My personal pistol rankings (reply to another thread post)

My personal pistol rankings (reply to another thread post)

This is a discussion on My personal pistol rankings (reply to another thread post) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In the thread "the one gun you wouldn't buy" TruPatriot asked me to rank my 'arsenal' and why. So rather semi-hijack the thread with this ...

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Thread: My personal pistol rankings (reply to another thread post)

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    My personal pistol rankings (reply to another thread post)

    In the thread "the one gun you wouldn't buy" TruPatriot asked me to rank my 'arsenal' and why. So rather semi-hijack the thread with this long tirade I figured I'd start a new thread with my personal reflections and answer his question. Everyone please feel free to add yours.

    Quote Originally Posted by TruPatriot View Post
    64zebra, I see that you have an awesome array of combat handguns: Glock, Sig, H&K, SA XD, etc...

    Question: Being the fortunate owner of such an arsenal, How would you rank them and why?

    TruPatriot, I don't own a Sig but I have shot them and at one time almost bought one (will add one to the collection sometime)
    I rank/judge pistols on several things: cost of weapon, cost of ongoing ownership (ammo, mags, etc), ease of use, and dependability. I do not consider looks for any reason in a combat or carry gun. If its going in a display case then thats another story. I frankly don't care what a gun looks like. A scumbag isn't going to look at the Texas stop sign (for those out of state, thats the muzzle end of my barrel) and say "oh he's got a pretty gun, I'll leave him alone", nor would they say "he's got an ugly gun, I'm going to test his shooting ability".
    I'm biased....I like my H&K the best. It was my first pistol purchase in 1998. I fell in love with the USP when the 9mm came out, and got the .45 when I had saved the money. I shoot it well and I've grown accustomed to it. As for ranking what I have, or have shot/previously owned, based on my above criteria:
    1. Glock: relatively inexpensive for a good quality pistol, CHEAP mags ($16 hi-caps at cdnn), loads of accessories/holsters available, loads of spare parts available, etc EVERYWHERE, easy to teach new/inexperienced shooters to use
    2. H&K: Its an awesome piece of machinery, I shoot it well, after 8 years it feels like an extension of my arm (after getting used to my new glock a few months ago I took the HK and glocks to the range, its like riding a bike, never skipped a beat). They are very accurate, dependable, and can be had in many variants to suit different shooter's styles/wants (controls like 1911, DAO, safety only, decocker only, both, etc), I like not having to worry about corrosion
    3 Sig: I only shot the 226 9mm. Very nice shooting pistol. I didn't like the controls on it as much as my HK but that wouldn't prevent me from getting one.
    4. SA XD I've only shot the 9mm sc and it shoots great, very accurate, relatively inexpensive, mags pretty cheap, like glock its easy to teach a new/inexperienced shooter (like my wife was when I got it for her)
    5. 1911 I shot my dad's single stack, GI military clone, it shoots ok, I didn't like the sights and the grip was too awkward (small) in my hand. I know there are lots of variants/manufacturers of 1911-style pistols and I will most likely get one someday, like a Para P14-45 .
    6 Taurus PT92 shoots ok, didn't like feel of grip, brother and I never had any malfunctions
    7. Ruger P90 Good accurate shooting, brother and I never had any malfunctions, really inexpensive, grip wasn't to my liking

    other comments: I got a hi-point to try out, let the wife try it for "her" pistol, found that the mag release was not located in a good spot, is a PITA to strip and clean compared to other pistols, didn't like the lack of slide release; it shot very well, no malfunctions, FTF, etc
    but I'm getting rid of it to help with funding towards another AR
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    Favorite handgun brands

    I guess we all have favorite brands based on past experience, talking to friends, and reading these gun chat websites. My favorites based on personal experience (in no particular order) are:

    1. Colt
    2. Smith & Wesson
    3. Ruger
    4. Browning
    5. Sigarms
    6. Heckler & Koch
    7. Glock
    8. Walther
    9. Kimber

    I'd buy any of these in the future and not worry too much about hidden problems. I'd also be willing to try a CZ or Beretta just based on reputation, but haven't owned one.

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    Here's mine

    3.Ruger centerfires
    4.Springfield Armory

    There are others I like but these are the main ones I'd consider purchasing.

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    1. SIG
    2. SIG
    3. SIG
    4. SIG
    5. SIG
    OK, OK, just joking around............
    1. SIG
    2. Kimber
    3. Springfield Armory
    4. Smith and Wesson
    5. Glock
    6. Colt
    7. HK
    8. Ruger
    9. Browning

    I either own, have owned, or would seriously consider a pistol from these companies.
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    My favorites in order. I own or would own pistols from the manufacturers on this list.

    1. Glock
    2. Kimber
    3. H&K
    4. Sig Sauer
    5. S&W
    6. Kahr
    7. Springfield
    8. Taurus
    9. Beretta
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    Only ones I own personally:

    1. Kimber
    2. Walther (would be higher but don't like DA/SA and expnsive mags)
    3. Glock (grip angle is goofy for me)
    4. Kel-tec (goes anywhere)
    5. S&W Kframe snub-nose (doesn't fit me well)

    My new HK will go on here, maybe even #1 but I haven't shot it yet....but I have this feeling it may edge out my 1911's....we shall see...

    Oh yeah, I was issued a Beretta M-9 for a while. Personally, I hated it. It would be last on my list.
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    my favorites:

    1911s- Kimber or custom made
    Glock- love the G23
    Sig- 229,239
    HK USP

    Smith & Wesson- 66, 629
    Ruger- Blackhawks
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    I love em all

    I put my 3 SIG's top of the list, then my BHP and Sistema.

    Then many Smith revo's and the SW99.

    Even the P95 and 97 get some affection still!

    Then some cannons like SBH, SRH, BFR, Contender.

    Last perhaps the little guys - Mak, R9, NAA .........

    Best I just rank everything in the ''love'' bracket
    Chris - P95
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    My choices would be!

    1. S&W
    2. Kel-tec
    3. Springfield
    4. Sig
    5. HK

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    This is a hard one for me, because I've been very fortunate to have found a lot of high quality weapons. Some have even felt good in my hands..

    1. Sig
    2. Kahr
    3. Smith & Wesson
    4. Ruger
    5. Smith & Wesson

    But there are plenty of others that are worth considering....

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    man...interesting thread. and tough list
    1. kimber best all around
    2. S&W 642 best summer gun
    3. kel tec always handy because of size
    4. colt- kimber takes it's holster time
    5. taurus- pt140
    6. ruger- reliable but to bulky to move up
    that's how my carry inventory stacks up.

    --people ask why I carry, and I show them this picture. I think it says it all.--

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    1. Glock
    2. SIG
    3. S&W
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    1. Colt.
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    yeah.......I like to shoot'em....all !

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    Having owned a lot of pistols for 30+ years, here's the breakdown.


    Most reliable:

    HK P7-m8 and m13----the sigs and HKP series are tyed here
    Walther P5c

    Most ergonomic, easiest to shoot well:

    Walther ppk-s

    Most accurate:

    Walther ppk series
    HK P7 series
    Walther P5c


    Most ergonomic, Easiest to shoot well and reliable:

    S+W K series, particularly the model 13/65's

    Most accurate:

    S+W K series, particularly the model 13/65's

    In order of preference today for me?

    Glock 17/26/36

    Sig 226/228's

    HK P-7 series

    Walther P5c

    Gov 45's

    S+W J frames, the model 640-1, 49, 36, 60's

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