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This is a discussion on QUESTIONS re. 357 SIG within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Let me give you a warning. If you shoot a weapon chambered in 357Sig you will buy it. Also, ammo is really no more expensive ...

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Thread: QUESTIONS re. 357 SIG

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    Let me give you a warning. If you shoot a weapon chambered in 357Sig you will buy it. Also, ammo is really no more expensive than .45acp.

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    Just get a gun that you can convert to either .40S&W or 9mm cuz .357sig can get expensive or hard to find depending on where in the country you live. I guess that doesn't matter with the internet now. but I look at it like this.

    1.) ANY round, from a .22lr to a big .50, if you put the rounds on target effectively, you will get the desired out come.
    2.) due to what is stated in #1 debating what caliber is best is pointless, because the Self Defense Ammo made now all does well against threats.
    3.) lastly since every shooting situation is different, the ammo best used for every situation, does not exist.

    Now I also think that since the .40S&W Round is used by more LEO departments and is trusted, says something. It also tells me that by the lack of agencies switching from the .40S&W to the .357sig means that the .40S&W works just fine, and the urgent need to switch to the .357sig round from the ______(9mm,.40S&W,.45ACP) is non-existent because the .357sig round is not the "best round", and does not solve the caliber war debate.

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    .357 Sig round

    The .357 Sig round is by far my personal choice for plinking, target shooting, and personal defense. After I shot my first one out of a M&P I knew I had to have a gun chambered in .357 Sig. I went with a full size G31, 4th Gen and I could not have been happier. I bought a stainless Storm Lake Bull Barrel in 9mm so I could practice with the same gun for a little cheaper, but 9mm just isn't the same. I can usually find a 1000rd case of frangible ammo on gunbroker for just over $200 shipped-that makes it cheaper than most 9mm! I highly recommend you check out the round for yourself!

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    I have no personal experience with the round but here are my two cents.

    It is an effective round but too costly for my wallet. I would rather have higher capacity with a 9mm and the ability to shoot a lot more of the cheap 9mm round. And if there is a shtf scenario 357 Sign will be very hard to come by.

    If it works for others more power to em, but I'm not a fan of new trendy or boutique rounds.
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    I have both 9mm and .357Sig. Had the extra money to invest in something with .357Mag ballistics for CCW. I definitely have a lot more 9mm on hand vs .357Sig (cost) but the .357Sig sole purpose is for CCW. It's also fun to shoot and breaks the monotony.

    AmmunitionToGo has Fiocchi .357Sig 124gr FMJ for $19.95/box of 50. Not too bad for practice but is more expensive than FMJ 9mms.

    Here's an article by Massad Ayoob on the .357Sig.
    GUNS Magazine December 2011 Digital Edition

    Can also Google articles on which state PD's are using the cartridge along with Secret Service and Sky Marshals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21bubba View Post
    Let me give you a warning. If you shoot a weapon chambered in 357Sig you will buy it. Also, ammo is really no more expensive than .45acp.
    That's true on the both accounts. The price and availability is not that big of an issue. You can get a 1000 round of .357 sig from GA. Arms for $310, and they have some quality ammo.
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    I have a P226 with two barrels.

    It's nice to have a second option.

    I don't shoot 9mm - only .40,357sig , .454acp, and 38/357 in my revolvers .
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    buy a glock in .40 cal and then order a .357 barrel for $130 and get both guns for a little extra
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    I picked up a like new LE trade-in Glock 31 from GT in Austin and it is great, I had a Lone Wolf 9 mm barrel for a 22 and it fits and works. I picked up a Glock 22 .40 barrel used so now I have a frame that is three caliber capable. What makes this even better is I bought 1000 .357 SIG ammo (500 jhp and 500 fmj) for a song from a guy needing cash.

    I liked the .357 well enough to order a .357 barrel for my M&P 40. Swap the barrels and the mags work. I don't carry either of these every day, but they make for a fun day at the range and they are available as backups.

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