Staying With the Same "Weapon System"

Staying With the Same "Weapon System"

This is a discussion on Staying With the Same "Weapon System" within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've recently joined this forum, as well as the CCW community. My experience (as of 1989) with handguns is with the Beretta M9. To me, ...

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Thread: Staying With the Same "Weapon System"

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    Staying With the Same "Weapon System"

    I've recently joined this forum, as well as the CCW community. My experience (as of 1989) with handguns is with the Beretta M9. To me, the flip-up safety, the de-cocker, and the DA/SA is pro forma. This is what I was given in the Corps, and this is what I was "weaned" on. I shot Expert as MOS 5811, with the M9, just before the Gulf War I, aka Desert Shield/Desert Storm. I discarded the government issue mags for Beretta and Mac/Gars. We all knew the consequences otherwise.

    When i got back to "the world", Glock was all the rage. My response: "Plastic toy, no safeties, feels like daddy's electric drill, etc."

    Now, I'm 42, with a wife and two boys, and my concerns are, "How to defend my loved ones to the best of my abilities, etc..." So I went back to the 92 fs, and the PX 4 Storm .45. Why? Because the "weapon system" is familiar. Flip-up safety, DA/SA trigger, de-cocker.

    I also believe the M9 (92fs) feels custom-crafted, balanced, and a platform made for serious business. I moved to the new-model Storm because it was (and still is) a platform I'm familiar and comfortable with, with a higher caliber (I'm older and slower), with a round that has more so-called "stopping power". I was also jibed by a Vietnam Vet employee who told me to "go get a Big Boy Gun".

    I watched the guy shoot himself in the leg on You Tube, largely because he switched platforms and holsters--this reinforces my belief that, right or wrong, I should stick with that weapon platform I know best--i.e.; that Beretta offers the same safey/trigger features I was broken in on: De-cocker, flip-up "ear" safety, DA/SA trigger system.

    I realize that Beretta is, for some reason, "de-classee", but I believe that my situational awarewness will be vastly improved by working with a system that I already know and am familiar with.

    I respect all arms manufacturers; but I feel I must stick with what I am familiar with; otherwise, I am more of a danger to myself and others.

    What are your thoughts, fellow members?

    With all due respect,


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    I think you make a good argument. I'm going to use what I feel comfortable with, just makes good sense.
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    I wouldn't feel the need to justify a Beretta, especially if you can run it well. I've owned several. Not as fashionable as they once were, but just as functional as they ever were.

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    Some say a .380 is "a sissy mouse gun for wimps".
    Others say a 9mm is "for those who squat to urinate".
    Then you'll hear a .45 is "a barely adequate big-boy's gun".
    But those numbers wane in comparison to the throngs who will line up to individually hype every conceivable brand, type and model as "the best there is" or "this vs. that".

    In reality, they are all highly effective for self defense with a well-placed shot from anything of any caliber - and completely worthless with a miss from anything of any caliber.

    Remember your intense military training that got you more familiar with your weapon/platform than you were with parts of your own body because your life would easily be dependent upon the ability to use a "familiar part of your body" out of sheer reflex action in a critical emergency situation under any adverse conditions or circumstances.

    You are correct in choosing to use and carry the "part of your body" you're most familiar with - regardless of what it may be. I seriously doubt whether any of us here don't frequently get the hots to run out and buy the next whoopee new piece of hardware that grabs our interest (major guilty here). But, nobody with any sense at all will start carrying and trusting their life to a new platform for self defense until they've spent enough intense hours and days of practice to bring it into the same familiar, reflex action, "body part" comfort zone as the current "old faithful" resides.
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    De-classee or not, the Beretta is a robust pistol that will do it's part if you can do yours. As Hiram25 said, your logic is sound. I would have bought one years ago if it weren't for that darn backwards safety! (Actually I think I would have bought the Taurus version because the lever also acted as a de-cocker). 'tain't bad lookin' neither!

