Walther PPQ 9mm/40 S&W - Need help deciding

Walther PPQ 9mm/40 S&W - Need help deciding

This is a discussion on Walther PPQ 9mm/40 S&W - Need help deciding within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After a while of saving up some money and some long research, I think I have decided to go with the Walther PPQ. I'm torn ...

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Thread: Walther PPQ 9mm/40 S&W - Need help deciding

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    Walther PPQ 9mm/40 S&W - Need help deciding

    After a while of saving up some money and some long research, I think I have decided to go with the Walther PPQ. I'm torn between calibers however.

    Currently, my EDC is a Ruger LCP and it is my only pistol. I'm wanting the PPQ for winter carry and home use. Since I have the LCP, it makes me quite torn on what caliber to purchase. I associate the .380 and 9mm closely since they are similar rounds (differing by length). I almost want to get the .40 version so I will have a more different caliber round for variety. I also think of the .40 as a more lethal round (just my general thought, I realize it's not a fact) However, I like the price of 9mm ammo.

    I know there can be endless discussions on calibers of guns but I take this as a situational question. Any help would be appreciated.

    Also, has anyone shot both versions of the PPQ? If so, are there any noticeable differences? How is the gun in general?

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    I own the PPQ in 9 and have shot the 40. Of course the 40 has more kick to it but nothing that can not be managed. My choice for 9mm was purely economic I practice and I do not reload ( though I have been looking at set-ups) Plus the fact that I have a 45 i could not see the need for a 40.

    If I had to start over again I would stick with a single caliber for pistols as its just easier to keep up with (for me) right now I have to track ammo for 380's, 9mm, 40's, 45, 22's, 22mag and 17 hmr. And yes they all get shot by friends, family and I.

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    I’m going to pick one up in APR (birthday) and it will be a 9mm to go with my PPS. I primarily will use it as a range gun, so the cheaper the better when it comes to ammo.

    I’ve got 14 handguns, and not a single .40, but nor do I want one. Nothing wrong with the caliber, and I reload so cost really isn’t a major factor. But, I would have to tool up for .40 and stock bullets/brass for another caliber. Currently I own/reload for: 7.65 Luger, .380, 9mm, .38SPC, .357, .44MG, .45ACP, and .45Colt, 3 Shotgun Gauges, 2 Rimfire calibers and 12 rifle calibers.

    IF you shoot a lot, even the cost difference of components start to add up over time, 9mm is cheaper to reload than most other calibers. So far not a single steel plate or cardboard silhouette has complained about me “not using enough gun”.

    One thing I don’t need is a new caliber.

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    I prefer 9mm and the PPQ is a nice weapon.

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    Either caliber will do the job, as long as you do your part. That being said, the 9mm will be cheaper to shoot. The recoil on the 9mm is easier to handle than the .40 cal. You need to remember, the .40 is a snappy recoil, so it takes more practice to come back on target for follow up shots. If you have ability to do it, rent the gun in each calibr and see what works best for you.
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    Buy the .40 because you can always get a conversion barrel and shoot 9......but you can't buy a 9 and convert to .40.

    I'm not sure if anyone makes a conversion barrel right this minute but if they don't they will be available shortly. The PPQ is a hot selling item right now and will be on all the aftermarket accessory top hit lists.


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    Look at this and tell me which 9mm is closer to in terminal performance:

    Winchester Ranger-T
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    I vote for the 9mm due to the fact that you are used to shooting the 380 LCP. I have the Walther PPS in 40 cal and it took a while to learn to grip it tight and lock wrists for followup shoots. The 40 S&W is a snappy round in a light weight handgun. The 9mm would be easier to shoot and the PPQ would have 2 more rounds in the magazine.
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