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On a semi-auto, does anybody put their off-hand finger over the trigger guard?

This is a discussion on On a semi-auto, does anybody put their off-hand finger over the trigger guard? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 1981nats.jpg The photo is from the 1981 IPSC Nationals. It's the Top 16 Shooters in the "Man vs. Man" Finals. The guy in the white ...

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Thread: On a semi-auto, does anybody put their off-hand finger over the trigger guard?

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    Lightbulb A little history lesson...


    The photo is from the 1981 IPSC Nationals. It's the Top 16 Shooters in the "Man vs. Man" Finals. The guy in the white shirt in upper left hand corner is Ross Seyfried (1981 World Champion) shooting against yours truly.

    Ross started the trend of wrapping the off hand finger around the trigger guard. I shot that way for a while, but then converted over to Hot Shot Shooter John Shaw's stance (John is in the white shirt below me & Ross). You can see the resemblance of stance with me & John.

    I can't remember the last time anyone won using the trigger guard finger method (or the Weaver stance for that matter) to win a major match.
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    Personally speaking I don't use it. If it feels right to someone else, and they use, that's great.
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    Not my style but I don't have any automatics with finger-hook trigger guards. I've tried it for grins with various models over the years but can't get the hang of it. Such a method for two-handing a pistol hasn't gotten past feeling foreign and less controllable for me.
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    I have the Glock 27 and I do use the trigger guard with the left hand index finger. It seems to work for me.

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    Bruce Willis loves to grip his pistols this way:

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    As Brother Middlebrooks mentioned, it was the ONLY (stylish) way in the early '80s, and many, if not most, of the top IPSC-ers used this grip. For a very long time, I would not carry a 1911-type without its triggerguard being checkered or grooved. In my dotage, especially since I sometimes carry revolvers and don't compete much, I usually use the "Ayoob Wedge" grip, which places the offside index finger tightly wedged under the triggerguard. Truthfully, I find little difference between the two techiniques in terms of speed and muzzle flip control. That said, the Nighthawk Talon II Bobtail 9x23 I'm carrying today, and which I carry much of the time, has a checkered triggerguard, which I had them do to my specifications.

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    I use that grip on my single action revolvers.... not the Glock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    I use it in the fashion you describe when I am going long.
    When I go long with the AR10 or 338, I want the support bipod as far forward as possible. Revolver shooters must insure that the off hand thumb won't be sliced off by gasses escaping from the cylinder to forcing cone gap. Precision is one thing; control is another. For fast follow up, the off hand should be cranked down and back on the shooting hand pinky to control the bottom of the frontstap from arcing forward and up. For me that means that the bottom of the trigger guard will be the support point. In any case, both thumbs are pointing at the threat in case I can't get to the sights.
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    I've been doing it so long, that it is pretty much automatic. Have read where its a bad thing......oh, well. I hit the target just fine, so it can't be all that bad.
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    I wrap my left index on the outside of the trigger guard, assuming it has the "notch" to put your finger there. (like on my XD) I dunno why, just always done it like that, works fine for me.

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    I've tried it but it does not work for me as it causes me to pull my shots off to the support side as I end up torquing the pistol.
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    I have tried it and I seem to be more accurate with my support finger over the trigger guard, especially when shooting my smaller pocketable guns. God Bless

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    The squared, welded up, checkered trigger guard w/ an added hook was a semi-popular (expensive) custom modification on the 1911 for a while. I hardly see it being done anymore.

    And then let's remember The ASP w/ its trigger guard modification.
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    No, I shoot one handed, always.

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