it) with no problems.

    In .22 I have the M94 (2") and it gives me no problems. The trigger is a bit heavy but not prohibitive. I'm used to it. No worse than my H&R. My PT-22 shoots without a problem and shoots anything I put through it.

    And I just got a 1911 in 9mm. It's sweet.
    USN Retired

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    I have a PT745 that has over 1000 rounds through it. No problems whatsoever. It is as accurate as I am and eats what I feed it.
    My son bought a 24/7 45 cal and he loves it. When we go to the range, we change targets often because the 10 circle dissappears
    rather easily. I really don't care what he says and what she says about Taurus, mine is on my hip everyday without fail and I have no reservations about it. Does carrying a Taurus make me less of a person? Does carrying a Taurus make me a target? Does carrying a Taurus worry me about protecting
    myself and my family? The answer to all of these is NO!!!!!!!!
    Does everybody like Taurus? No. Does everybody like Glock? No. Everyone is different, all guns are different. Personally, I don't like the way Glock fits in my hand.
    Does that mean that I should buy one because "everybody has a Glock," Glock is the best". No. I went with what felt good in my hand and what shoots well (for me).

    Just my 0.02

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    Quote Originally Posted by wormy View Post
    I believe they sell alot of guns to uninformed buyers who dont shoot regularly. I have friends who have bought a Taurus for a defense gun and think they are good to go because they now have a gun and put very few rounds through it. Taurus innovative ideas such as the Judge just add to the sales by those who dont research before they buy.

    As to your last question, why take a chance when buying a gun to trust your life to. I spend a little extra for better quality, reliability and service. My money goes to Glock.
    Ditto, except my money goes to Sig and Beretta.
    "You cannot invade the mainland United States.
    There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass"
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    My house gun is a Taurus M65 357 mag 4" barrel, bought it used, I've had no problems with it, about 700 rounds of 38's, 200 rounds of 357, I trust the gun and it stays on my night stand. Also had a used 605 snubby, again no problems other then it hurt my arthritic hands, used it for my carry gun for a while and then traded it in for my Glock 19 Gen 3 which is what I carry now. A friend of mine has two simi auto Taurus PT99 and a 92 I believe, their great. I think the problems that Taurus might be having now is trying to keep up with all the other firearm makers and just like the others, cutting corners to keep the price down. There all doing it.

    If you go over to the Glock Talk Forum you will find that the majority of the complaints are about the Glock Gen4's, Glock tried to fix something that wasn't broke, if you know what I saying.
    US Navy Veteren
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    In my much earlier years, I've had two Taurus firearms...both had problems. I was uninformed about any firearms and the dealers pushed them.
    I traded them both off.
    Friends don't let friends buy a Taurus.
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    I would say reviews are 70% negative but mostly for pistols. I would not be afraid to buy a revolver if I like the trigger, etc. I like this one (if they had one without an exposed hammer):

    Taurus International Manufacturing Inc

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