Glock guy joining the Kahr Club

Glock guy joining the Kahr Club

This is a discussion on Glock guy joining the Kahr Club within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've had a CCW for the better part of two decades, having worked my way through a series of pistols, adding some, deleting others over ...

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Thread: Glock guy joining the Kahr Club

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    Glock guy joining the Kahr Club

    I've had a CCW for the better part of two decades, having worked my way through a series of pistols, adding some, deleting others over the years. I've always had Glocks as my EDC (bought my first one in the '80s), but have been willing to try other makes and models.

    My EDC for years was a Glock 27; shot it well, but got the itch to try something new. Picked up a Sig P239 SAS with the DAK; it was a tack driver, but too heavy for me -- at least compared to the Glock. Next up was a Glock 30SF; shoot it well, but it's pretty bulky.

    I've pocket carried .380s when in suits, first a stainless Colt Mustang, then a Ruger LCP.

    Here's the thing: I've lost enough weight that I don't have to leave my shirts untucked to avoid that over-stuffed sausage, stress-test-the-buttons look, so belt carry outside the waistband is something I no longer have to do. That got me thinking about a relatively thin gun, perhaps a 9mm, for carry in a tuckable holster.

    Went to lunch Thursday with a colleague and then went to a gun store for dessert.

    So, I was checking out the Ruger LC9, having been carrying the LCP .380 in my pocket for a while, and wanting something a bit more potent.

    The LC9 is certainly small and thin, but I don't like that it has an external safety -- something to forget about under stress, and the trigger pull and trigger reset are pretty bad, especially when compared to my Glocks.

    I asked to see the Glock G26 to compare it to the LC9; better trigger, but much thicker, although about the same size in every other dimension.

    (Why won't Gaston Glock offer a single-stack 9mm? Or a carbine?)

    Anyhow, I then asked what else they had in the same vein, and was handed the Kahr P9. Single-stack, polymer lower, stainless upper, no external safeties, and a very nice trigger break, with an excellent, easy-to-find, short reset.

    MSRP was about $750, waaaaaay too much for my tastes for an "extra" gun. The owner said that he'd been sitting on the Kahrs since he bought the store from the previous owner in April, and was willing to take a bath to move them.

    "Really," said I, "how much of a bath?"

    He went online and then stared off into space for a good spell.

    "How about $425?"

    The lowest price I've seen nationwide was $525, which I believe is wholesale. The prices in my county via Gallery of Guns' Gun Genie ranged from $625-$680.

    I think that qualifies as a smokin' hot deal.

    "Write her up!" I said.

    My friend had an amusing conversation with himself while I filled out the paperwork as to whether or not he could get his wife to not kill him if he took advantage of my deal, then said "What the hell!" and bought one, too.

    I spent last night looking at holster options. The Answer from Tucker looks promising (I like the leather-lined Kydex), and I considered the Crossbreed Supertuck, as well as the Minotaur M-Tac, but opted for the Galco King-Tuk to start.

    I'll pick up the Kahr when the store reopens after the SHOT Show and begin the break-in process that Kahr says is needed, then report back.

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    As a new member, you should be banned for engaging in theft! Seriously, that's a screamin' deal...

    Oh, and welcome to the forum!
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    Great deal, you got it for about the price of a CW9. I think you will enjoy your new Kahr.
    Welcome aboard.

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    You are going to love that gun they carry so well it is hard to believe you are wearing a gun. The accuracy with my two Kahrs has been out standing.

    Go through the break in.

    Great deal on a nice gun.

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    Kahrs are not Glocks. They are built very tight so make sure you READ THE MANUAL and follow the instructions. If you do then you will be VERY happy. Congrats!
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    OMG! What a way to start the year. Congrats and welcome to DC.
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    I have a Glock 19 and several Kahrs. Very similar guns, but I tend to carry the Kahr PM9 the most since it is so lightweight and slim. Follow the instruction manual (chamber the first round with the slide release) and shoot the 200 rounds for break in. I cleaned all of my Kahrs before taking them to the range for the first time to reduce the possibility of any issues.

    I also recommend looking at Remora holsters. I carried my Kahr PM9 in a Crossbreed MiniTuck and while it was very comfortable, the Remora is even more comfortable and versatile.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    How far behind his back did you have to twist his arm before he gave you that price??
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    Welcome to the forum. That was a very good deal . Congrats.
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    Retired my G27 from carry, with all the choices in the world and I went with a PM9. No regrets.
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    Congrats on the outstanding deal. So how's your friend looking? Have you seen any black and blue marks on him? LOL
    BTW, welcome to the forum from Southwestern Virginia. Stick around a while.
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    I went to a Kahr CM9 (lower cost version of the PM9) a few weeks back as one of two carry options

    ABsolutely awesome
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    What non-shooter are YOU planning on taking to the range?

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    Welcome aboard and enjoy the Kahr.

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    I fondled a CM40 at the store this week. Man I LOVED the way this little gun fit my hand. Came home and checked Buds Gun shop. $362 shipped. Only I read some reviews about some break in problems and the harsh re-coil. Im going to have to think about this one.
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    Welcome from GA

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