First timer CCW: Glock 26 or HK P2000sk?

This is a discussion on First timer CCW: Glock 26 or HK P2000sk? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't trust myself carrying a pistol with a safety as I am not willing to put in the time to do enough repetitions to ...

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Thread: First timer CCW: Glock 26 or HK P2000sk?

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    I don't trust myself carrying a pistol with a safety as I am not willing to put in the time to do enough repetitions to be truly proficient. The pistols you mentioned are completely safe as is.

    Both of your choices are very good ones. I was a Glock-only gunner for about 15 years carrying a G26 at first and more recently a Gen4 G19 - great gun and a soft shooter to boot. But I have recently started carrying others such as the Walther PPS (great gun, Glock-like but very slim) and the HK45c (quite simply a great carry gun!). 10 years ago I'd have said G26 but today I'd say go with the HK. The main reason I'd say go HK is that I believe you can convert the HK's to different variants yourself - making it very Glock-like or very 1911-like depending on your own needs.

    It'd try to shoot both if you can. It's a shame you are not in Cincinnati because I think that Target World has both available as rentals.

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    I carry a G26, and that is what I would recommend to you. Of course you will need a quality holster that completely covers the trigger, regardless of which pistol you choose. You might think about the M&P compact pistol. You can get those with or without an external safety.

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    I have the Glock 26 and 33...both the same dimensions, but just different calibers. Both are wonderful guns, but I find my 9mm P2000sk LEM superior in many respects - feel and trigger, especially. And if I think back to some twenty-odd years ago when I first started carrying, I can understand your reservations about the Glock trigger and lack of a safety.

    While it's true that neither the HK or Glock will go off unless the trigger is pressed, that slight difference in feel of the HKs LEM trigger (and external hammer)may just give you that extra peace of mind that you desire. Either way, both pistols are fantastic choices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Legion View Post
    Both are wonderful guns, but I find my 9mm P2000sk LEM superior in many respects - feel and trigger, especially.
    Yup. More and more folks are making this discovery. The LEM is, without doubt, the most mis-understood trigger system out there. But most people who work with it a bit, suddenly "get it"... and want one... or two.


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    I have several Glocks in 9mm, 40 and 10mm. I have been checking out the HK sk's as well and would love to have one with the LEM trigger. But price wise I find it hard to justify. You can pick up any Glock and buy lots of ammo to begin practicing with the money saved.

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    if you go with a glock you can use these to keep you from an accident until you feel better

    mic holster
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    Out of the two guns mentioned, I would take the Glock 26. But you should shoot both and decide which one you like best.

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    I carry a HK P2000 SK in 357 Sig. I also have a P2K SK in 40 SW/w an additional 357 Sig barrel as well as a P2K SK in 9mm. All LEM.

    I train with the 9mm and it can run 9mm +P+ so it fuctions as a carry weapon for the range trips.

    Barrel length between the Glock and P2K SK is a push, however the grip is were the Glock fails with me.

    If you hung up on a new weapon you'll pay alot more for the HK P2K SK , however you can try or and fine a +90% for sale. I purchased my last HK P2K SK .357 Sig off and it was in 95% condition for less than $600.00. Here is a link to two of the auctions:

    HK H&K HECKLER&KOCH P2000 SK 9MM SUPER NICE : Semi Auto Pistols at

    HK P2000 SK 9mm H&K LEM Trigger : Semi Auto Pistols at

    If you contact the seller after the auction closes they'll may be willing to deal if there are no bids on the weapons.

    The choice is yours as they're both good weapons. Carry daily, practice offen, and Learn the Laws.

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    Both are fine handguns. I have a H&K P2000 (.40), a H&K P2000sk (.40), and an H&K 45c so you can see what I would go with. Your choice but I would NEVER carry without on in the chamber and prefer no safeties on my carry guns. I shoot in competition sometimes and have forgotten to flick the safety during stressfull stages on the range. How would I feel on the street.

    If not a money issue you can feel the difference in the cost of the H&K. Also any of the H&Ks I have will feel better in hand than a Glock especially the P2000sk. Also after 4 years I am still waiting for my first malfunction.
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    I am new to carrying as well and had the same concerns. I eventually went with the Glock 19 and never looked back. To get over having one in the chamber: rack the slide to set the trigger (without loading a round), put the mag in, holster the gun. You'll walk around with the gun in the same condition that you have been, but after a few days you'll realize how safe the trigger is. You will be ready to carry with one in the chamber once you have gained that confidence
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