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    You don't need to know
    When I was 0311 we were still using the 1911a1, and my EDC is still a 1911
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    Nothing wrong with the way your thinking.
    At least YOU know what you want and don't have to spend tons of cash finding the right combo.
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    there is much to be said about using what you know.
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    There's a few good brands out there, and Beretta is one of them, all the other things i.e. safeties, trigger, SA/DA features are just semantics. Go with what you know and like.
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    The choice of what you carry is a personal one. No one should say or teach you carry this or you will die in a gunfight.

    There is nothing wrong with the 92 at all. It is a little big for some but other than that a robust pistol. Go with what you know.
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    Go with what you know.
    ~ Sigsi Paige

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    Humans can be trained to do several different things, if they are motivated and willing to make the effort. Although you were trained to use a Beretta M9 or 92, I am sure that you could be trained to use a 1911, a Glock or a revolver as well.

    I don't think a Beretta 92 is the best choice for a concealed carry weapon, simply because its large size makes it more difficult to conceal than some smaller alternatives with the same firepower. The Beretta 92 has a 4.9 inch barrel, weighs 34.4 ounces empty, and is 1.5 inches wide. It gives you 15+1 rounds of 9mm.

    As an alternative, the 15+1 round Glock 19 has a 4 inch barrel, weighs 21 ounces empty, and is 1.2 inches wide. If you intend to carry a gun all day and keep it concealed, you'll have a far easier time with the Glock 19 than the Beretta 92. That is probably why many more posters here seem to choose the Glock or equivalent gun over a Beretta 92. And it is probably why the Beretta company introduced the PX4 line of polymer guns having the same controls as the Beretta 92 - to compete with the Glock.
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    When the SHTF, your training will kick in. Muscle memory is amazing. While I do have several guns from different manufacturers, Glock is what I own the most of. Glock is what is almost always in my off-duty holster. 3 out of the 4 LE agencies that I worked/work for carry Glock. It is what I am used to. It is what I shoot best.

    Good for you. Use what you feel comfortable with.
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    What are your thoughts, fellow members?

    With all due respect,
    Since you asked...

    Way back when I was in the military, the prevailing thought was to be competant with any weapon that we encountered, in the event that one had to pick one up off of the ground to defend oneself.

    With that being said, there are precious few, if any,modern weapons that I am not familiar with.
    I own and regulary shoot Sigs,HK's,Glocks,Rugers,Colts,Berrettas,Remingtons ,Winchesters,AR's,AK's,Browning along with some odd balls that most people have never heard of.

    I rekon if we both had to kill each other, and we stood face to face and had to pick up a weapon off of the ground that we had little if any experience with, my chances of survival would be better than yours.

    Thats the bottom line.

    Yes, its great to be familiar and competant with what you are carrying, but its better to be familiar with all of them,dont you think?
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    Good thread and good thought staying with similar weapons. My EDC are 3d Gen S&W's - 6906, 908, CS9 - all the same manual of arms, fit the same leather, and all are equipped with Crimson Trace laser grips. Different capacities and sizes to fit the occasion. BUT, while I obviously agree with the premise, I often carry a S&W 638 J frame as a pocket gun or a M19 .357 for when the feral hogs are in the area where dog and I walk.

    As for the 9mm - here's one VN vet who likes it and it is his primary carry round. In one of my VN assignments I knew of a guy who worked for a highly specialized company whose name was never mentioned. His authorized weapon was a choice of a Hi Power (9mm) or M36 (38 spl) and he was authorized to carry whatever he could pick up - in his case it was usually an M2 carbine with the barrel and stock cut off. His personal stash included a Uzi (there's that 9mm again), an M16 and M79. Thursday nights were set aside for cleaning weapons (and drinking beer).

    Naturally, he was more proficient with some weapons than others, but it was a case of fitting the weapon to the job at hand. Everything is a trade-off - size, capacity, stopping power, etc. If I know I'm going to a gun fight, I ain't going, but I'd take the biggest thing I had if I had to. Sometimes I'd rather have 13 9mm or 6 357s than 7 45's in my pocket - just depends on the job to be done.

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