Is my Colt Officer's ACP antiquated? 7 rounds total - Page 2

Is my Colt Officer's ACP antiquated? 7 rounds total

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Thread: Is my Colt Officer's ACP antiquated? 7 rounds total

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    I just purchased s+w Bodyguard 38special 5 shot ,plus I had an old Charter House 44 spl.Don't feel under gunned
    with either.

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    I'd be less concerned about round count per se, and more concerned about things like malfunctions, hand injury, not being able to access your sidearm due to body position or the perp grabbing hold of your dominant arm, etc.

    All those potential issues, AND the concern over round count, can be answered by carrying a secondary sidearm. Get a secondary, put it in your off side pocket, and make sure you practice with it that way - firing one handed, using your off hand.

    If you find yourself carrying too much stuff, I personally would carry a primary and a secondary (ie; no reloads for either), rather than only one sidearm plus spare mag(s).
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all.

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    Without knowing the specifics of your needs, I'd say your 6+1 rounds of .45ACP is fine. If you carry a spare magazine switch to a 8+1 magazine for that purpose. If you ever get into the situation that you need the second magazine, your not worried about concealment anyway.
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    A Colt 45 is never a bad choice. Round count is only important if you miss alot, or are in a war.
    " Blessed is that man, who when facing death, thinks only of his front sight"
    -Jeff Cooper

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    The Colt Officer's model is a fine firearm. If you shoot it well and it's reliable with the magazines you have, no problem. My only bad experience with one was the front sight falling off. New one dovetailed in place isn't going anyplace.

    80% of defensive gun uses are resolved with no shots fired. Very seldom are civillian concealed carry folks required to fire more than one or two shots. Even with multiple home invaders the one shot at and the rest develope an inordinate fixation on being someplace else immediately following the first defensive shot being fired.

    I pack a G26 or P238 and frankly don't feel undergunned with either. Your Colt Officer's Model is one of the premier defensive pistols. If I had one, I'd carry it.

    Carry it with confidence.

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    It would be much preferred over the onslaught of "designer guns" we are seeing these days.

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    Those of us that carry 5 shot J-Frames daily think you're paranoid and carry too many rounds...

    It's all relative. I would imagine that 29 year old Commander feeds most anything and is really well broken in. I would also think you are VERY comfortable with mag changes and the manual of arms. Finally, I would imagine that you can shoot lights out with the pistol. If you still think you are undergunned, the quickest reload for that Commander would be a J-Frame .38 in the weakside pocket with either 135gr +p Gold Dots or 158gr +p LSWCHP rounds.

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    Not just NO!... but HECK NO!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwyermw View Post
    This has been a mainstay for over 29 years but am I under gunnned?
    No. The real question is are you skills making you under gunned? (not just shooting skills)
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    I want to say NO. But then why does Law Enforcement shy away from the 1911-A1? I carry the 1911-A1, my logic at these high capacity magazines is if you miss the first 7-8 times what good is a 16 round capability, as you will miss that last 7-8 times . I carried this Classic in Desert Storm, Northern Watch, and Allied Force.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AIRWAR View Post
    But then why does Law Enforcement shy away from the 1911-A1?
    Law enforcement will encounter situations the average CC'er would never encounter and that is why LEO's favor more rounds. How often does a CC'er stop a car load of thugs in a stolen vehicle that do NOT want to go back to prison?

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    You're only undergunned if you miss.

    Fixation on capacity often stems from a belief that one will have to dispatch a large group of zombies or such. In this scenario, your back is against the wall and you must fire, and continue to fire, until all threats are extinguished, permamente-like.

    The other way of looking at it is that most conceivable uses of a defensive firearm will be to emphatically express the concept: "go away" (or, "I'm leaving now, I suggest you do not follow me"). In this scenario, a 5-shot revolver will likely be adequate for the task.

    What complicates the calculus are the opinions you'll hear that are colored by LE or military experiences and outcomes. Thing is, those are not necessarily apples-to-apples examples. The police officer may not be allowed to run away or hold his ground while the criminal flees the scene.

    Personally, my EDC is an LC9 (7+1) and occasionally I'll carry an SR9c (10+1). For the former, I may carry an extra mag and for the latter a 17-round mag. It depends on the environment, time of day, etc. Thus, the Colt should be fine for general carry, but you might consider carrying something with more firepower in the event your potential threat picture widens. Always, of course, the final decision is totally up to you.
    "It may seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first."

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    No. The real question is are you skills making you under gunned? (not just shooting skills)
    Indeed. NOT just shooting skills. It is the staying out of trouble in the first place skills that need to be considered top priority.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dwyermw View Post
    This has been a mainstay for over 29 years but am I under gunnned?
    This is a training question not a gun issue

    How often do you train? Not just shoot - train.

    Classes? Force on force? Working on marksmanship & reloads?

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