Need help deciding on which SIG

Need help deciding on which SIG

This is a discussion on Need help deciding on which SIG within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been looking to get a SIG, The P250 has intrigued me I would want the 2sum with the FS and the SC in ...

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Thread: Need help deciding on which SIG

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    Need help deciding on which SIG

    I have been looking to get a SIG, The P250 has intrigued me I would want the 2sum with the FS and the SC in .45 ACP that would run about $600 if I wait for a sale and just the FS or SC would be 350-400 . My question is are the is the 2 sum worth it? and are the 220, 226, and 229 and any other model for that sake worth the price increase. Another option is the 2022 which i can get for about $400. I have an XD .40 compact which I carry daily. I would love opinions of anyone withe P250 or other SIGs, Thanks in advance
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    A 2022 is a darn good gun. But the p series is tops. I have a 229 E2 and a 226 Stainless Elite. Lord have mercy, they are excellent guns. A 224 is on the want list. Yeah, SIGs are spendy. But worth every nickel in my opinion. A friend has a 2022. Also a very good gun, especially for the money. I have no time with a 250. Have never fired one. But I expect it is a good gun as well. Might have to pick up a 239. Good luck, and have fun choosing.

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    Good question!

    While I think the trigger pull on the 250 is really nice, I am not a very big fan of the double action only style pistols.

    The 226, 229 & 239 are all very sweet. As well as tried and true.
    They also have a DA/SA trigger system that I like. Additionally, I really like the decocker - as it's a terrific stand-down feature.

    If possible look at the sig p226 tacops. A value packed road ready full-sized pistol that also comes with 4- 20 round mags!

    As for the 2sum. It looks like a nice kit - however I would keep in mind if the trigger system goes down - both polymer frames are pretty much useless.

    Therefore IMHO I would rather have 2 independent weapons.

    Hope that helps & best of luck!!
    ~ Sigsi Paige

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    you can get the German P226 on buds its just around $700. I have the 2022 and love it
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    Yes, the P series is worth the upgrade. If you think your XD is the cats ass, you'll be happy with the 250 or 2022. Otherwise, spend a little more.
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    Buy them all, get really comfortable with them, pick out the one you like the best, put the rest in a box and mail them to me! Anything with a P in front of it should work nicely!
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    There are countless threads on the 250.

    I am a self professed sig snob.... I love my P229 and my P6! that being said...

    I think the 250 was a great idea with a lousy execution (sorry if you like the 250 folks).

    The trigger pull is long and heavy
    It is too expensive to change size/caliber (might as well just buy another weapon)

    For both my Sig P229 and my S&W M&Pc I just bought another barrel & I have 1 weapon that shoots two calibers in each gun. (40 and 357sig) Going that route is a ton better in my opinion.

    If you really like the polymer weapons I would vote for a S&W M&Pc. If you want something a little heavier I would go with the Sig P229. Bear in mind, I am a sig snob, I own both, and I carry the M&P40c daily while the Sig rides in the place of honor in the safe next to the Colt 1911.
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    I have to agree with 357and40, the 250 is a loser (Google P250 fails ATF trials). I like the 226 so much I've got two of them and while the Mrs is packing a M&P 9c the M&P 9 is on the top of my to get list.
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    The P250 is a great gun. I have a XD 40c and a P250C and they both carry and hide really well. The trigger is long but is as smooth as butter. it is like a revolver trigger. A lot of people are pushing the gun they like best and probably never fired a P250. The 2sum is a good deal, but if you could you should rent one to see if you like it. The price can not be beat. Get what you like and not what everyone else likes.

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    You have the P226 and then you have everything else IMO....
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    I like all Sigs. I have a 228

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    P series metal frame Sigs

    I can't comment on the Sig P250 as I have never fired one. But I like Sig P series metal frame guns and have 5 of them - 229, 226, 220ST, 239 and 245. For me the strong points of these guns include accuracy, reliability, quality construction, ergonomics, trigger feel and appearance. The metal frames give added weight over polymer which helps recoil control, and the DA/SA trigger system provides some protection against accidental discharge without losing the accuracy of a light, single action trigger. I use the single stack 239 and 245 for carry purposes, and the double stack or heavier models for range or home defense.

    Here is a photo of the best looking of my Sigs - a P226 in factory electroless nickel with Hogue cocobolo grips:

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    You can buy CPO P series Sigs all day long for $550. Well worth the extra pennies.


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    The P250 trigger is an acquired taste being a DAO and all. I have the 250 2sum in 9mm and the compact with over 15,000 rounds through them. I have yet to have any problem with them at all. They did have a lot of early issues with lite primer strikes and various other issues. Since then I have not heard of any issues with the newer running of the gun, and with the earlier ones SIG is taking care of the problems.


    One of the easiest guns to operate and maintain. No unnecessary safeties. Cleaning is easy as pie. Take the fire control system out and wipe it down.

    The DAO trigger is butter smooth and quite a lot lighter than other DAOs on the market.

    You can buy all the conversion kits you want for it without having to buy a whole new gun giving you a lot of options.

    Easily the most accurate pistol that I own period. I can group shots with it better than any other gun I've shot.

    Due to their unpopularity you can pick them up for less than $400 in some cases.


    It is not as popular as some other guns on the market so finding holsters, aftermarket parts is a tad bit harder.

    The conversion kits are quite pricey. Almost as much as getting a whole new gun.

    Like all SIGs it is kinda chunky.

    Other than that I think the P250 is a great platform IMO.
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    Have to admit leaning toward liking the "traditional" "P" series, 226,228, and 239 (the 239 being my primary carry) best.

    I also like my 220 SAO, but that was kind of a special buy (Part of the purchase price went to the EOD Wounded Warrior Foundation) , not one I planned, and it was bought having never fired one... But, it worked out, great pistol and smooth trigger!

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