+P ammo in Kimber compact .45?

+P ammo in Kimber compact .45?

This is a discussion on +P ammo in Kimber compact .45? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Seeking information and opinions about the use of +P ammo in a Kimber 3 1/2 barrel compact .45. I am not particularly recoil sensitive, I'm ...

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Thread: +P ammo in Kimber compact .45?

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    +P ammo in Kimber compact .45?

    Seeking information and opinions about the use of +P ammo in a Kimber 3 1/2 barrel compact .45. I am not particularly recoil sensitive, I'm more concerned with the pistol's safety and long life.


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    I have an Ultra CDP II with the aluminum frame, and was told not to use +P ammo by Kimber service. I know several owners who have used it in the small steel framed guns without issues. The +P seems to batter the small guns more and there are a couple of spots on the aluminum frames that cracks have shown up. Mike
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    I also have an Ultra CDP II and I carry Corbon 185gr +P DPX ammo in it. I've test fired it to check for function and recoil was not an issue nor did it seem to be abusive to the gun.

    230gr Winchester Ranger +P is another story. Way too much for the little Kimber. Not only was it hard to control but every couple of shots it tried to spit the mag out.

    YOu might also look at the 160gr DPX for short barrels. There's a review here: www.hipowersandhandguns.com

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    I basically agree with MJZZZ. I have 2 Kimber UC CDP II's. As said, both with aluminum frames. I tried the 165 Cor-Bon's in one(10 shots) and decided against it. Main reason >> way too much recoil and blast. I could actually hear(or think I heard) the frame being battered excessively.

    Also the +P stuff is not necessary IMO. And(big AND) no quick follow up shots. I always shoot at least two,and my times were way down,hitting a 4-6" target at 7-10yds. Long story short ...... for me,the +P stuff does not give me any advantage.

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    I have fired Corbon's 165 grain +P JHP's in my Kimber Combat Carry (first generation, aluminum-framed gun made prior to the Compact CDP). It was manageable, but still a bit of jolt in the hand. I won't be firing much of it due to accelerated wear that any +P load imparts on any gun; especially aluminum-framed guns.
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    First, Kimber does not make a 3 1/2 inch barreled gun. Only 3", 4" and 5" 1911's. A compact is a 4" Bbl officer frame. the 3" are Ultra's with officer frame. If you have the 3" Bbl Kimber you have an Ultra Carry. If you have a 4" Bbl you have compact.

    I also see no need in using +P ammo in a .45. That said the Corbon DPX is made specificly for the short Bbl gun's.

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    I ran thru a box of Winchester Ranger 230gr +P in my Kimber Ultra Compact. I didn't find any problems with muzzle blast, recoil, or a sense of the gun being battered.

    I settled on Ranger 230gr standard as my carry ammo because I could by a case of 500. If they'd had a case of +P, I'd have bought it. Stopping power with a handgun is an iffy thing at best. I'll carry the hottest stuff that I can shoot well and is reliable in the gun.

    I mostly shoot White Box or UMC hardball for practice. I try to run thru 50 rounds of my carry ammo every 4-6 weeks.

    YMMV one hell of a lot.


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