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Kel-tec p11 ... Accuracy?

This is a discussion on Kel-tec p11 ... Accuracy? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When I had a P11 this was a normal 10 yard group . The main reason I sold it, just too hard to shoot accurately ...

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Thread: Kel-tec p11 ... Accuracy?

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    When I had a P11 this was a normal 10 yard group .
    The main reason I sold it, just too hard to shoot accurately for me.

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    The long trigger pull takes some getting used to, but the gun is capable of fair accuracy. I happen to like Keltec products. I have a P-11, a P3AT, and a Sub2000 (in addition to many other firearms) All have been very dependable. The P-11 was my EDC for several years. People bad-mouth KelTec but I see no reason for it. Their products are a bargain IMO. I wouldn't enter a 25 yard accuracy contest with the P-11, but at 7 yards I can put 10+1 in a six-inch circle in a hurry. I have NEVER experienced a malfunction with the P-11. Wish I could say the same for my 1911

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    Quote Originally Posted by MNBurl View Post
    Trigger control is the key for the P11. The trigger is very long and stacks up but it does smooth out after you dry fire (with a snap cap) or shoot it they will get better. If you can master the trigger it will make you a better shot with all your handguns. I like my P11.
    Of course every trigger is different, but dry fire in a safe direction with snap caps watching the front sight will save you lots of frustration on the range. Dry fire and shoot it the way you'll be carrying, extension mag or not. It has to be part of your hands, left and right. The PF9 and P11 are some of the best 9's out there for the money.
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    I originally bought a P11 to match up to my S&W 6946 with the same mags. There has been a number of times I have carried them both the 6946 primary and P11 as backup and were the first holsters I made for Side Guard. Because both could take the same mags was a major benefit to me.

    Today it is a great truck gun and at my BOL is my 6946 with lots of 9mm. Between the two I have over 10K rounds between them with no issues. So both the smith and kel-tec I won't be selling. By the way, a 69xx holster will work with the P11! ;)


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    I've had my p-11 for over a year now and it took some time to figure out the gun.
    It is accurate and reliable.
    Good firm grip, eye on front sight= 4in. groups at 7 yards

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    I like my P-11, I have the same complaint as everyone that owns one, and that's the trigger. However as most have said you will get used to it and better with practice. Keep in mind it wasn't made for a range gun, it's for up close and personal work. A lot of people do have some negative things to say about Kel-Tec, but you don't stay in business as long as they have if you produce an inferior product.Yes the fit and finish isn't the best, but it they put the time and money to make it a pretty gun then you would also be paying twice the price or even more. Also Kel-Tec has the best customer service in the industry.
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    No offense but OP its likely operator error that is causing the erratic results. The basic fundamental of shooting a pistol accurately is trigger control. It sounds oversimplified but the ability to pull the trigger through takeup to break without disrupting the orientation of the pistol to the target is the key, and it can be especially tricky with these small handguns with long pulls. The movement of the trigger before the reset point is often called takeup or sometimes stack in the trigger.

    You have to be willing to spend the needed time and ammo budget getting to know the trigger characteristic on this gun, its really that simple. Best of luck.
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    Mine always shot low. The trigger pull is really heavy on it.

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    I had a P-11 for a few years. If I remember correctly, it wasn't that bad as far as accuracy. I didn't shoot it a lot though because it beat me up fairly well. I went through 3 ejectors while I had it. The one that came on the gun from the factory snapped in half the last year I had it. The others broke after test firing after they were installed. Fairly close together too. Keep an eye on your ejector.
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    Smile Trigger finger

    Quote Originally Posted by Philly Boy View Post
    Took my new P11 to the range today and, aside from one FTF , I shot 50 rds. with little problem---- EXCEPT the accuracy was awful! It shot low left, then high right, etc... . I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong, if anything.This is the worst first time out I've had with any of my guns. Any P11 shooters out there with a similar experience? Thanks.
    P.S.I was shooting from the 7 yd. mark.
    I have a P11 also and the easiest way to train your shooter finger is to use A-Zoom snap caps so you can pull the trigger back and see where the hammer release point is. I did this while watching TV almost evey day for a I get a good group on the worked after 500 trigger pulls!

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