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Local range only allows TMJ

This is a discussion on Local range only allows TMJ within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Time to look for a new range. This place sounds like a bunch of robbers. You have to be able to run through your gun ...

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Thread: Local range only allows TMJ

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    Time to look for a new range. This place sounds like a bunch of robbers. You have to be able to run through your gun what you are going to carry.

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    There are two legitimate reasons for ranges to limit ammunition; damage to backstops and lead particulates.

    The TMJ ammo sounds like an attempt at controlling lead in the air. However, I should think TMJ ammo from other sources allowed. No doubt there's a profit motive somewhere.

    Most of the indoor ranges where I've shot didn't want FMJ ammo used on the basis it wore out the back stops. Not particularly true, but well established myth.

    And to echo some of the others, here; Yes, you need to find a place to try out your 'own' ammo. Make sure it works, make sure it prints correctly and make sure you can handle it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcaulay2 View Post
    Just purchased a new LC9. There is brand new indoor range 4 miles from my house but they require that I use only their TMJ ammo. Is this normal? I live in the city limits so I can't practice in the backyard, but I want to break-in and practice using at least in part the ammo I will carry.

    Should I just find a different range farther away?

    I should!

    ... and welcome to the forum
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    If a gun functions well with TMJ, it will probably shoot modern JHP ammo just fine. So, having said that, I would ask if you can bring your own TMJ, if you can find it cheaper elsewhere. Also, maybe their cost for their TMJ is reasonable, so check and compare and go from there.
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    Modern and regulation compliant indoor ranges have very extensive airhandling system to draw off propelant gases and lead particulates..on the fireing line and at the trap end. If the fees are reasonable, and you can find TMJ stuff to burn. Will they allow plated lead ?? the local range in Whatcom Co sells very reasonable TMJ (tonnage purchase) and stocks it for most all loadings. Great first post..welcome

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    Have you asked them if you can test your carry ammo, or just going on posted rules?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianRx74 View Post
    My local range lets me shoot whatever I want, but they request to look at it first. Last time, the guy stuck a magnet into my ammo container to test it...not sure what they are looking for.
    They were looking for steel core ammo, like Wolf, tula ammo... Take a magnet to the ammo it sticks to it.
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