Taurus Millenium 9mm

Taurus Millenium 9mm

This is a discussion on Taurus Millenium 9mm within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Have been thinking of a smaller carry gun like the above. On Bud's Guns the reviewers all seem to say it's a great gun. Anyone ...

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Thread: Taurus Millenium 9mm

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    Taurus Millenium 9mm

    Have been thinking of a smaller carry gun like the above. On Bud's Guns the reviewers all seem to say it's a great gun. Anyone have one with a differing opinion, or a positive one? I've been very cautious of Taurus, but maybe this gun is an exception?. Thanks for your thoughts.
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    I've had a Millenium (the original, not the Pro) for about 10 years, with maybe 2500 rounds through it. It let me down once - went click, not bang - which earned it a return trip to the factory. It's been fine since.

    It has a distinctive, long trigger pull which takes some getting used to, but once you learn it you can almost stage the trigger like a DA revolver, which will improve your accuracy. I think it's a decent gun for the price.

    If you look for the other Taurus thread that's been running a couple of days, you'll see there's not a huge amount of love for Taurus here, mainly because their quality is spotty. I've been pretty satisfied with three good ones.
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    My thoughts on Taurus are this - If you get a "good one" then they are pretty good guns . If you get a "BAD one" they can be a utter nightmare. In my experience there is a higher chance of getting a "bad one" when you buy a Taurus then there is when buying from what I consider a top tier manufacturer like Glock, Springfield, Smith, etc. If someone asks me about buying a Taurus I usually tell them that if they absolutely, 100 percent have to have a gun RIGHT now and that price is the determining factor then you could do worse then a Taurus but I would recommend a Bersa. If that ISNT the case then save a extra 100 bucks and go with a gun from a top tier manufacturer or try to find. Springfield recently reduced the price on thier XD line and it's only about 100 bucks more then a comparable Taurus now.
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    The millenniums are one of the better Taurus models. But, their triggers are still super gritty, magazines are way over priced and its still a Taurus.
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    Like gasmitty, I have the original Millenium, and not the Pro. Mine has been flawless in just about as many rounds as his as well. I don't have a stand alone picture of it, only one next to a Kel Tec P11 someone else wanted for comparison. It is the one on the right:

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    Impact Guns has the XD 9mm subcompact "essential" kit for $439, and that is not the cheapest I've seen it (recall seeing it for $399 recently in a magazine ad). I would buy that all day long over the Taurus. Mine has been flawless. Otherwise there is also the Ruger SR9c, but that has a mag disconnect safety which makes it a no-go for me personally. Those seem to go for around $399~

    Anyway, I think you can do better for an extra $50-100 that you probably won't regret ponying up for... The Kahr CW9 is $364 on Buds. I would also buy that way before the Taurus...

    My experience with Taurus has been spotty. Our TCPs are reliable, but the PT series 45 I had was a disaster, so I have quit buying them. Usually there are much better choices for not a lot more money.

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    We had Mil Pros in .380 and 9mm. Neither had any problems.

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    I have a 145PRO with 4000 rounds or so never a hiccup. At 1 time I had a 111Pro that was also flawless at about 2000 rounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    My thoughts on Taurus are this - If you get a "good one" then they are pretty good guns . If you get a "BAD one" they can be a utter nightmare. In my experience there is a higher chance of getting a "bad one" when you buy a Taurus then there is when buying from what I consider a top tier manufacturer like Glock, Springfield, Smith, etc. .......
    I agree with Rollo. I had a Taurus PT140 (Millennium Pro 40) years ago, and the gun ran flawlessly, so I guess mine was a good one. But, I frequented the Taurus talk forum, and heard so many tales of woe that I began to mistrust the 140. I traded it on a Glock 19 and never looked back. In fact, I forgot I owned one until I read this thread.
    If you are looking for smaller, and price is a driving factor, I'd take a look at the KelTec PF9 (under $300) and really good service if needed. Or, for $100 more, get a Ruger LC9.
    The LC9 is my go to stick in the pocket & out the door gun, and it's hard to beat Ruger's service. Eight rounds of 9mm in a gun weighing 17 oz. and .90" thin. I love it!
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    I had the original PT140 millenium when they first came out. I shot it for over 5 years easily and went thru alot of ammo. Never once did she jam or misfire.
    But every Tom, Dick, and Harry who had one complained on these and other forums, that what a P.O.S. it was. How parts of the polymer were breaking, etc.
    I read so much negative responses on it, that it made me paranoid to carry it so I sold it.
    I think those idjits were plants just to say bad on Taurus ,but who knows ?
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    I have a friend who has a Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro that quiet firing after a hundred or so rounds. Back to the factory twice and still does not work. Great look and feel but if nothing flys out the business end it is nothing more than a paper weight. That being said - others have had excellent results with this same pistol but I just don't want one. Or a Taurus period.
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    Some of my first(non military) hand guns I fired were Taurus. I literally had one that would fire every time and one that could'nt get through a full magazine without at least 5 malfuntions. Granted they were range guns. But with what I had read about Taurus and that experience, I never purchased one.

    To the OP's question, more that likely you will get more negative responses than postive ones. Both guns that I was using were Millenium Pros. One was a 9mm and the other was a 40 S&W.
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    Wife has a PT111 which she shoots very well, also well over 1000 rounds and not a problem so for.

    She says she can rack the slide on it much easier than on any of my Glocks.

    My personal problem with it is the mag release which for my hand is to easy to contact easily and cause a mag drop when unwanted, but for her this is not a problem.
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    I have a 3rd gen PT111 stainless model, that has several thousand rounds through it without any problems. During the warmer months that is all I carry. It takes the abuse and sweat of Texas well with a little bit of maintenance.

    That being said, when I purchased my PT111 it was only about $270 bucks I think. Doing a quick lookup on Gun Genie, the price difference to the average Joe through my shop on a PT111 and a Springfield XD compact is less than 80 bucks when all is said and done.

    You won't find me talking bad about Taurus because the three pistols and two (Rossi) rifles I have work like they are supposed to, but at 80 bucks difference, 490 total for the XD, 410 total for the PT111, today I would go with the XD. When I was looking at a new 45, I ended up with an XD over the PT845 I was looking at due to the now small difference in pricing.

    As far as the sugestion to look at the Keltec PF9, or even a P11 for that matter, what is the gun for? If it is just for carry purposes only those are decent options on the low end price guns. They are not however really fun guns for a day at the range. I can get 200 rds or so through the PF9 without any trouble, but the wife's limit is about 50 before she switches to her G19. So if you're looking for a range gun and a carry gun something with a bit more weight to it would be in order in my view.

    Good luck with your search. If you post the criteria for the new gun some other suggestions are certain to come from forum members.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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