Firestar m40

Firestar m40

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Thread: Firestar m40

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    Firestar m40

    I saw one of these at my local gun shop yesterday. I have read up on them and they seem to be pretty solid firearms. I even found a place online where you can still get replacement parts for them. Of the reviews I have read they seem to be built like an anvil and rarely need service. It's a solid,heavy as heck gun. It felt great in my hand and the weight didnt bother me at all. It shows some wear but the internals look great. I can get this gun for a good price. Has anyone here had experience with them?

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    Have one that was my first EDC, nice solid reliable and accurate gun. I occasionally see spare mags at gun shows but at $35-$40 they are a bit pricey.
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    Have no experience with them, but through the years of hearing about them, I've not heard any negativity about them.
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    I sold a lot of these when they first came out. (Old gun shop GM, here) They were real popular and pretty well made. I put one out on the range as a rental and sold even more, just from guys trying it out and liking it.

    They are kind of heavy, by today's compact gun standards, but they were always a well-liked gun. Have fun with it!
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    I have one in .45. Love it. It is heavy, all steel, but it shoots great. The first one I ran across was a friend's in 9 MM. We took it out to the range at maybe 7 yrds I think or it may have been 15, I don't remember. I fired several mags through it and we thought I had missed the target. All were in the black and we cound't see the holes. My .45 will do the same. I have several brand new mags from Star still in the factory wraper. Mags are easy to find.

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    I remember handling them back in 94 when I worked in the gunwarehouse at gander. Always thought they were neat little pistols.

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    I have owned a M43 Firestar (9mm) for many years since they were the handgun of the year back in the early 90's. They are very very solid well made compact steel-framed handguns. As others here have mentioned they are heavy for the size by today's compact standards but if you find a good holster that's not a big issue. Star has been out of business for many years and parts may be harder to find than you think. Wolff Springs does have recoil and hammer springs for the Firestar guns. But my M43 has never needed a replacement part and still runs strong as ever. I have so many other handguns now that I don't shoot the M43 often anymore but I would not hesitate to carry this pistol and I have complete confidence in it.

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    I have a Firestar in 40 and very slim but heavy gun. Great shooting gun.

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    First handgun I ever shot... Brings back memories
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    Have one in 40 and 45; they are great guns! Reliable and as others have said, heavy but slim. Due to weight, easy and pleasant to shoot. Enjoy!
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