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Question to J-frame pocket carriers

This is a discussion on Question to J-frame pocket carriers within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 5' 10" 200lbs - Smith & Wesson 360 J-Frame in 357 mag in an uncle mike's size 4 In business casual (dockers or even dress ...

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Thread: Question to J-frame pocket carriers

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    5' 10" 200lbs - Smith & Wesson 360 J-Frame in 357 mag in an uncle mike's size 4
    In business casual (dockers or even dress slacks) it does not print.

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    I think it's less about build and more about what type of pants you wear. I wear loose fit Lucky Jeans, relaxed JCrew kakis, and EOTAK BDU's, a J frame in Galco pocket holster simply disappears in any of these. I don't usually carry a J frame as primary, but more as BUG on my off side or in a jacket pocket if I'm dressed for cold weather and my primary is concealed under multiple layers.

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    For pocket carry I use a S&W 442 no lock in a rounded-bottom Mika pocket holster. I mostly wear Lee Carpenter Jeans when I wear blue jeans and it really disappears in these and "natural fit" khakis. When I wear my Levi's 550 jeans, there is a bit more of a bulge, and printing is becoming more of an issue as there is a faded outline forming around where the grip rests in my pocket.

    For a while I did have an LCP and carried it in the front pocket with a Desantis Superfly(?) Pockect Holster. This was the type of holster that had the additional flap that covered the entire gun to reduce printing. This combination was thinner and did not print as much as the 442, however, I went to the revolver for the same reasons you are considering one.

    I'm approximately 6"3" tall, weigh 220 pounds with a 46" chest and just a little less than a 38" waist. I do have a little bit of a spare tire and need to get back down to my usual 36" or less waistband.

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    Old navy loose fit jeans have nice big pockets that comfortably hold an LCR. I have a form fitted stoner leather holster that i picked up at the Indiana 1500 gun show and it works perfect. I had a Mika pocket holster first, which worked fine. Then I got a remora because it would retain better when I took the gun and holster out of my pocket. The remora would hide any printing, but it took a slight amount of fidgeting to get it in and out of a front pocket. The stoner leather holster is super thin and form fitted, and it slides in and out with no effort. There is less bulge, but it prints a little more (but not necessarily printing gun, just printing something). Love that LCR.

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    I have an LCP and a 642, LCP hides in anything in a DeSantis Nemesis and I haven't upgraded to a better holster yet. I have a Galco Pocket Protector (only thing on the rack that day), I like it in some roles but jeans pocket I am struggling with. I feel like I print too much and am considering other pocket holsters or back to the belt. Currently my everyday jeans are American Eagle, lowrise, too minimize my absent ass problem. My good jeans (casino or dinner or other slightly better than average dress places) don't work with it at all. I think both brands have small pockets, but some of this may be having dropped a few pants sizes. I got the Smitty after shorts season, so I haven't experimented with cargos yet, I know my 3" Model 60 is too long but seemed OK otherwise. Let me know what you find, I am buying jeans and a holster soon.

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    You are making a very sensible choice with a .38 (and not, I hope, a .357) snub. I find it unfortunate that S&W generally no longer produces the excellent stainless steel models 640 and 649 in .38 Special versus the new, bulkier version in .357.

    After 29 years of military service and law enforcement (23 in plainclothes in major cities) and even more years (40+) off-duty/CCW, I have yet to encounter one of the new generation of small .380’s (especially the spendy Kahr P380) as trustworthy as a good .38 snub. I also have yet to find a reliable 9mm or .40 smaller than a Glock 26/27. (And yes, I have tried, sometimes at my expense …and sometimes not! ).

    So, on those very rare occasions when I cannot hide a Glock 23 or 27, I resort to my S&W 640 or 649 (they are, BTW my wife’s first choice for CCW). If a J-frame is too bulky for my attire, I change my clothes.

    More to your question though, I use the DeSantis Super Fly for pocket Carry. I like the removable shield and its unique, “Bubble Wrap” texture that always keeps the holster in the pocket when you draw the weapon. Gripping a small revolver in an outer garment pocket allows an extremely quick draw, and an unequaled, discreet way to react to a potential situation without exposing yourself as armed.

    I sometimes also wear a simple suede inside-the-waistband clip holster in case I have to remove my coat/jacket and shift my gun (discreetly, of course). I have found a K-frame sized soft holster allows deeper concealment of a J-frame in the “Appendix” position.

    Bianchi Speed Strips leave little excuse to not carry a reload or two, regardless of the likelihood you’ll need them. (But if you simply went through life playing the odds, you wouldn’t bother with a gun, would you?)

    I also recommend Crimson Trace CTC laser grips. They are available in a very compact size. Some gunstore Rambos may pontificate that they’ll "Slow you down" (They won’t) or “Give away your position” (Get Real!). Their operation is 100% instinctive, and just may persuade the other guy to reconsider his plans.

