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Quality 44 spcl snubbies?

This is a discussion on Quality 44 spcl snubbies? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Danimal, I agree. It's not a range or plinking gun, it's meant for SD...

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Thread: Quality 44 spcl snubbies?

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    Danimal, I agree. It's not a range or plinking gun, it's meant for SD
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    I have 2 Charter Arms Bulldogs in 44 Spcl. One from their earlier days (blued steel) and one from the late 80's in stainless.
    I must have lucked out as both are well made and reliable.

    What is very interesting to me about these revolvers is how they shoot; very controllable.
    You feel the recoil of course, but the muzzle flip is very mild compared to an autoloader.

    If I was limited to one pistol, up close, and had to stop one bad guy (maybe two), this would be it.
    It's not going to jam, none of my shots will go over his head (due to muzzle flip), and the adequacy of the cartridge speaks for itself.
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    WOW Glockman10 having a bad day are we first-time I've ever read you so

    I have a Son of Sam, bought it new when they first came out. Took the wooden grips off and replaced them with some nice Hogue's. It is remarkably controllable too shoot for such a stout-ammo 3" barrel I must say. It CCW's IWB comfortably and sometimes in a pocket too despite the added rubber baby buggy bumper grips.

    I do have to watch just what ammo I use because I've been told it can get indigestion from too hefty a round, but my guess is any 44spc bullet isn't going to be too healthy to be shot with though. I do feel comfortable CCW'ing it since a 44spc can inflict some pain, but the way things are in today's BG circles, I would like to have more then just 5-rounds at my immediate disposal. But it is a decent revolver.

    Yes, 44mags can shoot 44spc but if they make it just to shoot a 44spc boo'let then it can be maybe made a little little'er making it a little more concealable, but as the real world dictates these days it probably wouldn't be as profitable as just making a 44mag. CA has been teasing about re-manufacturing their 44spc/son-of-sam for several months now and that is all they've accomplished thus far ... just a toasting remark about it being re-manufactured

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    I love shooting my Charter Arms Bulldog 44 special with Winchester JHPs. I would not want to be in the way of one coming out of that 2.5" barrel.

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    I love the .44 Special cartridge. It's a very flexible cartridge in the right revolver and it doesn't have to be loaded to near .44 Magnum pressures to accomplish much of what a handgun should do. The only .44 Special chambered revolver I have is an N-Frame Smith & Wesson.

    I'm just not certain that the Charter .44 Bulldog is the way to do .44 Special. I've handled and shot 3 Bulldogs, two blued models and one stainless steel model. They shot fine with standard 246 grain factory .44 Special ammunition or with a handload that used a 250 grain lead SWC loaded to about the same performance.

    My brother-in-law has a couple of Charter .44 Bulldogs. One has trouble with a barrel shroud that gets loose and backs away from the frame. I don't know which form of Charter Arms company made either nor when these two were made. The action doesn't feel as positive as a Smith & Wesson or a Colt but then they didn't cost as much either.

    I'd like to have a .44 Special the size of the Bulldog but don't have a comfortable feeling about relying on one of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    I'd like to have a .44 Special the size of the Bulldog but don't have a comfortable feeling about relying on one of them.
    This is exactly what I am referring to in my original post. A handgun made to shoot the 44 mag is overkill for a snubbie. I would love to have a handgun the same size as the Charter Arms Bulldog made by S&W or Colt in all steel.


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    I've owned two Charters, a .38 Undercover and currently a .44 Pug. Never had a problem with either of them and both were my main CCW until I got my PF9 last year.

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    Excellent read! Thanks for sharing.

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    The early tapered barrel Bulldogs were very nice guns, well fitted and finished, much nicer than the versions offered since. However, you have take these guns for what they are - lightweight, big bore guns for carry/self defense - don't expect to use them like you would a N frame S&W and you won't be disappointed.
    I'll be interested to see the new "Classic" version when it comes out.

    This is my CA Bulldog based Mag-na-port BackPacker, very rare, Mag-na-port only made 250 of these back in the late 70's. Mine is #128.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    They made one, although it's nonlonger in production. A 5 shot on an l frame called the 696. They can still be hound, but will cost you an arm and a couple of legs.

    The Charter Arms is the very best paper weight I have ever seen. Taurus also made a 44 spl, but I didn't need anymore deep sea fishing sinkers.

    And yes, Smith has put a bur under my saddle for a long time. They have not had a new concept for years, and have felt quite content to copy everyone else. Now their latest abortion, the Governor, what a joke. Maybe they should just turn over their operations to Taurus, Colt, and Walther. They do away with the Combat Magnum, and produce a freakishly large and unwieldy X frame, and have the nerve to name their Glock clone the hallowed M&P name, while being content to sit on their ass and produce Colt products.
    Yeah, they have pissed me off, I'm getting hot just writing this...
    The Charter Arms Bulldog seemed to work quite well for "the son of sam" just sayin'
    "6 P's of self defense "
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    A Charter was used to kill John Lennon as well.....although it was a .38 special.

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    My LCR is lighter, smoother and probably a better quality handgun than my Dad's PUG, but
    with my long fingers every grip that I've tried for the LCR isn't nearly as big and comfortable as the
    Charter's stock rubber grip, and the CT grip for the Bulldog PUG is also very nice.

    My Dad's stainless version has been perking right along for about 12 years,,with any load he can throw into it.

    I guess it will be a choice of quality over comfort if I ever decide to get the Charter .44 Special.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jem102 View Post
    I bought this 5 shot, 2.5: barrel Night Guard's in afew years ago and it has been excellent!
    Folks this is an L frame in their Scandium (spelling) alloy. Model #396.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Quality 44 spcl snubbies?-100_0735.jpg  

    Quality 44 spcl snubbies?-100_0732.jpg  

    Quality 44 spcl snubbies?-100_0728.jpg  

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    Quote Originally Posted by jem102 View Post
    Folks this is an L frame in their Scandium (spelling) alloy. Model #396.
    Do you like your Night Guard? They have a six shot N frame model 329 in 44 mag also!


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    I'm holding out for Ruger to build the .44 spl with 3" barrel on the SP sized frame. It could happen.

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