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    I am new here and I see a lot of good info so far! I am in the process of buying a small carry gun. I was going to buy a Kahr CW9 but when I got to the dealer he had a Taurus MILLENNIUM PRO PT111 9mm PISTOL . Does anyone have any experiance with these guns? I have been reading here where a lot of people like the Glock 26 to carry. I handled the Taurus and it seemed like a very nice gun..nice sights, etc. Any suggestions as to what may be the better gun, I'd like to know from people who have more knowledge than me :)

    Thanks in advance!
    Chuck McAllister

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    Hi Chuck

    Well - we have one member with the handle PT-111 - I am sure he for one can comment for you. One thing we will almost all say is - try as many platforms as you can - rent, borrow - at very least pick up and fondle.

    You need what suits you and not necessarily someone elses fave!
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    The PT series has a long double action trigger stroke. Some find it hard to shoot accurately because of this. Personally, I don't trust Taurus PT pistols, but many here do. If you try a search some PT pistol info should pop up for you to read.
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    I have a PT-111 bought it used and have now had it for two years. The pistol shoots great the only thing that has to be done is to lessen the trigger travel. Other than that it's a great pistol.
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    Welcome the the forum Chuck!

    No experiance with the Taurus so I cannot comment. But between the two that you are asking about, the Glock has the track record to back itself up, the problem may be though the grip angle! you either like it or you don't.

    Depending on your budget I would also steer you to the HK P2000 sub compact. That is a quality gun. Can't hurt to look around to find the best fit for you. Like Chris said, try renting a few at a range that rent's them and see what you think. I doubt an HK will be there to rent but you never know.

    Good luck with it and be sure to let us know what you choose.

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    I don't have any shooting experience with Taurus auto pistols but I have checked them out at the gun store.
    I to do not like the long trigger pull on the millennium pistols.
    I do have a Taurus 38 Chefs special 5 shot that I absolutely love. It's vary concealable and a well belt wheel gun.
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    I had a Glock 26 and sold it because I did not want a small gun in the pocket or Smartcarry with one in the chamber and no safety. I picked up two PT111s for practically the price of the one 26. I really like the PT111. It has a safety, is reliable so far, and I can stick it in a Smartcarry and go out for walks, jogs, etc with it. I was pulling with it a little when I first started shooting it, but my other main carry gun is a .357 revolver, so I got used to the long trigger pull fairly quickly.

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    I looked at the pro series. And ended up with a springfield xdsc 9mm. About the same size a little more $$ but a heck of a gun. And it has a grip saftey and trigger saftey and a firing pin block. I like the feel and perfomance of this gun better and they will handle +p ammo and taurus says no no to +p. Just my .02 cents YMMV good luck in your choice. Have a good one


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    PM sent pzlehr!

    I told you just about all there is. But, in case there is someone else out there thinking the same thing, here is a summary.

    I love my PT-111. I really do. I carried it every day for about 4 years. I have recently switched my primary carry gun to the XD .40sc only because I shoot it a little better than the PT-111 and it is a larger caliber.
    But, I do still carry the PT-111 pretty regularly. In fact, during the week, when I am forced by my employer to leave my gun locked in the car I bring the PT-111. It fits in a "Day planner" off body carry rig very nicely.

    There are only 2 things about the PT-111 that I would reccomend changing. One, the sights are held onto the slide with only one screw each. There should be 2 in my opinion. The front sight on my PT-111 did loosen up after about 1000 rounds and could be wiggled a bit. So, I tightened the screw back up and used blue Locktight and ran the Locktight around the edge of the sight where it meets with the slide. After the Locktight dried, it is invisible and holds that front sight like cement! But, do not use the RED Locktight. If you do, you will NEVER be able to remove that sight.

    Second, the PT-111 is a little tricky to reassemble after taking it apart to clean. It is just a matter of learning to hold the barrel to keep it in the proper spot when you pull the slide back and lock it when putting it back together. If you don't, the barrel won't be in the right placement and when you put the takedown lever/pin back in, it will lock the whole slide assembly up. It isn't a big deal, just a litle trick to it.

    Other than that, it is a fantastic gun. The grip angle is good (much better than the Glock) and the PRO model holds 12 rounds in the mag. My PT-111 is the earlier non-PRO model and I can honestly say, I have had NO failures of any kind with it. It goes bang every time I pull the trigger. The long heavy trigger. Yes, it has a loong and heavy trigger pull. But, that doesn't bother me at all. I got used to it after about 50 rounds and I shoot it very accurately. Recoil is not bad. Easy and fast follow up shots. And, since it is a true DA gun, the trigger pull cocks and realeases the striker, if the round does not go off, just pull the trigger again. You don't get that with a Glock.

    I love mine. I would reccomend them to anyone looking for a small CCW gun. I trust mine.
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    My carry gun has been the PT-111 Mil Pro for the last year. I have over 1000 rounds through mine and it has never failed to feed, fire, or extract. Its been 100% reliable. It is easy enough to conceal in a quality IWB holster too.

    I agree that it has a long trigger. It took me a couple of boxes of ammo to get used to it, but it is not that bad. As long as you practice and get to know the weapon, you should have no problem.

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    I have a PT111 Mil Pro and was my main carry for almost a year. It's a dependable gun and will serve you well for personal protection. However, as already mentioned above, it has a very long,hard trigger pull. I now carry a 1911 and that will shoot circles around the Mil Pro, but with that said, I always felt safe carrying the Taurus.
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    I have had a PT-145 for several months and liked it so well that I recently bought the PT-111 for my wife. We put about 75 rounds through it last weekendwith her shooting about 60 of those. She had two FTFeed in the last magazine she was shooting. I am not sure if it was an ammo, technique or gun issue. But I am not giving up on it just yet.

    The MilPro series was recently changed from the DAO version to the SA/DA version. On the newer version there is no decocker so if you carry it with a round in the tube it will be in single action and I would recommend engaging the safety. The older version is as safe as carying a DA revolver.


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    Bought a PT111 Mil Pro about a month and a half ago. I've only put about 700 rounds through it but I"ve been very happy. The trigger pull did take a lot of getting used to. I consistently pulled way down when firing.

    After about 100 rounds I had a problem with one of the pins that holds the ejector pin in place. It would come out while shooting. This was quickly repaired by the gunsmith and has worked great since.

    I don't think you can beat it for the price. I didn't have the money to buy a $600 or more gun so I started with the Taurus.

    You'll be happy with it.

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    I've never owned the PT, but I will say that you should definately checkout the Springfield XD subcompacts. I have a 9mm and love it. I was considering the PT-111 as well when I went to buy my first handgun but after shooting the XD-9SC I decided on the XD instead. I've never regretted it. It just felt better in my hand. I'ev got almost 3K rounds through it now with no problems.

    Good luck!
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    If you want opinions on each of the weapons you mentioned, go to

    This web site is dedicated to owners comments on a huge variety of handguns and has been a great source of information. Good luck.

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