A 22LR rifle and handgun is hard to beat. They will teach you everything you need to learn to shoot.

After that a 6 shot K or L frame Smith revolver would be a great shooter. I use 4" Smiths (38spec and 357s) as HD guns even today. Try a couple of guns of friends.

I am also a member of the Oakdale Gun Club one of the largest outdoor shooting ranges in the upper Miidwest (8 different ranges). I love doing RSO duty on the 25 yard range and helping new shooters with having a good experience. The most sure way to have a bad experience is to shoot a gun that the user is not ready for. Example: A 110 lb woman shooting her husbands Beretta PX4 in 45ACP. Thank goodness on of the members had a S&W 3913 9mm for the woman to shoot and had a great time. She will be back with a gun that will work for her.

The reason I shared this story is start small and grow into what you need. 22LR guns will teach you every thing you need to know.