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This is a discussion on Top 5 Combat Handguns within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 1) Glock 17/19 2) Sig 226/229 3) Smith & Wesson 3rd Gen - 5906, 4006 etc. 4) Beretta M92/96 5) 1911...

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Thread: Top 5 Combat Handguns

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    1) Glock 17/19
    2) Sig 226/229
    3) Smith & Wesson 3rd Gen - 5906, 4006 etc.
    4) Beretta M92/96
    5) 1911

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    Twin G-19's, one with a J-Point Red Dot sight the other with FO Front sight with a G-21, and two 1911s' in 45ACP and 40S&W for competetion.
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    Cant really beat any H&K pistol in this category in terms of reliability, accuracy, and firepower

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    Well, that is kind of broad, but my top five choices for defensive duty (not combat, since I am also too old and fat for that):

    -Beretta M9A1 9x19mm w/ Trijicon Night Sights and Factory "D" Hammer Spring

    -Glock 19 RTF2 9x19mm w/ Trijicon Night Sights (my duty gun is a 23 RTF2, but if I could choose I would go with 9mm over .40 S&W)

    -Glock 21SF RTF2 .45 ACP w/ Trijicon Night Sights (there were a couple of RTF2 SF 21s, I have yet to locate one for a reasonable price)

    -Ruger SP101 2 1/4 DAO .357 Magnum

    -S&W 686 CS-1 3" Round Butt .357 Magnum

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    Sig P226 40 S&W

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    Gunthorp, I believe in the Civil War you might want the 1860 Colt Army in .44 or possibly the more robust, solid frame 1858 Remington New Army in .44. The 1851 Colt Navy was only manufactured in .36 caliber, though reproductions available today are often in .44. However, the massive Colt Dragoon models were available from 1849 on in .44 with longer cylinders, hence more powder behind the ball. In terms of firepower and sheer brute force, check out the LeMat.
    Quote Originally Posted by gunthorp View Post
    If I were in combat in:
    Civil War - 1851 Colt Navy 44
    Spanish-American War - 1873 SAA
    WWI, WWII, Korea, Nam - 1911
    Sand Box - M9
    Current or future dynamic engagements with my choice,
    RH: 5" Series 70 GC
    LH: 4 1/4" Series 80 CC
    BUG: 3" CDP

    (These are listed because I have them, but you put anything in my hand, and I'll be glad to warm it up.)
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    I like your list, but would add the Beretta 92.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gen3 View Post
    However, the massive Colt Dragoon models were available from 1849 on in .44 with longer cylinders, hence more powder behind the ball. In terms of firepower and sheer brute force, check out the LeMat.
    I believe the "Dragoons" were first available in late 1847 with the Colt Whitneyville-Hartford Dragoon, AKA the "Transition Walker."

    Colt's First Model Dragoon was manufactured 1848-1850, for what it's worth.
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    1. G-21
    2. 1911
    3. G-21
    4. 1911
    5. G-21

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    Dec 2011
    1. Ed Brown 1911
    2. Wilson 1911
    3. Kimber 1911
    4. Colt 1911
    5. Any 1911
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    Springfield XD Series
    H&K USP

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    well...mines gotta be
    colt 1911 combat commander
    glock 23 .40 s/w
    colt python - .357 mag.
    Taurus 24/7 OSS .45acp
    taurus 24/7 DS Pro .40 cal....

    last but not least...

    Thompson ctr fire Encore chambered in kill!!!


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    1. Sig P226 or P229 (.40)
    2. H&K .40 P2000
    3. H&K 45c
    4. Glock 23
    5. CZ Shadow 9mm
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    I'd say the glock 9mm because of the 33 round magazine option. 33 rounds of +P Speer Gold dots will take care of most problems
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    I really haven't found that many that I liked.
    XDM(the only one I've found that I truly like).
    Ruger SR9(very close 2nd to the XDM but the triggers a little grittier and lower ammo cap)
    GEN 3 glock17(didn't like the ergos but I can shoot it accurately enough)
    M&P9(the trigger was incredibly sloppy but that was my only gripe)
    if I truly HAVE to pick a 5th then I would have to say M9 but I do so under protest
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