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Staying With the Same "Weapon System"

This is a discussion on Staying With the Same "Weapon System" within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm not a fan of molded plastic either but boy, do they ever sell and that brings more shooters into the fold! I wasn't aware ...

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Thread: Staying With the Same "Weapon System"

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    I'm not a fan of molded plastic either but boy, do they ever sell and that brings more shooters into the fold!

    I wasn't aware that the Beretta was déclassée but then I'm so far behind times I'll never catch up in my lifetime. The 92 seems fine and pleasant to shoot, if a bit large and clunky and a friend has a 9mm P4 that I really enjoy shooting on occasion. I could live with it.

    It's fun to take a position on a forum but on this subject I have to say "it's all good."

    I'm into shooting and gun ownership beyond possession of firearms for household or personal defense as was admitted by C Hawk Glock above. I'm just not going to dedicate myself to only one of anything or a single system. For the guy who deems such dedication to be necessary then by all means embrace that concept.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob99VMI04 View Post
    When I do carry my Beretta I will carry it with the safety off, I only use the safety as a decocking lever. I cannot understand why sombody would carry a TDA gun with a slide mounted safety such as a M9 or a 92 f/s with safety on unless for some reason it was dictated in sometype of GO.
    I carried wth the safety off also...except when in the DFAC just to keep the E-9s happy...because it could be the end of the world!! (as they know it)
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgb View Post
    When I was 0311 we were still using the 1911a1, and my EDC is still a 1911

    My first gun purchase upon retirement in 1970 was a Colt 1911 Combat Comander in 45 ACP. It was my BUG to my issued S&W model 15 while working as an LEO.

    Somewhere in the 1987 I went to Glock and stayed there until recently and now I am back to carrying a Kimber 1911 "commander"

    Stick with what you are trained with and are comfortable with.

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    It all comes down to what you are comfortable with carrying. My introduction to auto loaders was the M9. To be honest I wasn't happy with it. It never fit me. I still prefer a DA/SA pistol and am not a fan of plastic guns. Do what feels right for you and don't worry about it.
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    I lean toward the concept, but not dedicated to it. I carry a Kahr MK9 on my hip and a Kahr PM9 on my ankle. Almost identical except for one is steel and one is polymer. They share magazines and holsters, and shoot the same.

    Now, that's my carry system. My bedside gun is a Springfield Armory XDM and my glove box gun is a S&W 642.

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    I agree with your line of thinking for the most part especially carrying what you are most confident. I used a similar line of reasoning when I got back from Iraq using the M9 having to clean it every day so I purchased the Beretta PX4 in 45. I have used it as my primary carry gun now for several years. Now I have gotten XD's XDM's M&P and shoot USPSA and find the safety on the PX4, and the DA/SA trigger a deterrent in shooting good scores. I now carry the PX4 with safety off half cocked position in a holster and use the decocker when I remove it from the holster. This is what I am most confident.

    Sticking with one platform prevents you from taking advantage of other manufacturers improvements. In competition I shoot the XD tactical the best. For EDC its hard to beat the small size and accuracy of the M&Pc 9mm. All of these guns are more reliable than the old M9 that I learned with.

    Just MHO.
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    Whatever works for you, what ever you practice with, if muscle memory can work your're good to go!IMHO
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    I have to agree with all of these folks!
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