    And BTW, to quote (or perhaps paraphrase) the late Mae West:

    “Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”

    Question to J-frame pocket carriers-mae_west_lat.jpg
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    I'm a tad over 5'9", weigh 180-185, 33" waist. I normally wear 5.11 cargo pants or Levis, since I am retired and don't have to "dress up" except on rare occasions, and even then it is black Levis and a sport coat. (the suits got put away when I retired). Anyway, I carry a 1911 most of the time, but do carry a 642 once in a while. I also carry it in the summer when wearing cargo shorts and a tank top. I use a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster in my right from pocket when carrying it as a primary and in my left front pocket as a BUG. It conceals very well in the cargo pants/shorts. In the Levis, which are much tighter, there is a bit of a bulge, but it doesn't obviously look like a gun. Drawing from the Levis would be rather difficult, but then again I trust my SA to give me plenty of time.
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    I'm 6'1" 175lbs. I'm thin. I wear normal fitting clothes. You can see the buldge of the 442 in my pocket, but it doesn't look like anything special. It's doesn't catch your eye so to speak. I carried a P3At for a while in my right front pocket. It was thinner and easier to carry, but it wasn't reliable, so I switched to a j-frame. I feel it was the best decision I've made. Though, I still prefer to carry one of my Glock's instead, I pocket carry when I need very discreet carrying, when exposing my firearm will is not a risk I'm willing to take, which is five days a week.

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    FWIW... I'm 5'11", 195 lbs... 32" waist. I wear 32" jeans... usually some sort of boot cut whatever's on sale. I've pocket carried the LCP and currently carry S&W 642 (j frame with no exposed hammer) and by far the J frame conceals better for me. With the LCP, the little bulge in the pocket just screams pistol to me. With the J frame, the bulge doesn't really look like anything. I guess it's because of all the curved lines, and differences in widths. I carry the 642 in a Desantis Nemesis... and the LCP I tried a few different holsters and could never get it right for me.

    Plus... the LCP started to rust within a day of pocket carrying it. I'm one of those with alien sweat I guess.

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    I'm 5'8", 141 lbs, and I generally do not wear loose clothing. I have a 29-30" waist.

    I have a 642 and an LCP, and carry them both, but carry the LCP when clothing makes it necessary. (No, I don't dress around the gun)

    I can generally carry the LCP in any front pants pockets (jeans, khakis, shorts), but the 642 works for when I wear khakis.

    I have a couple pairs of Dickies™ 874 work pants that have pockets large enough and heavyweight fabric that really lend themselves to pocket carrying, and the 642 does great with those. In fact, that's how I'm carrying today.

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    You noted that you are a 31 or 32 waist. That may be the key factor in your situation, since not all holsters work in all sorts of pants or carry situations. I am a 32 waist, been carrying for 40 years and have the requisite huge box of holsters I've tried and rejected for various reasons. Pocket carry requires special considerations, not the least of which is some way to keep the gun from 'settling' into a weird position in your pocket while you move around.

    The best (and I mean BEST) solution I have found is the concealed carry pants from CCW Breakaways. They have a holster designed into the pockets. The system is fully adjustable for any size gun short of a Desert Eagle, and completely ambidextrous. I have three pair of these, in different colors, and they look just like Dockers, which means I can wear them nearly anywhere. The size 32 waist is the smallest they offer, because there is some geometry involved in having enough room for the 'sweet spot' where the gun rides.

    Here is the link: CCW

    I use the same pants to carry my j-frame, a 4" .357 Smith, and several different autos including Glocks, Springfields and a full size 1911. No print, no sagging, quick access. Considering what a decent gun belt and holster rig would cost for each of those guns, the price of about $89 a pair is cheap, since one pair will carry nearly any gun.

    Hope this is of some help.
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    Have you thought about the .327. I just bought a Smith 2" 632 and I'm very pleased with it. I have 6 rounds that are comperable to 9mm+P and 8 more rounds in a "Quick Strip" in my back pocket. I carried a .32 Kel-Tec for 2 years. I let it go because in 2 PCCA matches it jammed four times. If it's gonna do it in comp. it's gonna do it when it counts. Revolvers don't jam! In my Blackhawk pocket holster the 632-2 looks like a wallet. With the boot grip it conceals great, with the longer grip the butt peaks out a little.


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    I have a S&W M&P 340 in one of Mika's excellent pocket holsters. Very hard to see. First 2 rounds of .38 + P and 3 of .357.

    CT Grips just installed a few months ago
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    My 2 primary EDC's are a Kel-Tec P3AT in a DeSantis Nemesis and a S&W 342 in a Galco Pro, both pocket carried. I've shrunk to 5'9" and expanded to 215 with a 40" waist. I wear cargo shorts and pocket tees 99% of the time here in FL. I really like my LCR in .357 mag, but it's just enough heavier to make it flop against my leg and scream gun. As soon as they're available I'm going to look at a Berretta Nano but I'm thinking it will be heavier than both my EDC's. I keep in mind that neither of my primaries are range guns and are not really fun to shoot. But I don't think they can be beat for light weight pocket carry. I've been carrying for 15 yrs. and haven't had to draw one yet so I'm thinking plastic and titanium ain't too bad. Sure, their are bigger, better and prettier weapons, but I get strange stares with my bazooka slung across my back.

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    Let's look a bit more positive're just getting to know her, and perhaps you may just find a 'bulge' on her that is her CC Glock.
    Wouldn't THAT solve some problems? I think I would head to a 'gun talk' before I changed guns, carry position, or invested in additional holsters.OMO
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