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Lcr, 642, 442???

This is a discussion on Lcr, 642, 442??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recognize and acknowledge that there are long time Smith and Wesson fans........but there is no way an objective person who hasn't shot the Ruger ...

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Thread: Lcr, 642, 442???

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    I recognize and acknowledge that there are long time Smith and Wesson fans........but there is no way an objective person who hasn't shot the Ruger LCR and a Smith "J" frame could choose the Smith. The Ruger wins out in almost every category.......

    1. Trigger: The Ruger trigger is clearly superior to the Smith in this regard. Sure, you can send off your Smith and have a trigger job done, but NIB Rugers have a much smoother and easier trigger pull than the Smith.

    2. Recoil: The Ruger with part polymer frame and standard Hogue "Tamer" grips makes shooting 38+p a real pleasure. Shoot a Smith 642 or 442 and you'll be looking in your range bag for your shooting glove. No way shooting the Smiths is as "good" as the Ruger.

    3. Sights: I find the standard blade Ruger sights easier to find than those on the Smith.

    4. Weight: Ruger-13.5oz, Smith 442 or 642-15 oz.

    For the record, I own the Ruger LCR 38+P and Smith no-lock 642.

    I will agree that Smith and Wesson has a longer track record with manufacturing pocket revolvers (going back to the 1950's) and the Ruger is the first using Polymer for a revolver and some folks like the more traditional materials (steel and aluminum) over these newer materials. Smith and Wesson must have seen the light though since I believe their 38+P Bodyguard is also made of polymer. Anyway, I like both my pocket revolvers.....but if I had to choose just one.....I'd go with the Ruger.
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    Any of these 3 will serve you very, very well. Weights are very similar, so how the revolver fits your hand and how the trigger feels to you should help you decide which is best for you.

    However, have you given any thought to the Charter Arms Bulldog? If I only have 5 rounds ready to go, I'd rather they be 44 Special that 38 Special!
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    +1 on the LCR in .357 (but carrying .38s) with Boot Grip.
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    Just a personal observation. The S&W models seems to retain their value more so than the Ruger. I would also recommend the 642 since over time the finish will wear on the 442. Neither which may be of concern to you but I though it was worth mentioning.
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    Buy both, you will enjoy both of them. bunker
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    Thanks for all of the input. I know any of the three will serve me well. I really enjoyed hearing the owners perspective of these models. No decision yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by royal barnes View Post
    The 442 is not scandium. It has an aluminum frame, steel barrel, and steel cylinder. I would choose the 442 over the others because I like a black gun and I like Smith and Wesson.
    What they said! got my metals mixed up!

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    I own a 642. I have never even seen an LCR in person. If I were to do it again, I would definitely give a lot of consideration to the LCR due to the fact that the gun is also available in a .22 version. Having an identical .22 version of your carry gun would save a lot of money in the long run if you practice much at all.

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    I've never fired a snubby .38 that I didn't think the recoil was bad/snappy until I bought and shot my LCR. This includes all stainless steel models such as Taurus 85, and the S&W Mod 60 (no dash, which is around 20 oz). The LCR shoots much softer and the trigger is like butter. The trigger gets even smoother and easier after you've put some rounds through it.

    I like my LCR .38 so much I bought the .357 version. Ouch. now that hurt. Needless to say, I load it with .38's as well. Too much power for that light of weight, even with the grip.

    I also plan on getting the new LCR .22LR as soon as I can muster up the funds for it.
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    I don't believe you can make a wrong choice. I owned the 38 special LCR. trigger was awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullet1234 View Post
    Tried all 3 plus other J's,,,, liked S&W best but bought
    the one in my avatar,,,,Smith & Wesson 337 AirLite Ti 38spl
    Lightest 38 ever,,,, love it.
    This is a good topic as that is next on my to buy list, i really like the avatar of the 337 ..... might have to look in that direction, but any ofthe above mentioned are fine weapons as far as I am concerned........
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    I've got a S&W 442 and 49...absolutely love them both.
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    Ruger SP-101 3" 357

    I recently purchased the SP-101 with the idea of ccw its a great pistol but just to heavy. I'm looking now at an lcr in 38+p I like the weight and 38 can be had in a variety of loads to fit the occasion. I'm also considering a lc9 .380 I like Rugers and will stick with them. I presently own a New Super Blackhawk .44 mag, a GP-100- 357 . S/A cowboy six 22lr, and the SP-101. Like em all. I was thinking maybe Ruger would come out with an LCR in 8 shot 22 mag that would interest me also.


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    The Ruger LCR wins hands down. I carry one as a BUG everyday. It has the best double action trigger on the market, IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Denster View Post
    I have both the LCR and the 442. I prefer the Smith in whatever flavor and as a plus CDNN has a few of the 442 at $329 that is a great buy.


    Wish I would have saw that before I went to the local GS and bought a 642 & 442 for $405 apiece.

    Nephew said they shot ok, but wasn't happy with the DAO trigger.
    He's spoiled tho,
    he's used to his dads nickel 19's, 29 and his M&P.40 tho.
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